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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Demarcus Cousins Nude Photo Leaked



My Fuck Buddy's Bulge

Brett Favre's Penis Revealed

channel swimmer 1945

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Happy Birthday today September 8th

Happy 45th to actor Martin Freeman!
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Davone Bess Tweets Picture Of Himself Completely Naked

Hot Heeb of the Day

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Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Sexy Priest

Nick Wolanski by Brian Jones

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 8th

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Jlnjustice By Alex Hilbert

NFL Update 09-08-16

From: Speed o Rex

It's that time of year once again.  The NFL Regular Season opening game is tonight!

2016-17 NFL Regular Season - Opening Game
Thursday, September 8
(Eastern Time)
8:30 PM: Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos, NBC

 And, tonight is your exciting opportunity to see the Broncos' new starting quarterback in action ... #13 Trevor Siemian.  

From a 7th-Round draft pick to starting quarterback of the defending Super Bowl champions is certainly a meteoric rise for him.  Is he the new golden boy of the NFL?

Trevor Siemian
Date of Birth
December 26, 1991 (Capricorn)
Orlando, Florida, USA
6'3"/220 lbs
Northwestern (2015)
Denver Broncos

Justin Gaston

In The Locker Room

I Love The 70's

So Sexy

Now that’s s sexy daddy

Honey Bear

Seth Chase

1910 Homosexuality

September 8th is National Iguana Awareness Day

What’s not to love about an aggressive, cold-blooded, reptile with nasty bite and a powerfully strong tail? Learn all about these cute critters and how to care for them on Iguana Awareness Day.

As with so many pets, not all new owners realize what they are committing to when they first take home their baby iguana. That little bundle of scales could one day grow to six feet in length. With very specific dietary needs and a rather reptilian personality, iguanas are said to be easy to love, but hard to care for.

Iguana Awareness Day is the ideal opportunity to learn about keeping your iguana tame and friendly, how to care for its health and personal grooming, and how to house it comfortably. With the proper care and attention, an iguana can be a wonderful and rewarding pet for many years.

September 8th is Virgin Mary Day

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Nativity of Mary, or the Birth of the Virgin Mary, refers to a Christian feast day celebrating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The modern canon of scripture does not record Mary's birth. The earliest known account of Mary's birth is found in the Protoevangelium of James (5:2), an apocryphal text from the late second century, with her parents known as Saint Anne and Saint Joachim.

In the case of saints, the Church commemorates their date of death, with Saint John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary as the few whose birth dates are commemorated. The reason for this is found in the singular mission each had in salvation history, but traditionally also because these alone (besides the prophet Jeremiah, Jer 1:5) were holy in their very birth (for Mary, see Immaculate Conception; John was sanctified in Saint Elizabeth's womb according to the traditional interpretation of Lk 1:15).

Devotion to the innocence of Mary under this Marian title is widely celebrated in many cultures across the globe.

Today In History...

September 8, 617 – 

Battle of Huoyi: Li Yuan defeats a Sui Dynasty army, opening the path to his capture of the imperial capital Chang'an and the eventual establishment of the Tang Dynasty.
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