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Sunday, October 2, 2016

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Ronan Gets Naked

Checking Messages

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Zachary Quinto On A Trump Presidency: “I Am Scared”

"It’s absurd to me, but I have to have faith that we’ll endure and triumph."
From: NewNowNext
 Zachary Quinto is opening up about what it feels like to be a gay American in the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Pulse nightclub and the looming threat of a Trump presidency.

 “I am scared. I don’t take anything for granted,” the Star Trek Beyond actor admitted in an interview with Time in July.

“I have a lot of people in my life that think there’s no way Trump will win,” he continued. “I don’t believe that for a second. We have to fight with everything we have to continue the path that we’ve been able to gain such ground on in the last five to ten years.”

When pressed for further comment on the state of the world, Quinto reflected, “It’s just a bleak and dangerous moment in our geopolitical landscape right now. It’s unprecedented in our lifetime how precariously we’re all perched.”

He then drew a comparison between the political climate of the United States and the tenuous state of the world in Star Trek Beyond.

“Our adversary in this movie is a being who’s diametrically opposed to the Federation,” he described. “He wants to destroy a place that’s a hub for different species and races.”

“It’s weirdly parallel to what’s going on all over the world right now. There’s waves of nationalism and xenophobia and fear-based thinking and intolerance. It’s alarming.”

In spite of this, Quinto holds fast to the belief that the principles that apply to the Star Trek universe, that “unity will always overcome hatred,” are the same ones that will see the world out of this horrific political crisis.

“It’s absurd to me, but I have to have faith that we’ll endure and triumph.”

MLB Final Games!

From: Speed o Rex
The MLB Regular Season basically finishes up today, and, believe it or not, there are still some playoff berths to be determined.  Wow!

... plus one nationally televised game:

2016 Major League Baseball - Regular Season
Sunday, October 2
Toronto Blue Jays (88-73) @ Boston Red Sox (93-68)

Final Score 
Toronto Blue Jays
Red Sox


Nick Del Toro

Farmboy Football

From: Speed o Rex

“We’ll Kill You With AIDS”: Referee Receives Death Threats After Returning To Football

From: Queerty
He’s Spain’s only openly gay football referee, a job he temporarily left after being besieged with homophobic death threats in May.

Unfortunately, the situation has hardly improved since his return.

On September 10, 21-year-old Jesús Tomillero was refereeing a game between Atlético Zabal and CD Lasalle in Andalusía’s second division when a Lasalle fan told him to “get off for being gay” after he awarded a penalty to the competing team.

Though the game was stopped and the heckler removed, the man still managed to yell “You fucking faggot!” at Tomillero before being escorted out.

Shortly after the match, the death threats on social media began pouring in.

“You son of a bitch,” read one. “You messed with the wrong club. We’ll kill you with Aids, you faggot.”

Another message featured a photo of handguns and bullets, and the caption, “Not long left to live, faggot.”

Talking to The Guardian, Tomillero said, “I go the first one about three o’clock yesterday afternoon. It said: ‘Reporting this was a mistake, Jesús. The boss has put a price on your head.’ There was a picture of a gun and a car and it said: ‘Get ready for what’s coming, faggot.’”

He’s stunned by the abuse.

“I had a fit of nerves and didn’t know what to do. But we got into a taxi and went to the police. They’re investigating the case, not just here but all over Spain. There are police officers outside my house 24 hours a day, but I’m still afraid and I don’t know what could happen.”
“I’m going to keep on doing what I like doing, whatever it costs. But I am really, really scared.”

In May, Tomillero called it quits because the onslaught of abuse simply became too much to take.

The worst offense was when a heckler shouted, “That’s that poof who was on the telly … You can stick the goal up your arse, you fucking poof.”

What hurt Tomillero more than the insult was the fact that the crowd laughed.

Three years ago, a survey concluded that Spain was the most accepting European country when it came to homosexuality, but prejudice is still a huge problem there

In fact, in Madrid there’s a homophobic attack every two days.

‘Hamilton’ Star Javier Muñoz Channels ‘Clueless’ and More in Lost Audition Tape

From: Towleroad
“Clueless is everything. That’s it.”

Javier Muñoz, the new star of Hamilton, is no stranger to stepping into roles originated by iconic actors. After all, it was just this summer that Muñoz took over the titular role in Hamilton for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and launched the Broadway juggernaut as its star.

In a “lost audition tape” created for Vanity Fair, Muñoz now tackles even more famous roles played by famous actors, recreating characters from Taxi Driver, Clueless, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, House of Cards, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and more.

Watch, below:

A Gen-exer & His Blue Briefs

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I wasn't too keen on Survivor's Millennials vs. Gen X theme, but two episodes in, I am really enjoying it. There are a couple of pretty hot Millennials, but the guy grabbing most people's attention is Gen X tea member Ken McNickle. I am not sure how Ken ended up on the Gen X team, I always thought Gen Xer's were people born in the late 60's and 70's, but many stretch the time frame into the early 80's. At 33, McNickle was born in 83, putting him (barely) into the category of his team. 

 Ken is hot, not just because he's a model, but also because he looks terribly sexy in his blue boxer briefs, especially when they're wet. Thankfully Ken doesn't have many other fashion choices and thus far has been sporting those briefs almost all of the time. It was also adorable last week when Ken and TV writer David (Malcolm in the Middle and Family Guy) were awkwardly bonding over their social anxieties. 

 A couple of Ken's modeling shots.



2016 Grand Final results, Bulldogs over Swans!

From: Speed o Rex

 100,000 fans packed into the Melbourne Cricket Ground (known as "The G") for the 2016 Grand Final of Australian Rules Football (AFL).  The Grand Final of the AFC has been held annually at the G since 1902. 

 This year's edition did not disappoint.  It  was a classic for  the ages as the perpetually down on their luck Western Bulldogs overcame a drought of more than 60 years to triumph over the ever popular and perpetual winners, the Sydney Swans

 The "home crowd" from Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne and the Bulldogs' home, turned out to cheer them on to the win.

 THE BULLDOGS ARE PREMIERS! shouted the commentators, as they took the Premiership Cup, and perhaps more importantly the Premiership Flag,  awarded in the Grand Final, with the Western Bulldogs at 13.11 (89) to the Sydney Swans' 10.7 (67). 

 Conventional wisdom before bounce down said that the Swans, were, of course, the favorites.  They fought with great heart, to be sure, but were unable in the end to overcome the spirit with which the Bulldogs held on for the victory.

 As the lead seesawed throughout play, the Swans were ahead at the half, but the Bulldogs pulled ahead and finally sealed the deal in the last few minutes with some impressive scoring opportunities.

 More than one player was injured during the game yet more than one injured player returned to the action, pushed through the pain, and sought glory.  

 The AFC Grand Final has been the most well attended sporting event in Australia for many decades, and this year's edition did not disappoint.  

 The Victory parade, traditionally held on the following Friday, and always through Melbourne, is a Victoria state holiday. 

Easton Wood
 It was an inspiring game.   Congratulations, Western Bulldogs! 

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