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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


From Presidents To Scientists, History’s Filled With Hotties

From:  Queerty
Baseball star Jackie Robinson gets a home run in our book.
 We've always been history buffs. So we did a search for the record books for the hottest men and found all sorts of exciting results: inventors, athletes, aviators, politicians, and even an assassin. Honestly, we had no idea history was so filled with hotties.

Bobby Kennedy, sans his shirt, skippers his family’s sailboat.

Canadian Air Marshal William Avery “Billy” Bishop was a certified hottie.

Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband,
Alfonso, was quite the blue-eyed dreamboat.

Leon Czolgosz,
who is most famous for assassinating President William McKinley, is kinda hot?

A brooding, young Albert Einstein rocks a pencil mustache

What we wouldn't give to step back in time and spend time with poet
Allen Ginsberg and his lover Peter Orlovsky.

Boxer Jack Johnson’s bulging biceps make us wish we had a time machine.

A shirtless Paul Newman and his perfectly square jawline strike a pose.

Boxer James J. Corbett means business.

We had no idea author Mark Twain was so lean and ripped.

Inventor Nikola Tesla’s bedroom eyes are intoxicating.

This strapping young lad grew up to be the 26th President of the United States,
Theodore Roosevelt.

A young, nude Tennessee Williams fills us with desire

Massive Cock

RenΓ© Grincourt 

Horse Hung

And The Films Played On: 16 Essential Movies About AIDS

From: Queerty

A gay romantic comedy about AIDS? Yup. Based on a play by Paul Rudnick, Jeffrey (Steven Weber) has sworn off sex all-together due to his increasing paranoia over the AIDS epidemic. That is until he meets the perfect man in Michael T. Weiss, a charming, HIV-positive hunk who challenges his convictions. It’s a little stagey but gets bonus points for Patrick Stewart and Bryan Batt (the closeted Salvatore from Mad Men season 1) as a constantly bickering gay couple.


February 1989

Garrisson Habsburg [Garrison Hapsburg] (cover – Fred Bisonnes)
Kip Dern
Ramino Souza
Dean Tait (Fred Bisonnes)
Tom Ross (Fred Bisonnes)

aka: Garrison Marcs (Surge Studios)

 Fred Bisonnes comments:
'' Garrisson Habsburg, although born in the U.S., claimed to be a direct descendant of the defunct Austrian imperial family, and had a blurred small double-headed eagle (the Hapsburg crest) tattooed just above his butt (traditionally done to the family's males shortly after birth, so he said). 
 This very well may have been was just pure BS, though he certainly would've cut a striking figure in one of those fancy 19th Century military uniforms; although he also, I thought, epitomized the 'Castro clone' look of the '80s. All in all, Garrisson's was the most-successful segment I taped for the 'A-MEN Live!' series (No. 6)''











Dean Phoenix & Corey Summers - Falcon

 "Dean Phoenix congratulates Corey Summers on a well-performed scene and the perky blond responds that he's still horny. Dean is more than willing to oblige, and the two go at each other with lusty intensity.

  Corey can't get enough of Dean's uncut cock, swallowing it deep, nibbling on the foreskin. And Dean completely devours Corey's prick, taking each inch down his throat. Corey then positions himself over Dean's cock and slides onto the shaft, bouncing up and down. Dean continues to fuck his partner's hole. The two men work their own cocks, jerking off until they cum. Corey sprays Dean's belly with his cream and Dean shoots off his own...finishing the scene." -- Falcon

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