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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who wants to cuddle?

Brumby Jack - Kristen Bjorn

 Nationality: Australia
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Dick: 12" (30.48 cms) Circumcised
Position: Top

Kristen says:
This very polite model seemed rather formal at first. While working together, I discovered he was quite funny and easy to get along with. Being still somewhat inexperienced, he didn't realize how big his dick was, much to his costars amazement and delight.

Why the South Ain't So Bad

Paul Nichols

Paul Nicholls (born Paul Greenhalgh on 12 April 1979) is an English actor.
Nicholls is from Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. He married his partner Chantal Brown in 2008 at Hampstead, North London near his current home. His acting roles have included the character of Joe Wicks in BBC's EastEnders.
In July 2007, he played the part of Terry in Channel 4's Clapham Junction. This drama depicted 36 hours in the life of several gay men and was filmed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the legalization of homosexuality in England and Wales

Paul Nicholls Nude Scene (from Clapham Junction) by thinkagain321

Wicked Hot Nude Marine


 "For a while I've been getting offers from porn companies to make some porn videos, but for various reasons it was something that never happened, but always considered. Then, one night, I got a message from a buddy of mine, pornstar Sundance Radcliffe who said there was a company interested in filming us together and when would I be in San Francisco next? We chatted about it and thought that for a while I had been getting messages from fans wanting to see me in action so this might be the time.

I flew over to SF to shoot with Pantheonbear.com and Hotoldermale.com. I had been a fan of their stuff and my own porn idols had worked for them, so no hesitation and I spent an incredible few days filming for them. Sundance has a monster dick and the thought of bottoming for him and getting fucked was too much to anticipate ;)

So here are a few teaser shots from the promo shoot" -- Brent Cage

You Know How I Feel

 'I’d always wanted to work towards a book and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. This video is made up of footage taken on the set of my photo shoots. The book spans 9 years of my photography of the male nude. There are 32 models featured in the book, of all different nationalities. To me they are Aussielicious Men because they were willing to take a chance, trust me and take their clothes off for my camera.'
Brenton Parry
 Brenton's book is available in hardback and ebook from blurb.com

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.


young bull

Bathroom Cruising

 "This very sexy and quite provocative series of shots titled 'Toilet Tramps' has models Ethan Reynolds and Nick Matthews, as shot by Justin Monroe for Horizon Magazine." -- Hot As Fuck

Martin -- Breeder Fuckers

 "Tied to spanking bench, sore arse exposed, taught to suck cock, foreskin clamped, anus fingered, fucked with a power tool dildo, lashed with a riding crop until he deep throats dick, bare-handed spanking, bright red bum fucked, spit roasted, arsehole covered in cum

Martin is being introduced to a wealth of new knowledge as his sensitive smooth body is subjected to intense sensations he's never experienced before
while he's strapped down and fully exposed. Presented with a stiff cock in front of his face he's given a lesson in how to pleasure a man like a real submissive bitch. He must worship the plump cock head with the very tip of his tongue. Gradually he rolls his tongue all over the shaft as if it were a lolly. His sweet lips lock over the shiny cock head. At the same time his arse is worked on by Dave who pries his hole open and fucks him hard with a big dildo.

  He moans piteously as his bum is plundered mercilessly and his mouth is invaded by the insistent hard dick. Now that his arsehole is opened wide he's ready to receive a real cock inserted in his arse. Tears roll down his cheeks as his cherry is popped by the perverted man riding his back. The power of each thrust pushes his head down onto Dave's cock. Martin learns his place is now to sexually service men in the way they require." -- Breeder Fuckers

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