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Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 28th is Eid-Al-Fitr (عيد الفطر‎ )

Eid al-Fitr (Arabic: عيد الفطر‎ ʻĪd al-Fiṭr, IPA: [ʕiːd al fitˤr], "festival of breaking of the fast"), also called Feast of Breaking the Fast, the Sugar Feast, Bayram (Bajram), the Sweet Festival and the Lesser Eid, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm). The religious Eid is a single day during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month of Shawwal. This is a day when Muslims around the world show a common goal of unity. The date for the start of any lunar Hijri month varies based on the observation of new moon by local religious authorities, so the exact day of celebration varies by locality. However, in most countries, it is generally celebrated on the same day as Saudi Arabia.

Eid al-Fitr has a particular Salat (Islamic prayer) consisting of two Rakats (units) and generally offered in an open field or large hall. It may be performed only in congregation (Jama’at) and, has an additional extra six Takbirs (raising of the hands to the ears while saying "Allāhu Akbar", literally "God is greatest"), three of them in the beginning of the first raka'ah and three of them just before Ruku' in the second raka'ah in the Hanafi school of Sunni Islam. Other Sunni schools usually have twelve Takbirs, seven in the first, and five at the beginning of the second raka'ah. This Eid al-Fitr salat is, depending on which juristic opinion is followed, Fard (obligatory), Mustahabb (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory) or mandoob (preferable).

Muslims believe that they are commanded by God, as mentioned in the Quran, to continue their fast until the last day of Ramadan and pay the Zakat and fitra before offering the Eid prayers.

July 27th is Parents' Day

Parents' Day is a holiday similar to a combination of Father's Day and Mother's Day.

In the United States, Parents' Day is held on the fourth Sunday of every July. This was established in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution into law (36 U.S.C. § 135) for "recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children." The bill was introduced by Republican Senator Trent Lott. It was supported by members of the Unification Church which also celebrates a holiday called Parents' Day, although on a different date. Parents' Day is celebrated throughout the United States. United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has said: "Replacing Mother's Day and Father's Day with a Parents' Day should be considered as an observance more consistent with a policy of minimizing traditional sex-based differences in parental roles."

July 27th is Barbie In A Blender Day

In 1999 Tom Forsythe created a series of photographs titled “Food Chain Barbie”, depicting America’s sweetheart in a variety of compromising nude poses with common kitchen appliances. When Matell discovered the artwork they demanded that Forsythe stop selling his prints and filed a lawsuit against him, citing copyright infringement. The case, which called into question the rights of free speech and fair use of cultural icons, persisted a grueling five years before it was finally settled in 2004. At settlement a federal judge ruled in Forsythe’s favor, instructing Mattel to pay the artist 1.8 million dollars in legal fees and court costs. A few years later, Freeculture.org, an international student movement known for championing the right to free speech and “open cultural space”, founded Barbie In A Blender Day as a way to commemorate the precedent setting struggle. Celebrated each July 27th, Barbie In a Blender Day encourages participants around the world to take and share their own photos inspired by Tom Forsythe’s case. Rebekah Baglini of Freeculture.org calls the project “a response to…a rare triumph in a time in which too often elements of our culture are off-limits and fair use rights challenged.

July 27th is National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

July 1998 marked the 45th anniversary of the signing of the treaty that ended the Korean War, which lasted from 1950 through 1953. To mark the anniversary, President Bill Clinton proclaimed July 27 a national day of recognition to commemorate the more than 37,000 U.S. service personnel who lost their lives during the war. In doing so, the president called "upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities that honor and give thanks to our distinguished Korean War veterans."
Since that time, National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day has been celebrated each July in community memorial services throughout the country and with speeches and a wreath-laying ceremony at the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C. The ceremonies in the nation's capital have attracted as many as 5,000 participants and have included such dignitaries as Ambassador Lee Tae Sik of the Republic of Korea and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. As directed by the president's proclamation, U.S. flags are flown at half-staff on July 27th in remembrance of the U.S. personnel who lost their lives during the 37 months of combat in Korea.

July 27th is Walk on Stilts Day

A day for celebrating the history and usage of stilts, Walk On Stilts Day encourages you to buy a set of stilts (if you don’t already own any) and to put on some height! Practice with friends, learn to spin and dance, but watch out for potholes!
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