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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


From:  Manhunt Daily
 "Before diving into this very special edition of Straight Guys Are Gay, it should be noted that nothing “gay” actually happens in this video. Trip and Kody are a pair of marines who became stepbrothers four years ago. To give you some background, the two young men developed a strong bond after Trip’s mother married Kody’s father, and now they’re posted to the same base.

They seem to be very comfortable with one 

another! So comfortable, in fact, that they’re cool playing naked beer pong together. Some of this comfort might be due to the fact that they spent the whole night drinking, then continued to down booze into the morning (hence why this scene is being filmed in daylight). You never know! Straight guys are weird. And they tend to take their clothes off when enough alcohol is involved…

However, if you’re hoping for some Peters Twins-style brotherly love in this video, you’ll have to look elsewhere! There’s some naked gyrating, butt cheeks are spread and dicks flop around, but as mentioned previously, nothing “gay” actually happens in this video. Sorry! The site is called MyStraight Buddy for a reason

- Dewitt

Tuesday October 22, 2013: Hunk of the Day


Cars and Cocks


Asian #52

Hidden Cam-Indonesian caught taking bath

Jizz On The Rocks:

Introducing Semen-Infused Cocktails
From:  Queerty
Some things are sacred, chief among them: booze. Don’t mess with our alcohol and no one gets hurt. Yet one intrepid bartender — namely Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer, author of Semenology: The Semen Bartender’s Handbook — wants to add a little spunk to your cocktail.

According to the book’s tongue (among other things)-in-cheek description:

This is the ultimate handbook for mixologists looking for ingredients that go beyond exotic fruit juices and rare spirits. Driven by a commitment and passion for the freshly harvested ingredient, Semenology pushes the limits of classic bartending. Semen is often freshly available behind most bar counters and adds a personal touch to any cocktail. The connoisseur will appreciate learning how to mix selected spirits to enhance the delicate flavors of semen. The book provides useful tips that cover every detail of Semenology, from mixing and presentation to harvesting and storage advice.

Semen is often freshly available behind most bar counters…” How fresh are we talking here? Because from our experience, a sticky stool does not a Whole Foods make.

Now, it’s one thing to like the after product of sex, and another thing to like the thing that fuels the sex, but to mix both? You’ve gone too far internet. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

In the meantime we’ll be trying to scrub the thought of this horrible mixture out of our heads and our clothes. But what do you think, dear reader? Are you ready to try a Cum and Coke? Or perhaps a Penis Colada. Or — wait for it — a Dong Island Iced Tea?

Classic Television - Weekdays

The Game Game
Original channel
Original run
September 29, 1969 – September 1970
Presented by
Jim McKrell
Narrated by
Johnny Jacobs
The Game Game is a game show hosted by Jim McKrell. It was packaged by Chuck Barris and aired during the 1969-1970 season; the show was Barris' first syndicated program.
The game involved one contestant and three celebrities. All four players would participate in a type of personality test, with the intent of answering the focal question of the particular episode (like "How courageous are you?" or "How impulsive are you?"). Before the game, the civilian player would predict whether he/she would score higher or lower than the celebrities; if this prediction proved to be correct at the end of the show, he/she would win a prize (but all players won a small prize for participating). The tests consisted of 5 questions, all with 4 multiple-choice answers. Each player answered the question, then host McKrell read the point value for each answer (either 0, 5, 10, or 15 points).
After all 5 questions had been completed, each celebrity would reveal their scores, and then the civilian player would reveal his/hers. The scores were compared and prizes were awarded corresponding to the civilian player's earlier prediction – $25 for each correct prediction, or $100 if the contestant met his prediction on all three celebs. Additionally, the contestant received a prize just for competing. Each episode of The Game Game featured a different non-celebrity contestant.

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 22nd

Touchdown by FLYFOTO

Happy Birthday today October 22nd

 Happy Birthday to the youngest Hanson brother, Zac who hits 28 today!

 Zachary Walker "Zac" Hanson (born October 22, 1985) is an American musician, best known as a member of the pop rock band Hanson. He plays drums, percussion, piano, guitar and also sings back-up and lead vocals. He was the lead singer on "Go", the second single from The Walk

The Robbie Rogers Effect?

There are plenty of ways for teammates to celebrate. But this one's new even to me! 

Maybe you should lose weight, with your heart problems and all? -- Anonymous

Photo of my cholesterol test following a month of statin therapy .
I went from almost 400 to 156.  Incredible.
"Losing weight wouldn’t help.

Heart disease exists in both sides of my family, with a couple grandparents dying in their 50s of heart attacks.

Just like my parents, I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I’ve tried controlling my cholesterol through diet (went vegetarian for a year) but that didn’t help. My cholesterol actually got worse.

My mom is an extremely fit, 90-pound Filipina woman, and she has the same problems, but refuses to medicate the problems away. Must fun in the family too…hmm…

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so if you have questions about fixing cholesterol or blood pressure, please talk to someone with a medical background.  I can only speak from my personal experience." -- Noodles and Beef

Tom Ford Voices Video Promo For His Skincare & Grooming Line

From:  Homorazzi
With his silky suave voice, it’s only natural Tom Ford voices the video launching his skincare and grooming line. Ford believes that any man can achieve a handsome and impeccable look with a straightforward and effective grooming regimen. Inspired by this philosophy and by his personal grooming ritual, he developed Tom Ford For Men.

The eight product line consists of a moisturizer, cleanser, a mud mask, concealer and bronzing gel. Two new fragrances will also be added to the unisex Private Blend collection. Cuban born model Juan Betancourt was tapped to front the inaugural campaign. A perfect choice if you ask me. Check out the short film below.


How often do you do flagging? -- Anonymous

"I flag once or twice a month, depends on the season. There are more opportunities to flag in the Summer because of the Flagging in the Park tea dance." -- Noodles and Beef

What's the little thingy you always wear around your chest? (It kinda looks like the gun holsters that undercover cops on TV wear under their jackets)? Btw, I'm in love with you and pup. Cutest, most genuine D/s relationship. Like, ever. Xo -- wantuinsideofme

Like most suspenders, you can clip them into the back to create a makeshift harness. So its two looks…one for the streets, one for the club.

I highly recommend these specific leather suspenders from Mr S Leather. I’ve had mine for almost four years, they’re indispensable, and my go-to look for most parties. Also useful when you need to dress Leather Formal, say, for a BDSM gala at the Kink.com Armoury.


 Scott Herman of Real World: Brooklyn,  has proven to be the vainest Real World exhibitionist this side of Eric Nies-- and that's saying a lot! I'm certainly not complaining. Scott may be a preening princess, but he sure is pretty! After the jump, check out his latest "workout" video, in which he shows a sliver of luscious butt crack along with an outrageously ripped torso. And yes, if you look carefully, you will see that we've got another pube-shaver on our hands.

Scott is a personal trainer, model and actor who has been working out since the age of 14. He recently received the designation of having the "best abs on the East Coast", and was featured in Men's Health magazine. The first in his family to graduate from college, he educates the public on health and fitness with his website. Along with Chet, he is one of two Republicans in the house.

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