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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Black Bahamas Daddy



From: Yummy of the Day

loves me, loves me not…remember that game?

Derrick Davenport

Naked News:

A Tree To Call His Own...

Naked Alabama man climbs tree to 'make it his home'

Police think Michael Long was on drugs when he scaled the 40-foot pine tree in Arab, Ala. He pleaded guilty to public lewdness Monday. The naked truth is that this allegedly drugged-up nude dude just wanted a tree to call his own.

Niko Antonyan

African American Muscle DILF


From: Yummy of the Day
 Dan, Dan, Dan, you're making it so difficult to say goodbye. Yesterday, we said farewell to Dan Skinner Month. Well, look what I received...

 These stunning shots were taken this last weekend. Of course I'm going to post them!


The 12 Worst Muppets Ever

From: io9
Abby Cadabby

Maybe it's not fair to pick on Abby Cadabby. Maybe she really was just an attempt to bring a new major female character to Sesame Street, and a new non-specific culture (i.e. Fairy). But such was her instant prominence and merchandising bonanza Abby feels like a crass marketing attempt more than a character. She was instantly put on pretty much all Sesame Street merchandise, and had a ton of merchandise of her own — indeed, if Sesame Street was trying to turn her into an Elmo for girls and infinite cash generator, they couldn't have succeeded any more completely.

Redheads are like Russians, they’re either hot or not. There’s no in between. This ginger is HOT!

James A

From: Mascular Studio
"I was fortunate enough to meet and photograph James who was handsome, bright and charming. I think the images really reflect his strong presence and character. You can see more on the Mascular Studio page." -- www.mascularstudio.com

The View Downward

Hair Ball of the Day:

 Possibly the Best GIF Ever 
via mynosaurus


Militarily Men

Male Nude Photography | Hi, I’m Johnny Leeks!

[Guest post from my friend Johnny Leeks - another visitor from the cheese state!]
What IS up!? I’m the new guy, I guess! I hope to bring some nifty, unique, and sexy stuff to table. Comic books/characters pretty much rock, so you can refer to me as Spidey!! w00t! I don’t have too many inhibitions, and I’m fairly comfortable, so I’m game for all kinds of groovy and creative projects! Enjoy my stuffs! Show me the love!!!

April Fools?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Still looking forward to the long awaited debut of Alan Ritchson on N2N. The publicity department for N2N did a masterful job of getting the word out via blogs, and the net and slowly let out a couple of pics a week to have us all awaiting seeing Alan. But... It is April 1st, and we were all awaiting their promise of a March start to Alan on the site... Is this just to have us drooling a little longer?


From: Manhunt Daily
Mexico, The Federal District, Mexico
Pregunta! XD

Favorite Pic of The Day for April 1, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
Rock It Out” 
Pia Zadora
Pia earned a Grammy nomination for Rock Vocal, and earned multiple Video Of the Year awards for this scorcher, which spent three weeks at #1 in 1983, replacing the similar but inferior “Beat It.
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