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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

 We wrote ‘I’m gay! Very gay!’ In a sea of straight boys and gay-for-pay teases, it was music to our ears to hear Justin King utter those magical words. The 26 year-old newcomer has worked with UK Naked Men, Alpha Males, Butch Dixon and Men At Play, but it wasn't until this solo for Hard Brit Lads that we got to know him on a personal level. He pretty much charmed the pants off of us. Literally.

Justin King is a tall, hot and hairy muscle hunk, with a cheeky glint in his eye. He chats first, then strips out of his sports kit to show off his big beefy body as he jerks off, sniffing his pits and playing with his hard nipples before spunking his load.. HOT.

We start off with an interview, and cheerful Justin chats confidently, telling what type of guys he is into sexually, and how he keeps fit, and then its onto the solo. Wearing a yellow vest and blue shiny sports shorts, Justin sits back on the sofa with his legs apart and starts to stroke his bulge and rub his nipples. He is a very big lad, with broad shoulders, big arms, a strong chest. Even in his vest you can see he has... 





From: Manhunt Daily

Guest contributor Karsh brought us this excellent interview with Randy Blue model Sean Zevran. This is one of those rare pieces where you actually get to know the performer, instead of feeling like you just read a commercial for his next scene. If you can pound through this and not feel more attracted to Mr. Zevran, then I might genuinely question your judgment.

Karsh has expressed interest in working with us some more, and I feel like a huge idiot for being less proactive about future assignments. We briefly spoke about him coordinating Manhunt Man of The Week posts in 2014, so hopefully, we’ll be able to develop a system that works over the next few months.

Click The Link Below To Read The Full Interview &  See More Photos.


From: Manhunt Daily

Bryan Slater entered the porn industry in his forties, and he left it, er, right as I talked to him this summer. He’s a very nice, extremely chatty guy, and we talked about being a porn dad and fucking dudes less than half your age, but we also talked about Wilfried Knight’s untimely passing and about clinical depression. It’s kind of a Longread, but sometimes—a lot of the time, judging from these ten—porn stars are more than just a big dick and a bunch of abs.

Click The Link Below To Read The Full Interview

Dick Ready For War!!!

Wet Wednesdays

Big, Black & Veiny

February 5th is California Western Monarch Day

February 5 is California Western Monarch Day, established by the state Legislature in 2004.  California Western Monarch Day celebrates the annual migratory return of the Western Monarch Butterfly to the central coast of California to spend the winter during October through March.

Thousands of Western Monarch Butterflies overwinter on the California coast each year.  One of the most popular spots for the Western Monarchs is Pismo Beach, California.  As of January, 23 , 2012 the count is more than 23,000 monarchs at the Pismo Beach Grove. The migration draws many visitors along the central coast.  The migration of the monarch butterfly is studied and celebrated by school children in California, across the United States, and in Mexico.

"Seriously… I have to make it look like I care what you’re saying about the race, but I gotta tell ya… What a raging, bulging, boner you’re sporting there, champ… Damn!"

February 5th is National Weatherperson's Day

Jamey Singleton 
National Weatherperson's Day, also known as National Weatherman's Day, is observed on February 5 primarily in the United States. It recognizes individuals in the fields of meteorology, weather forecasting and broadcast meteorology, as well as volunteer storm spotters and observers. It is observed on the birthday of John Jeffries, one of the United States' first weather observers who took daily measurements starting in 1774.

An Early 20th Century Male Nude

With his candid look directly to camera and endearing gentle smile, his model comes across as an utterly amiable sort of chap, finding a refreshing amusement in posing so revealed - not for him the detached indifference and stern expression of many an artists’ model; he connects with us, the unknown viewer, and smiles to think that we may be enjoying seeing him.

Bernie Vince's Ass

Rocks With His Cock Out

Your Hunk of the Day: Heath Hutchins

Originally from Mississippi, now-New York model Heath Hutchins takes the Hunk of the Day title today! Here he is looking amazing in a pair of white Emporio Armani briefs. Congratulate him on Twitter @heathhutchins!

"Yeah, I know I am sexy!"


From: Manhunt Daily

We wrote
What’s the only thing (potentially) better than a semi-anonymous Bel Ami twink getting his hole spunked? A crossover between two of the hottest gay porn studios, in which Cocky Boys‘ exclusive model Max Ryder gets his ass drilled by well-hung Bel Ami beauty Jim Kerouac! Oh, and he also gets his hole spunked.

"Happy Valentine's Day!

Growing up, this was one of my favorite consumer-manufactured holidays. Why? Because I fucking love chocolate -- especially when it comes in a box shaped like a heart! Now that I'm grown up (body not mind), I love Valentine's Day because we get to feature another one of my favorite things -- hot boys fucking!

 This year, we have a huge treat. If you remember, last year we announced a model exchange program with the world-famous Bel Ami studio based in Europe. So, we packed up our very own Max Ryder and sent him abroad to meet the boys of Bel Ami and the Kinky Angels. What was produced was one of the sexiest, most mind-numbing, cum-inducing orgies of the year -- "Max & The Kinky Angles" -- and was released on BelAmiOnline.com with great fanfare and success.

If you were unable to see it, don't worry! My friend and inspiration, the legendary George Duroy, has graciously allowed me to release this scorching orgy, and we offer it as both a Valentine and special bonus to our members. Remember "I choo choo choose you!" with a heart-shaped lollipop attached?! This is the gay adult version of that!

And if that's not enough, we are also releasing an exclusive duo with Max Ryder and the sexy big-dicked Bel Ami stud, Jim Kerouac. After shooting this scene, I asked Max, "So how was Jim?" His reply was, "I wanted him to fuck me for forever!"

This is just another scorching collaboration (with many more to come) from the CockyBoys/Bel Ami Model exchange program -- boys go in and stars cum out!

Once again, Happy Valentine's Day! Be sure to hug -- and I mean a real hug -- someone you love today.

Love always,

PS: You guys can see more of Max and all the crazy hot Bel Ami boys he got to suck and fuck at BelAmiOnline.com"

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