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Monday, April 14, 2014

Your Nightly Briefing

Tom Daley Is Beautiful From Behind, Terry Miller Grows His Hair, Justin Bieber Still A Douche This #InstaWeek

From: Queerty
Whoever said hot photos were only allowed on Tumblr?

Out soccer stud Anton Hysén undressed in front of the mirror (again). We don’t need an apparition to tell us who’s the fairest of them all.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 favorite snapped a shot with fellow front runners Adore Delano and Courtney Act. Could this be a final three hint?

Tom Daley showed off muscles you didn’t even know existed in a spectacular photo from behind. Cue cumshot jokes.

Scott Eastwood is in Hawaii, where he’ll hopefully spend the next few weeks taking shirtless selfies on the beach.

Dan Savage’s hunky husband Terry Miller is growing out his hair and still looks absolutely delicious. “Sorry you have to see me like this Dan,” he says. Come stay at our place, Terry. We don’t mind the #bedhead.

Andy Cohen looking #Tanorexic in a brand new shirtless selfie last week. Stay cool, daddy!

Not to be outdone by daddy Cohen, style guru Brad Goreski also snapped a half-chested hairy selfie while on his back.

Justin Bieber has been criticized this week for posting photos in which he allegedly claims to own luxurious things that are not his. We could care less — keep doing your thing, Justin. Just stay shirtless please.

Dan Osborne shared a snapshot of a single bead of sweat dripping down his perfect chest. Good workout, bro.

Underwear model Alex Minsky got in a summertime mood this week with his first poolside selfie this season.

Noted Russian gay Pavel Petel jumped on the Horny Toons bandwagon this week with his own twisted submission.

Derrick Gordon shook hands with a studly Anderson Cooper after becoming the first openly gay man in Division I college basketball this week. Afterward, Cooper jumped to his defense in a classy Twitter slapfight with a NOM spokesman.

Speaking of which, you really should follow Derrick Gordon on Instagram.

Former Spice Girl Mel B twerked her way back into our hearts this week (as if she ever left) with a sultry rump shake in hot pink hot pants. Yaaaas bitch!


Pre Cum


From: Manhunt Daily
 Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like we've all been in a situation where we've made an assumption about someone’s sexual identity. You may have assumed a straight guy’s gay or assumed a gay guy’s straight. You may have assumed that just because someone has a romantic partner, you don’t have a chance of sleeping with them. And then there’s the big one—making the assumption, based on appearance alone, that someone’s a top or a bottom.

Recently, I’ve had this strong desire to get rammed by a burly daddy. (You can blame Dirk Caber for this!) This normally wouldn't be a huge problem, but every time I start talking to a guy who physically pushes all my buttons, he reveals shortly after that he wants nothing more than to ride my dick all night long… I’m not complaining or anything! But, uh, this is what happens when you try to guess what someone’s into. There’s an initial disappointment, and occasionally, a following tinge of excitement for the other possibility.

This week we’re going to explore that phenomenon with a mini-series entitled “(Don’t) Assume The Position“. The basic gist is that I’ve taken dozens of subjects from our Manhunt Now newsletters and divided them into the following five simple categories—Bottom, Versatile Bottom, Versatile, Versatile Top and Top.

My hope is that this will crush certain preconceptions about any position, but who knows what will happen? If you’re interested in being added to any of these lists, shoot me an e-mail with your Manhunt profile name. I’ll do my best to add you over the next couple of days.

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
friends, fun, husband... pretty much open to good things
Gosto de peludo, mais alto e mais pesado que eu.

ME: lawyer, all round volunteer in a pet adoption organization and happy traveler. Lean toned, workout 7 days/week, smooth and full bearded. Raised in Brazil, all italian background, AMERICAN soul.

YOU: furry AMERICAN top.

I would rather a little furry fat belly than lean smooth six pack! I like big guys. muscle bears: front of the line. NOT INTO SLIM BUILD, SKINNY....


Hella Dreads

Randy Blue Porn Boys Sing Along to Beyonce

From: Queerty
 What, like you need a reason to listen to Beyoncé and watch porn boys gyrate?

 A new video from Randy Blue plays tribute to Beyonce’s song “Blow,” with a non-stop parade of RB stars flouncing and lip-syncing to the song. They’re wearing skimpy multicolored underwear and looking lovely, as always.

It’s the work for Randy Blue Creative Director Evil Jeff, and we have to hand it to him: this is indeed a creative direction. Next, please dub gravely drag-queen voice over the song, like those Golden Shower Girls videos.
Our favorite part is when the beefier, burlier guys glower into the camera as they sing — there’s something about a butch-looking queen acting femme-y that sets our heart aflutter. But the twinkier stars are just fine too. Everyone looks very nice indeed.

As an bonus, there’s a variety of ethnicities and hairiness in here, which is always nice to see. And kind of a variety of body types, inasmuch as they are all variations on “muscular.”


From: Manhunt Daily
 The time has come for a new champion on The Ten! We spent nine consecutive weeks with Paul Wagner as “Sexiest Man of The Moment“, and now, underwear model Anthony Moufarej has stepped in to fill his shoes. He’s joined in the top five by ginger sex god Seth Fornea and power top Jarec Wentworth, as well as recent newcomers Guy Gulotta and Marc Minguell.

You apparently followed his treasure trail to the “vote” button.
 Sadly, the Colby Keller conspiracy theorists will need to sit the fuck down, because he just missed his third week on the charts by eleven votes. Even more sadly, we have to wave goodbye (with our dicks) to Oliwer Mastalerz, Novak Djokovic and Seth Fisher. They didn’t even have the privilege of making it to a second round!

2. GUY GULOTTA (LW – 6, W2)
We’re dying to find out what’s lurking behind that robe.
 Check out the  pics of all ten contestants and cast your vote here:
3. SETH FORNEA (LW – 3, W4)
He finally showed us what’s under those fiery pubes. Yes.

Hairy, uncut and always up for a deep, hard fuck.

Spanish water polo player with deliciously furry pecs for you.

Who cares if you’ve never heard of McFly? He’s hot.

Gorgeous tattoos, saucy tan lines and a totally killer body.

He came out of retirement to show you his dick!

Stunning Brazilian model with luscious locks and chiseled abdominal muscles.

Something different! A sexy ginger bear with a thicker build.

NYC Edges Into Spring With A Muscly “Street Crush”

From: Sticky

Two super cute dudes, one smooth and one not-so...

Who Are The Hottest Hollywood Brothers?

From: The Backlot
Ben and Casey Affleck
Initially overshadowed by big brother Ben, Casey has established his own successful career, earning an Oscar nomination and directing fake documentaries. He’s comes a long way from his breakthrough role as “Little Kid” in Chasing Amy.

The Sexiest Gregg Homme Videos Revealed!

From: Queerty
Provocative and sensual, Gregg Homme has made a huge impression with barely-there designs and sexy campaign videos. We’ve rounded up their top, most-viewed videos to share with you guys.Enjoy “One Night Stand,” “The Business Strip” and “Provoke” starring Philip Fusco, Thierry Pepin, and Anthony Ferla.


From: The Backlot
Andres Sanjuan 


From: Andrew Christian
 Kissing comes in all different styles... some are sensual, some are violent and some are just plain mind blowing...but all are HOT!

 MUSIC: "Let's Do It" By Nao Tylo

Designer Andrew Christian, 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski

From CockyBoys.Com: Max Carter, Levi Karter, Levi Michaels, Duncan Black And Ricky Roman
Along With Super Fans Zach Lee And Seth Knight (See... It Pays Off To Be A Super Fan!)

 Sponsored by:
Twerk Underwear...for guys who have a fine ASS!
and CockyBoys.com

If Looks Could Kill

From: kenneth in the (212)
... Aaron Hernandez would be charged with more than one murder.

Sticky Day Job — Sean Cody’s Hudson A.K.A. Saul Harris

From:  Queer Click
 [Editor's Note: We, the editors of QC, take the privacy of porn talents very seriously. Understandably, many prefer to maintain a "Chinese wall" between their porn profession and their daily lives. We're therefore always extremely careful whenever breaking a story that involves linking a porn personality with its real life identity.

Then there are others who are very comfortable with the association. And for these men, we have a brand new feature: Sticky Day Jobs, featuring performers with other careers or interests that are already well documented at various publications.]

Sean Cody's Hudson was a massive hit when he ran his solo shoot a while back and it wasn't hard to understand why. The handsome face, the smile, the Olympic gymnast body, and that beautiful coke-can cock.

Won't you wanna know more of this gorgeous looking man?

 Hudson is otherwise known as Saul Harris, professional bodybuilder and circus performer who competes annually in Texas try outs for the World's Strongest Man competition:

 Saul is happy to fly anywhere for photo shoots and lists his prices and conditions at his Model Mayhem profile where he says that he has

"Some experience in underwear, fitness, art nude, glamor, bodypaint and promotional modeling."

Give it to us anyway you want to, Hudson/Saul. The guy never takes a bad photo, and check him out in action, too, at his YouTube channel:

To know more of Hudson/Saul, you could follow him at his Facebook page.

Male Boudoir Photography | Trench, from the Swan Song

Your Hunk of the Day: Cory Mason

Cory Mason by Pat Lee

Photographer Pat Lee is to be thanked for many excellent photos of insanely fit fellows. And today's Hunk of the Day is no exception.

Cory Mason is a 23-year-old national physique competitor and fitness model from the great state of Ohio. You can follow his adventures and see a lot more of this sexy guy onFacebook and Instagram.
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