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Sunday, September 11, 2016

I love a hairy guy with a fat cock!

 Uncut too my favorite!

Dish of the Day #1976: Guys with Balls Week

Today's Dish is Brandon Michael
From: Deep Dish

Will Miss America’s First Openly Gay Contestant Snatch The Crown?

Miss Missouri Erin O'Flaherty will compete on the Miss America stage tonight in Atlantic City.
From: NewNowNext
 Miss Missouri, 23-year-old Erin O’Flaherty, will make history tonight as the first openly gay contestant in Miss America’s 95-years history.

O’Flaherty, who came out at 18, took her state’s title in June.

 “I don’t know that I intended to be the first, but I am,” she said at the time. “So I’m very excited about it.”

Though she’s not shy about talking about her sexuality, O’Flaherty has said that being gay is just one facet she hopes to bring to the competition—and her potential reign.

 “It’s certainly a big part of who I am, and I will be promoting it and raising awareness for the LGBT community,” she explained. “But also there will be many appearances that I do that have nothing to do with that. And so I’m hoping that I can strike a really nice balance of staying true to the values of Miss Missouri and also being able to exercise my personal views.”

Still, she says, there was no question she would compete as an out proud woman.

 “I knew that if I didn’t compete openly, I wouldn’t be successful and I wasn’t going to be true to myself,” she told People. “I really think to have the genuine experience, you have to be genuine in who you are. It was a little bit scary, but there was never going to be another decision that was made.”

O’Flaherty has been a vocal advocate for suicide prevention, and plans to raise the issue at tonight’s pageant. She’s an ambassador for both the American Society for Suicide Prevention and the Trevor Project, which tackles suicide in LGBT youth.

And while she says her own coming-out journey wasn’t difficult, the reality of suicide among young LGBT people—coupled with the death of a close friend at age 13—brought the issue home for her. “LGBT youth are up to eight times more likely to attempt suicide if they come from an unaccepting environment, so the work the Trevor Project is doing is really important.”

Will she win? Missouri has only had one Miss America in the contest’s history: Debbye Turner in 1990. But Erin’s already proven she has the poise, integrity and dedication of a champion, crown or no crown.

Go get ’em, girl!

The 2017 Miss America competition airs tonight at 9pm on ABC.


Your Hunk of the Day: Matt Mendrun

Hot Heeb of the Day - September 11, 2013

From: Hot Heebs

Lance Beau & Leo Ford

Aragorn Jerks Off to Hobbits Ass Fucking

He either has a foot fetish or really likes watching Frodo stick his dick into Sam's tight hobbit butt.

Alexis Arquette, Transgender Actress and Sister to David and Patricia Arquette, Has Died

From: People

Transgender actress Alexis Arquette died Sunday morning at age 47, surrounded by family, her brother, Richmond announced on Facebook.

Born Robert Arquette, Alexis started acting at age 12, and went on to earn roles in the Bride of Chucky, Of Mice and Men, and played a Boy George impersonator in The Wedding Singer, among others. Alexis documented her transition to a woman in the 2007 film, Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother.

Alexis was one in a family of famous actors, which included Patricia Arquette and her other brother, David Arquette and Rosanna Arquette.

"Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning September 11, at 12:32 am," Richmond posted on Facebook. "He was surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones. We were playing music for him and he passed during David Bowie's Starman. As per his wishes, we cheered at the moment that he transitioned to another dimension."

Richmond's agent confirmed to PEOPLE that Alexis had indeed died:

"With deepest love, respect and condolences to the Arquette family we wish to share Richmond Arquette's announcement at the passing of his beloved brother/sister Robert/Alexis.
"Our hearts are heavy for this wonderful family.They are not simply brought up in fame...they've continued to roll up their sleeves to make a difference on this, our planet Earth, with their presence.
"Each and every one of them has touched our hearts and has been the example of true "FAMILY" at its grandest meaning.
"Robert /Alexis will continue to be loved as his/her light now resonates throughout the universe as the star we've always known him/her to be."

Patricia tweeted the video for "Starman" early Sunday morning, with the caption, "Breaking through the veil singing Starman."

She also tweeted out "Cosmic Dancer" by T.Rex, adding, "To My first best friend – Cosmic Dancer".

"I am feeling immense gratitude to have been afforded the luxury of sharing life with him/her, for learning from Alexis, for being given the gift of being able to love him/her and to be loved by him/her. He was a force," Richmond continued.

"He died as he lived, on his own terms. I am immensely grateful that it was fast and painless. It was an incredibly moving experience and I am humbled and grateful to have been able to have been with him as he began his journey onward."

"Thank you, Alexis, I love you and will love you always."

Alexis' most recent role was in 2014's Blended.

Hot Football This Weekend!

From: Speed o Rex


  First big weekend of the NFL season!  Who are your picks to win?

Puerto Rico's Carlos Correa, Astros vs. Cubs Baseball

From: Speed o Rex
 The MLB Regular Season is now in the home stretch, with less than a month to go.   

Is your team on target to make the playoffs?

2016 Major League Baseball - Regular Season
Sunday, September 11
(Eastern Time)
8:00 PM: Chicago Cubs (90-51) @ Houston Astros (75-67), ESPN

 ... plus #1 Carlos Correa of the Astros, whose team will need a really strong season finish in order to make the playoffs.  

  He's a major factor in his team's fortunes, so watch for him in tonight's prime time feature.

Carlos Correa

Date of Birth
September 22, 1994 (Virgo)

Barrio VelΓ‘zquez, Puerto Rico

6'4"/215 lbs

Houston Astros



MLB Debut
June 8, 2015

September 11th is National Pet Memorial Day

Each year on the second Sunday in September, people come together in observing National Pet Memorial Day.  On this day, pet owners honor their pets, both past and present and think about and share with others the important role that their beloved pets have played and continue to play in their lives.

Shaggy Rogers

Cycling Wraps Up

From: Speed o Rex

 The Vuelta a Espana and the Tour of Britain both wrap up this weekend, with only the Worlds left in a few weeks in Qatar. 

Alberto Contador

Alberto Contador

Armindo Fonseca

Are you still following?  Riding?  Keep at it.  Here's some inspiration:

Mark Bingham, Gay American Hero


Let's Go For A Walk

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Batman and Robin

Did it ever cross your mind that Robin might actually be the top in this relationship?

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