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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite Halloween Hunks

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things


From:  Manhunt Daily
 Morenogina is a nice guy who’s looking for the same. He’s a Brazilian top who’s 25 years old, and based on the “intos” he checked off on his Manhunt profile, he’s more relationship-oriented than the average guy on our site… And, hell, I’ll admit it! I’m going to be jealous of whoever locks him down for life. Beyond being incredibly handsome, he’s also got a nice pelt of dark fur covering his muscular torso (when he doesn't shave it all off like that one picture).

It would be quite fun to plop your ass down onto his cock, then run your fingers down his hairy chest and across his tummy. You could hold onto his thighs and push him into you deeper, lean in for a passionate kiss and blow a load so big that it goes over his shoulder.

Not that I’ve thought about this or anything!

Bauru, SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil
um cara gente boa
um cara gente boa afim de encontrar alguΓ©m igual
(one nice guy
one nice guy in order to find someone equal)



Classic Television - Late Nights

The Joe Namath Show
Origninal Channel
Original run
October 6, 1969 – December 29, 1969
Joe Namath 
Dick Schaap
The Joe Namath Show was a 1969 talk show hosted by Joe Namath and Dick Schaap. It premiered on October 6, 1969 and lasted one season with 13 episodes. Currently showing on ESPN Classics Thursdays at 6am central time.
Less than nine months after Super Bowl III, Joe Namath showed his celebrity status with this off-beat talk show which ran only one season. He and Dick Schaap (who collaborated on a book during the summer of 1969) invited only people whom they knew, mostly to have a relaxed conversation.
All season long, Joe and Dick reflected on the developing AFL season, in which the Jets would defend their championship bravely, then lose in the playoffs to the Chiefs. Mostly, though, Joe and Dick wanted to bring the best out of their guests.

Those Who Wait... Rob Bergeron by Joshua Gagnon

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Good things do come to those who wait. I first saw, and posted an image from Manchester, New Hampshire photographer Joshua Gagnon during my Halloween postings back in 2011. After the image I wrote 'look for more of Joshua's work on FH coming soon...' Although I am not sure it would be stretch for two years to be considered soon, given the subject matter is 23 year old model Rob Bergeron, I am not complaining.
 Joshua and Robe have shot every summer now for the past 3 years and lucky for me when Joshua and were recently communicating about a post, Rob was on his way over for an afternoon Halloween shoot. The first images are from their first shoot together, but the last few below are from earlier this month.

'The first thing that attracted me to Rob was his tattoo. Very impressive ink! I Love working with Rob because he is the epitome of the all American guy. He is a laid back, everything laid out on the table Army guy who gives 100% every time he models.'
I believe there is a rhythm to life, some people manage to get that, and move in sync with it, others fight against it, never quite getting with the beat. There is a graceful flow within Joshua's work you can literally feel, classic and elegant.

I often talk on FH about stories within photography. Many images capture just a brief moment of the tale while others give a beginning, middle and end. With the work of Joshua Gagnon I would describe his images more as poems, brief, lyrical snippets of moments which instead of unveiling the complete tale, scratch just enough of the surface to have you wanting to see more.


' I always look forward to collaborating ideas with Josh and am never disappointed with the results, it's always a fun easygoing atmosphere!'

Rob Bergeron

Favorite Classic TV Star:

Debralee Scott
 Debralee Scott was all over the boob tube in the late 70's and early 80's. From TV Shows like Angie and Mary Hartman Mary Hartman through frequent quest spots on the Love Boat and game shows. She was also a regular on Welcome Back Kotter for awhile. Later Debralee was part of the Police Academy movies. What ever she was in she brought a smile to my face. Debralee died tragically in 2005 sadly after her fiance, a police officer died during the attacks on September 11th. She and her laugh and overbite will be missed.

Debralee Scott (April 2, 1953 – April 5, 2005) was an American actress best known for her role on the sitcoms Welcome Back, Kotter, Angie and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Scott was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and later lived in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, where she was a cheerleader.
Scott's first role was filmed shortly after her 18th birthday; she portrayed a nude corpse in 1971's Dirty Harry. At age 22, she found fame on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, playing Mary's sister, Cathy Shumway. She appeared on the first season of the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter as Rosalie "Hotzi" Totzi, and in the Donna Pescow sitcom Angie, playing Angie's younger sister, Marie Falco.
Among her other credits were the 1973 feature film American Graffiti and the 1974 film Earthquake (her scenes, which were set on an airplane, were filmed specifically for an extended-length network TV premiere showing in 1976).
Scott also auditioned for the role of Marty in Grease. It was narrowed down to her and Dinah Manoff. Although Scott was better known at the time, Manoff got the part.
Scott also appeared on the daytime TV game show Match Game between 1976 and 1982. During an appearance in 1977, she and Richard Dawson revolted when their answer – "finishing school" – didn't match the contestant's answer of "school," according to the off-stage judge. It prompted the "Match Game 1977 School Riot." Scott also appeared with her Angie co-stars on an "All Star" edition of Family Feud where she helped win money for charity.
Scott continued to act, appearing in two Police Academy movies, including the first, but she later retired from acting and became an agent for a company in New York City called Empowered Artists. In 2000, Scott appeared on a panel with her former cast members of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills. Scott greeted fans and posed for photos after the Q&A.

In 2001, her fiancΓ©, Port Authority police officer John Dennis Levi, died during the 9/11 attacks. In March 2005, Scott moved from Brooklyn, New York to Amelia Island, Florida, to care for her ailing elder sister Carol Anne, a producer who worked on many Robert Altman films and who went by the name Scott "Scotty" Bushnell. Her other sister, Jerilynn Scott, is a talent manager in Los Angeles.

Soon after her arrival in Florida, she collapsed and lingered in a coma for several days. She woke up, 
and when asked if she knew where she was, replied, "obviously in the hospital." Since doctors could not ascertain what caused the coma, she was released two days later (on April 2, her birthday), and her spirits remained high. Three days later, on April 5, 2005, she took a nap and apparently died in her sleep. Despite an autopsy, the cause of death remained uncertain. Scott was cremated. Her sister, Carol Anne, died of heart failure on July 13, 2006.


From:  Manhunt Daily
 He likes when you “wink” at his Manhunt profile! We usually don’t get a lot of feedback about the “wink” function beyond some Gloomy Guses who don’t appreciate the ocular appreciation. Well, Britboi_drewhere does! This handsome Canadian also prefers you send a face pic to him rather than a cock shot, and would like to meet a professional with personality. Don’t you want to just suckle on that one gray spot in his goatee? It’s charmingly off-kilter and gives this cute guy even more character. Wow, and arms. He’s got nice arms.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Winks Validate me
Not looking for one thing, all depends on the moment. Professionals with personality preferred. Nice guy looking for other nice people for a bit of everything.

Face shots are preferred over cock shots.

My type: Nice, clean, beefy, smart, witty, thick (not in the head) relaxed. Clean cut or scruff.


Reid Hutchins in Dead Boyz Don't Scream

 Dead Boyz Don't Scream is a 2006 homoerotic slasher film starring Monique Parent with male models familiar from Playgirl magazine.
During a photo shoot with photographer Roz (Parent) in an isolated spot, male models are being brutally murdered by an unseen killer. As they are picked off one by one, gay talent agent Tess Oster (Victoria Redstall) and her girlfriend, forest ranger Belle Van Dyke (Gina Marie) investigate.
The film has been shown at several LGBT film festivals across America and has been released on DVD.


From:  Manhunt Daily
 Gay porn star Mike Dozer really wants to work with Titan Media, but the notoriously safe sex studio doesn’t work with models who've shot bareback scenes (and Dozer’s raw work is everywhere). Is Dozer hot enough to make Titan change their policy?

By way of a compliment from condom-optional producer Jake Cruise, the absurdly beefy Dozer recently tweeted Titan and suggested that it’s time for them to change their nearly decade-long rule of not hiring barebackers:

As of post time, Titan has not responded to my request for comment on a potential change to their bareback policy. One could interpret their silence as a definite “no”, but given other studios’ shifts to condomless content, who the hell knows? Titan made news 10 years ago when they issued their “no bareback models” policy, so it’s probably safe to assume they won’t be changing their stance anytime soon.
If they did, they’d be even more hypocritical than Stephan “charge me with murder” Sirard of Next Door Studios. An excerpt from Titan’s bareback policy, released in a 2004 statement:
“Any potential model who has performed in any film featuring unprotected anal sex will automatically be disqualified from performing in a Titan Media or ManPlay production.”
Meanwhile, Mike Dozer’s Twitter stream is full of disqualifying doozies, including this recent tweet (above) in which he encourages you to ditch the suffocating condoms and let your cock “breath” [sic]:

Ironically, it is also hard for your lungs to “breath” if you have HIV-related pneumonia, but hopefully Mike Dozer will never have to experience that.

While his Titan Men dreams are yet to be fulfilled, watch Mike Dozer barebacking his heart out over at Raw Fuck Club, where he barebacks Draven Torres in Inner Devil 2.

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