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Thursday, June 22, 2017

hairy stud

Meet the Broadway Bares Dancers

From: Advocate
Sean Stephen

Kylie Minogue's 49 Best Songs, Ranked!

From: NewNowNext
“After Dark”

I love me some bass-heavy Body Language boot-knocking: “After Dark” is a seriously sensual, dusk-till-dawn lovefest, and it’s impossible not to submit to its naughty come ons.

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars

From: Boy Culture
Steve Hammond 
Darren Culmar

Let's play Pledgemaster & servant

A Stryking Force in the porn biz

I'm not the only one wondering whatever became of Steve Hammond, the impassive, Nordic-blond top man who pretended to get drilled by Jeff Stryker in Stryker Force (1986)—check out this plea from Fleshbot for any info. Considering he never really bottomed (so far as we know), there's a decent shot he's alive somewhere. Hell, I didn't even know that he made a movie in 1998 as this blog taught me, so anything's possible. And truth be told, I didn't know he was faking it in Stryker Force until reading that piece—my heart is broken. Beautiful hunk of man with a ridiculous butt who was at his best in The Pledgemasters (1989).

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
The Laments 
George Hagen

The New York Times Book Review describes Hagen's debut novel as "a thrill ride: bleak, deep and hilarious...a family story on speed, with a jolt of black comedy that makes it a close relative to that greatest of all American family stories, The Simpsons." 

100 Most Eligible Bachelors, 2017

From: OUT
 Andy Simmonds

Andy Simmonds is a illustrator, best known for his "Masc 4 Masc" illustrations and self-described "QT aesthetic."

Hi, I'm Rooney. I'm a bubbly illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Concerned mainly with gay and queer culture, my work focuses on challenging conventions and promoting shameless self love. At any given moment, I'm obsessing over the color pink, dancing to tween pop, or drawing my heart out.

My love of pink can likely be traced back to a Barbie phase from ages four to seven, followed immediately by a Britney Spears phase. (This also accounts for the love of tween pop.) I believe in pink because I believe in loving anything that connects you to your authentic self and inspires creativity. 

Among many other things, pink does that for me. I believe in kindness and I believe in positivity. That's because I think life is too damn short to be anything but optimistic! There is not a day in my memory where I did not draw something. It's the only way to make sense of the way I see the world, and the best way I know to communicate that. I suppose you could say I've landed at the intersection of graphic and pop art. (With a little typography for added flare.) I adore what I do, and I love working with and meeting new people! So please, don't be shy, let's make cute things. 

100 Hottest Out & Proud Celebs

From: OUT
Nate Berkus
Interior Designer 
TV Personality

When The Nate Berkus Show premiered in September of 2010, the home makeover designer became the first openly gay man to host a nationally syndicated daily TV program. "My sexuality is something I never really hid," he told Out the same year. "It wasn't a situation of wondering if people were going to start digging into my personal life because we've already done that."

Nathan Jay Berkus (born September 17, 1971) is an American interior designer, author, and television personality. He runs the Chicago interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates and has been a regularly featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, offering design advice to viewers as well as coordinating surprise make-overs for people's homes. He has released numerous lines of products and authored several books.

His own show, The Nate Berkus Show, debuted in broadcast syndication September 13, 2010, featuring make-overs, culture, design, and personal advice. It was co-produced by Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television, and was cancelled after its second season ended on May 24, 2012.

Alongside his husband, fellow interior designer Jeremiah Brent, he launched in 2017 the TV show Nate & Jeremiah By Design broadcast on TLC network.

Gucci trunks, 2014 V E N F I E L D 8

Guydar: Top 10!

From: Boy Culture

Red - White - Blue & Gay

30 Days of Gay Pride

On The Roof Top

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Olivia Newton-John’s 69 Greatest Songs, Ranked!

From: NewNowNext


After five consecutive top ten songs on the pop and country chart, this chipper number just missed the cut, but it was another #1 smash on the AC chart. (U.S. #13 UK N/A)

Rusty Hamlin (Atlanta)

Rusty Hamlin is a finalist competing on Food Network Star, Season 13
Rusty’s love of food started as a child, soaking up Cajun flavors in Louisiana. A Culinary Arts Institute of Louisiana graduate and a Georgia resident, Rusty’s cooking is rooted in Southern flavor. As the executive chef for three-time Grammy Award-winning Zac Brown Band and executive chef and owner of a restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia, Rusty (Atlanta), 42, truly does it all. Although he is known for his big-hearted personality and making those around him laugh, Rusty will show just how serious he is to be the next Food Network Star.

Out Country Artists Drake Jensen & Patrick Masse Inspire With Upbeat "Go Your Own Way"

From: The Randy Report
Canada's premier LGBT solo country artists, Drake Jensen & Patrick Masse, have teamed up to record an upbeat country song, “ Go Your Own Way” (not the Fleetwood Mac hit), meant to inspire young people who are bombarded with the message that they are “less than.”

The bright pop-country track has a liberating, anti-bullying message for young people in the closet; and also addresses the imaging in social media that perpetuates “perfection,” feeding a narrative that we aren’t good enough.

The press release for the single reads, “The fact is we can do something about it. We can go our own way.”

After just one week, "Go Your Own Way" has landed on the Top 10 Most Active Indies chart.

Jensen and Masse have also launched the “Go Your Own Way” Project on Facebook, a positive, interactive space encouraging folks to share photos and videos expressing how they "go their own way.”

It’s a case of Canadian East meets West as Jensen (from Ottowa) and Masse (from Vancouver) team up for to share a powerful, timely message.

Jensen and Masse are refreshingly frank talking about bullying, collaboration within the LGBT community, the impact of religion on young LGBTs and more that motivated the two to record the country anthem.

Noting that bullying is especially rampant during school years for young LGBTs. both were asked if either had experienced bullying themselves.

"I didn't get to high school," said Jensen. "I had a nervous breakdown when I was 15, and I locked myself in my room for six months. My last day of school was a flash mob beating that lasted about roughly a mile with two guys with boards with nails in them, and a crowd of people of about 75 that gathered around and followed while they bashed me. That was the last day. That was grade nine. There was no more school after that."

But the story didn't end there. "I've just recently connected with one of the guys that did that to me on Facebook. It was one of the most surreal things ever, you know? I sent him a message, and I said, 'I see you have children. I hope they don't suffer what I suffered at your hands.'"

Referring to his 'Scars' music video which includes statistics about childhood bullying, Jensen told the man, "Thank you very much, though - you've motivated me to do this and help thousands of people." He says he's forgiven the man who admitted facing his own demons, saying "the past is the past."

Masse recalls how discussions with co-workers about religion moved him to raise his voice at an early age.

"I remember years ago I worked at a big hardware store in Canada called Canadian Tire, and it was one of the first jobs I had out of high school. I was working graveyards; we were doing store audits, and I was with this young girl. Her name was Teresa, and she was a daughter of a pastor, and I was probably the first gay person she ever met."

"We would talk, she'd quote the Bible. She would quote this and quote that, and I said to her, 'Well, Teresa, what do you think?' She came back the next night, and said, 'You know, you're the first person, Patrick, who's ever asked me what I think.' I said, 'Doesn't that concern you Teresa? You're 23 years old, and while there's great lessons and values in the Bible, you can't hide behind a Bible and use a Bible to judge other people."

"Jesus only ever judged the hypocrites and the Pharisees in his lifetime," adds Masse. "He wouldn't be standing with you. He'd be walking with me because we're all imperfect people here. It's exciting to see that there are true Christians out there that are coming around. I think people are realizing people are people and everybody needs love, right? Everybody needs acceptance."


 Milan Christopher has never been shy. The rapper came to prominence on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, where he broke ground in the second season as the series's first openly gay reality star, navigating a relationship with then-boyfriend Miles Brock. He continued to pursue his music career, releasing album The Alpha, and has also appeared in videos for Kanye West and the Game. Christopher has also been an active supporter of the LGBTQ community, last year releasing the powerful track "When I Go," which addressed bullying and suicides of queer youth. Now for PAPER, Christopher worked with photographer Matthias Vriens to show a side of himself that fans might not have seen--a very-NSFW one. We talked to Christopher about fighting homophobia, particularly in the hip-hop community, being a role model, and why Snapchat is a better dating app than Grindr.

What made you want to do or what made you agree to do like a fully nude shoot?

Well, I just feel like in our culture it's so taboo for a guy to show their bodies but it's OK for a woman to do it. I just kinda want to break that. I think I have a nice body and I think it's art and I just think that it should be celebrated like they celebrate women's bodies. So you know, I could be a guy and be gay and be black and be artistic and be artistic in a nude fashion shoot in the same way that anybody else could.

Yeah, and you mention all the different things that you are, because you tick many boxes -- which, if any of those, communities do you feel like will most embrace the shoot and which will not embrace the shoot?

I think that all communities have like kind of walls that need to be broken down so I'm not really sure. I'm not really sure which one would be like, "Oh, this is awesome," or which ones would be like, "He shouldn't have did that," you know? I think it will be a mixture of both — I think that some people will see the art in it and I think that some people will see something else but that's just human nature.

You overlap these different identities--you're black, you're gay, you're artistic--do you think about this question of how do you balance these different sides of yourself? Do you kind of transcend all these roles? Do you even think about them separately ?

I think about them separately because they are very separate. But I also feel like all those things encompass who I am. During pride month, I always think about all of the things that the LGBT community lacks and things that I feel like should be changed. And I think about equality, and the stigma and the taboo, and all the things that we work so hard to break through. So I think that this particular shoot, I think this is really important for not just the culture but for the community and pop culture in general. I've never seen it done in you guys' magazine before and I've really never seen it done in a way where it's like woah. It's been years--I think something [there was something like it in] the 70s--I forget the actor, but he did a full frontal and it was really crazy.

Burt Reynolds.

Burt Reynolds, yes.

I don't even think that he showed dick, but he did this nude thing for Cosmopolitan and it was a huge scandal.

And so I want that. I want that "break the internet" moment. I want people to look at this and be like, "Oh, wow, it's OK." This guy is a musician, he's on TV. He's doing this, he's doing that but it's OK.

Do you think about representing gay African Americans?

I do—I think it's not that many gay guys who are African American who are out and who are comfortable? Right now, I can probably name about 5. And it's millions, you know what I mean? I do think that I have a huge [responsibility for] representation of the community and I do think that I'm doing pretty well. I'm always being honest and being my authentic self, not really holding back and just putting my best face forward and trying to make things happen.

Do you consider yourself a role model?

You know the craziest thing? I was just hosting in Detroit. I posted a picture on Instagram and it was this little eight-year-old boy, Caucasian boy from Canada, who begged his mom to drive him to Detroit to meet me and he knew all the words to my songs. I was just like this is the weirdest thing. I never knew that I was influencing that age group or that they were even paying attention. So, I do think, in a sense, yes, I am a role model. But I also think that at the same time…I'm nervous. But this takes a very strong person to go face forward and make it happen and make people accept it.

Did you have any role models when you were growing up?

Absolutely. Prince and Michael Jackson. Those are my role models. I don't know what Prince's sexual orientation is but I think that he has the biggest influence on me because he was able to transcend from being a man but also being very effeminate and having both men and women just love him and respect him. I think if I could take part in our culture, that's the part I want to take, that place. You know, where Prince left off. And of course Michael Jackson is one of the best entertainers ever. And he used his music to send out very powerful messages.

You're a part of the hip hop community, which often gets a reputation for being very homophobic and very unwelcoming.

Oh yeah, it's super homophobic.

That's all true?

Oh yeah. Even with the producers and the directors and just everything. I mean, I was on Love and Hip Hop, I had my own Out in Hip Hop television show, I was on the cover of the New York Times, the cover of LA Times twice, on Wendy Williams, Ellen, you know, everywhere. And you know the Hip Hop Awards, the BET Awards didn't even invite me to do anything. It's like, this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of hip hop music and you didn't make a place for me because I'm gay? I felt very disrespected by that.

Tell me, how did it come about that you got on Love and Hip Hop?

Well, I had been making music for about two years and I have this song called "Is You Mad or Nah?" People all around the country started saying "Is you mad or nah?" It's a black thing. And they didn't know where it was coming from but it came from me and my best friend Lola [Monroe]. And I think they got wind of it. I was going on the show to be a friend of a cast member that was already there and when I got there, they were like, "Oh my god, who is this guy?" and they were very interested in my story. Then they found out I was gay and they were like, what? They really expounded on that. They wanted to bring that to the forefront because it's something that's been lingering, everybody knows it goes on in the hip hop community but no one has ever talked about it or gave it a story line. They were like that's great, we need this.

How did people respond when it first came out?

Uhmm, I had…we had a lot of bible thumpers, but I think we [also] had a gargantuan positive response. Because people were so happy to finally see it. You know, me and my ex didn't really work out and certain things about that particular situation I didn't want to be a part of anymore. I didn't want my story to be kind of like the stereotypical mess. I wanted it to do what it did, which was really great and if we could've made something even better or greater, I would've loved to do that. But the people really responded well. I think when I first started, I probably had like 30,000 followers in September. In four months, half a million. It was really great. I had a really good positive response.

How are you going to celebrate pride?

I'm hosting a whole bunch of prides. I'm hosting a pride here, a pool party. I'm performing in Chicago. I just left Detroit. I'm going to Toronto. So, I'm just going around spreading the message.

Are you single now or no?

I am single.

How do you meet guys?

Umm, at the gym--there was a time that I used to have Grindr, I don't have it anymore.

What kind of response did you get? Did people think that you were like not really you?

Oh, well, this was before that, before the lights, camera and action. I used to use Grindr. Right now, I kinda use the gym, Instagram, Snapchat.

So if a cute guy sends you a direct message you'd respond?

Yeah, we'll talk and then maybe hook up or meet up or whatever. So yeah, I think Instagram and Snapchat are my number one apps.

Is there a difference between the guys you find on those different apps?

On Snapchat, the guys are a little bit--because the videos disappear, they're really forward with their pictures on Snapchat. On Instagram, it's kind of more casual. Yeah, like what're you doing, let's hook up, let's go to the studio, let's hang out, let's do a shoot, blah blah blah, that kind of stuff. Snapchat they get right to it.

So tell me about this a new CD you have coming.

I have a new album coming out. It's called Culture Vultures. It's about how the community and the culture kind of steals everything from the gay culture, the way we talk, the way we dress and then they make it okay for them and then they still try and demonize gays. If you look at all the rappers right now they dress the way gays have been dressing for years but still have a problem with gays. And are wearing gay designers. It's weird.
When will that be available?

That'll be available in July. I just released my first single off of it called "Revenge."

Is there someone you want to get revenge on?

I think I wanna get revenge on anybody who ever doubted me. Anybody who ever said I couldn't do certain things because I was gay, or because I was black. Black and gay is like a double whammy. It's one thing to be gay and be white, it's a whole other thing to be gay and be black. Especially in the black community.

When did you come out? Tell me a little bit about that.

The first person I came out to was my little brother, Chris, and he basically asked me why I don't play football and all this other stuff.

How old were you at the time?

I was about 15. And I told him why, I told him that I was gay. He was like, "That doesn't matter, you're still my brother." And then two years later he died. That was the first person I came out to. And then I came out to my family when I was like 17, 16-17.

And how did they take it?

My mom didn't take it too well. My dad, he was kinda…I think my dad knew. My mom knew too.

By this point had you had boyfriends?

I hadn't had any boyfriends yet. I didn't have a boyfriend until I was like 18. My last year of high school.

That's pretty advanced though, having a gay boyfriend in high school.

Yeah, but I think, he was a senior, then he was like a freshman in college. I met him when he was a senior and then when I became a senior we finally made it happen and then he went away to college and then we stayed in contact.

What's your dream date? With whom and what would you do?

My dream date…Would be with Odell Beckham. He's so fine. And we probably would just chill out at a pool, at a really nice house in the hills. And just eat and chill and talk by the pool.

Just How Thirsty Did The “Drag Race” Season 9 Girls Get?

“I’ve resorted to drawing penises in a notebook."
From: NewNowNext
 How long can a queen survive without her menseses?

In a new RuPaul’s Drag Race bonus clip featuring previously unseen footage, the season 9 contestants discuss their dry spell while being sequestered away during the competition without conjugal visits.

 “I’m clawing at the walls,” says Trinity Taylor. Adds Eureka, “I’ve just been watching ESPN.”

“I’ve resorted to drawing penises in a notebook,” Sasha Velour admits.

 Valentina reveals that her boyfriend sent her off with a portable DVD player and “janky soccer porn that was on sale,” but it was confiscated by the show’s handlers after she shared it with the other girls.

“Being somebody that’s very pampered in a relationship, where I can constantly indulge in intimacy, and not having it, it’s really hard on your mental and sexual health,” she later says at the reunion.

Throwing her legs in the air, Trinity jokes that she only made it as far as LAX before getting some action.

Take a cold shower and watch the clip below.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Among 5 Shot at Baseball Field; Suspect Is Dead

From: kenneth in the (212)
 A gunman opened fire on Republican members of the congressional baseball team at a practice field in Alexandria, Va., on last week, using a rifle to shower the field with bullets that struck five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. I don't think you can read too much into a lone man's deranged actions. But I'll bet Sen. Rand Paul wishes he hadn't tweeted this last year as he was cowering in the dugout as his friends and colleagues were being hit.

Donald Trump considers Scalise to be a "true friend" and a "patriot"

I think the important thing here is that no one's Second Amendment rights were infringed upon. Right, congressmen?

 Unlike Trump, Sen. Bernie Sanders does not like the idea of being affiliated with violent lunatics in any way whatsoever.


I’mma cominna get you, Florida!
From: Badwolf Blog
 I know it seems like I just got back from Chicago a minute ago (I totally did, just two nights ago!), but there’s no rest for the wicked, I believe is how the saying goes. Especially in the summer time. I never like to sit around NYC in the summer months and I’m glad for any chance to run off to someplace more exciting for a bit.

So next up: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida! This is a double whammy trip, that’s mostly just an excuse to see my mom for her birthday next weekend. She’s a pride weekend baby, and St. Pete has their big pride festivities scheduled for this weekend. I’m sure I’ll be out in the hot hot sun with the moms on Saturday/Sunday for the parade and whatever else they do. With luck, much of it will be someplace air conditioned.

But before then, I’ll be in Tampa for a few days on a pretend vacation with a beautiful suite near the beach and Westshore Plaza (which was referred to as the “good mall” when I was in high school). But if you can think of more fun things to do than go to the mall or wait till it gets dark and go to the beach (I can’t be out in beach-level sunlight! Who are you kidding?), I’d love to hear from you.

And if you won’t be near Tampa or Florida at all while I’m there, please to enjoy anyway, a quick game of:


I’m lookin forward to you, Tampa. Don’t let me down! 😎🌴

Trump Demands 50% Tax Cut For Golf Club

From: Joe My God
ABC News reports:

The Trump Organization wants its tax bill cut in half at one of its high-end golf clubs, part of a longstanding Trump practice of using legal challenges and appeals to lower his corporate tax bills.
Donald Trump’s company, now run by his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, has requested a property tax break of a quarter of a million dollars for the Trump National Golf Club, Westchester, in the village of Briarcliff Manor, New York, according to town officials.
The legal challenge is meeting with opposition from many citizens who resent having to assume the burden of paying additional taxes to support town services and the local school district.
According to local tax official Gloria Fried, the Trump Organization filed a tax grievance on Tuesday with the town assessor’s office in Ossining, valuing the course at $7.5 million, or half of the $15.1 million the town calculates should be the tax basis for the course.
This is the same course, spread over 143 acres in Westchester County, that presidential candidate Donald Trump listed on his publicly-filed financial disclosure report as being worth $50 million in 2016.
Fried said that in past years, the Trump Organization has paid their taxes — which are still being litigated for 2015 and 2016 in local courts — with checks stamped: “Paid Under Protest.”

Bears Abound! Here Are 99 Hairy Chests We Love

From: OUT
Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Eden Metcalfe (born December 9, 1978) is an American actor. Metcalfe is known for his portrayal of John Rowland on Desperate Housewives. Metcalfe has also had notable roles on Passions and in John Tucker Must Die. He starred as Christopher Ewing in the TNT continuation of Dallas, based on the 1978 series of the same name.

Queen Vows to Protect LGBT People from Discrimination, Axes Trump Visit in Speech to Parliament

From: Towleroad
Queen Elizabeth II addressed UK parliament yesterday and made a pledge to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

Said the Queen:

“My government will make further progress to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people on the basis of their race, faith, gender, disability or sexual orientation.”


Also being noted in the speech: no mention of a Donald Trump state visit prompting reports that it has been axed.


From: Gay Porn Blog
 With great sadness, we share the news that Jim French, the legendary godfather of the hyper masculine aesthetic and the founder of Colt Studios, has passed away at 84.

The announcement came via BobMizer.org:
 “Jim French, the male physique photographer who pioneered new standards in masculinity through his images and drawings, has died. He was 84.
According to his partner, Jeff Turner, French dies peacefully in his sleep on Thursday evening, June 15.
 French was perhaps most notable for founding the Los Angeles-based gay pornography company COLT Studio. The studio celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.”

When male physique photographer and COLT Studio founder Jim French died in his sleep on Thursday evening, he left behind a mammoth body of work that shaped the adult film industry for decades to come.

 Described by LGBT historians as “the most successful physique photography company since Bob Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild,” the studio will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year without its founder, a man who gave rise to the gay porn empire under the pseudonym ‘Rip Colt’ shortly after the Summer of Love in 1967.

As COLT grew, it became renowned not only for its striking photos and a veritable harem of models, but also for the popular magazines published under the COLT name, including Manpower, COLT Men, Spurs, and COLT Studio Presents.

French remained at the helm of COLT Studio until 2003, when he sold the company. It continues to operate, albeit now with a shifted focus to hardcore gay porn films. French’s erotic works in the years since have traveled to art galleries the world over, hailed as iconic, groundbreaking, and singularly influential.”

Adds HuffPo, “Since the days of Jim French, sexual stardom has become a self-made industry of amateur Xtube stars, requiring only a camera phone, an accident, an ex-lover’s scorn, or a rough weekend. Even our higher-end porn stars can be possessed through Facebook and Twitter, until there isn’t a shred of intrigue between “us” and “them.”

But Colt was born of an era of fantasy, its men existing only in French’s photographs. There is a tradition of these communication gaps between gay men, the narrative always broken into disparate eras with disparate priorities.”

To explore the work of Jim French, NakedSword has over 70 of his legendary titles.

Jim French, rest in peace. And thank you.
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