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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big Black Bear Cock




A Collection Of Men

A Few Weeks Before: Kris by Nathan Scott

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Regular readers of FH understand that my passion for presenting incredible imagery goes beyond just was is seen. I am equally, and sometimes more so, interested in how what we see, came to be. Getting inside the head of the artist, and often times the model, to find out what exactly was behind the inspirations that led to the finished image or images that grabbed my attention. 

When I came upon the work of Dallas photographer Nathan Scott last month, I knew I had found something special. Nathan's portfolio was full of striking images of both men and women, and his focus was beautifully not singular, but had a breadth which ranged from editorial, fashion and fitness, couples and color and erotic and nudes. Nathan, a professional ballet dancer and stunt actor, has a keen eye for body movement and pose and there are small, practically unnoticeable details, almost a fluidity, the artist incorporates within his work that has his images stand out for me.

 Although Nathan has a great selection of models, there were a few that stood out for me, Kris Best being one of them. Kris has a great look and an incredible body highlighted by tattoo running down the right side of his body. Kris also has a great face, his eyes light up when he smiles yet can become sensually intense when the theme requires it. I love some the contrasts Nathan captured. Kris has a very masculine, almost all American look, yet Nathan did not rest on that and created some very beautiful lines with his body and with pose.

So, I began with story, so I should give a little background,and explore a bit of the background behind this set of images. It began with a couple of posts I made in May, well actually... it began a few weeks before that. I first introduced Nathan's work on FH in two of last months most popular, and clicked on posts, Fleet Week and my follow-up, The Culmination of Fleet Week. The focus was Nathan's work with Gregory Stiles inspired by the sailor hat Nathan picked up on the way to the shoot.

The images in Fleet Week actually developed from this shoot with Kris that Nathan had shot a few weeks previously. The shoot was for an underwear campaign for Blue Collar Underwear. Nathan really loved the location, especially the bed and bathtub, so after shooting Kris, proceed to set up another shoot, this time with Gregory and his girlfriend.

'Kris was a great guy to work with. The night before this shoot, when we were using a generator in this really historic downtown area in Texas, the generator broke down. Should never have rented it from Home Depot. We had planned on working together the next day and it started raining. So we shot at the makeup artists house using only natural light. No studio lights or anything else. Which was a challenge. As the rain let up we eventually ventured outdoors.'

 Not sure it was the intent, but I love the trajectory of the story created by Nathan in this series of images. The day begins with Kris alone at home, thinking about, then getting ready. He slips into the tub, bathing, preparing in anticipation for his visitor, and sure to lie ahead. He is later joined by his guest for an intense entanglement of passion. The story's last chapter concludes with Kris again alone, this time in the shower. He is again washing, cleansing, but this time, not in preparation, but as conclusion.

Keep an eye out next month for the unveiling of Pastiche. Pastiche is an up and coming magazine founded by Nathan Scott Photography. The focus is high fashion, fine art, and high quality digital art photography. I will keep you updated on the magazine's official launch!

1980's Gay Magazine

 Throughout the 1980s gay male magazines still had a place for beefcake. Most magazines continued the trend of the seventies in showing simulated sex - without being hardcore. Also the growing popularity of magazines that were targeted for women but popular with gay men such as Playgirl filled in the gap for beefcake magazines during the decade.


Eat that hole boy!

I always love it when I find a picture of myself on the net.
This is me eating out the sexy cub Johnny 


Matt York by Peek Physique

Chubby Cub

He Loves A Smelly Jock

Bill by Pride of Paradise

Deflowering for Spring

snow bums


Harsh: For These Naughty Priests, Grindr Now Forbidden At The Dinner Table

From:  Queerty
As we reported earlier this month, St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland — which has been around since roughly the advent of fire — has become such a sexually-charged environment that even the archbishop of Dublin is loath to send students there, so wary is he of all the frantic Grindr usage that’s been taking place on the premises left and right, and right under all of our noses.

Now, higher-ups at the scandal-besotted school are taking matters into their own hands, implementing a far stricter regime that includes, but is not limited to, not using Grindr at the dinner table, which is against the teachings of Jesus and also just plain rude.

Effective immediately, priests-in-training can no longer scurrilously eat their supper in a sorrowful cubby of their choosing, but must instead enjoy their evening-porridge right there in the college, supervised by hawk-eyed senior staff, who, from now on, will make sure nothing more subversive than seconds takes place at their table.

Also effective immediately, evening rosary attendance is now mandatory for all of these wayward priests — no ands, ifs, or buts. This is a last-ditch attempt at effectively boring homosexuality out of these naughty trainees.

Also announced this week: there will be an in-depth review of “appropriate use of the internet and social media,” since college trustees are deeply concerned about an “unhealthy atmosphere created by anonymous accusations.”

As Pink News reports, higher-ups are deeply concerned about “some social media comments which can be speculative or even malicious” in regards to their trainee priests.

A few weeks back, Dr. Diarmuid Martin, the superiorly named Archbishop of Dublin, stated he has every intention of boycotting St. Patrick’s College in light of rumors that homosexual acts were running rampant through students and staff, including compulsive use of Grindr and other hookup apps.

Dr. Martin insists the “poisonous” atmosphere at St. Patrick’s has forced him to transfer several students to the Irish College in Rome, despite the fact that the architecture and men are distractingly beautiful there.

Anonymous allegations accused priests of all kinds of wanton frivolity: getting sexy with one another, raking in Grindr messages, and other interesting activities not befitting of a priest.

Dr. Martin, not done speaking, said that Grindr use “would be inappropriate for seminarians, not just because they are trained to be celibate priests, but because an app like that is something which would be fostering promiscuous sexuality.”

In Dr. Martin’s eyes, Grindr goes against “the mature vision of sexuality one would expect a priest to understand.”

Grindr Reveals Who Used the App Most During the Rio Olympics—And No One Was Outed

From: Towleroad
 Grindr has released some interesting statistics on how the gay dating app was used in Rio de Janeiro during this year’s summer Olympics.

According to Grindr, 38,000 people from 109 different countries used Grindr in Rio during the Olympic games. Overall, 14 million messages were sent on the app during the two weeks of the Olympiad.

Unlike The Daily Beast, Grindr didn’t reveal enough information to out any Olympians. And also, their figures take into account non-athlete visitors using Grindr in addition to those competing in the games.

So who came out on top? Okay, we don’t have those kind of insights but the data compiled by Grindr is rather fascinating.

Per the company’s findings, some of the most active Grindr users came from some of the most anti-gay places in the world, including Russia, the Middle East, and Asia.

 The country with the most guys using Grindr, however, was (unsurprisingly) the home country of Brazil, followed by the U.S. and the U.K. Interestingly, in the “Most Daily Messages Sent Per Guy” category (which could potentially be known as the “Worst Repeat Message-r” category), the Caribbean island nation of Curaçao won top honors.

The Czech Republic shared the most pics per guy. Whereas Russian men were the most multi-cultural, averaging the most countries contacted per guy. Americans messaged with Brazilians the most, and Poland got the most favorites–followed closely by Finland.

Grindr has an interactive map which you can use to see who guys from almost any given country chatted with the most. Check it out here.

Grindr’s Olympic Statistics Reveal Who Was Getting The Most Action In Rio
The app's data doesn't reveal any identifying information on athletes, but offers some interesting insights.
From: NewNowNext

 An interactive map published by Grindr shows the incredible amount of “chatting” that was going on in Rio during the Olympics earlier this month.

The Daily Beast was heavily criticized for potentially outing closeted athletes in a piece about Grindr usage at the Games.

But Grindr’s statistics don’t include any identifying factors.

According to their numbers, a whopping 38,000 people from 109 nations were using Grindr in the Olympic village, racking up an impressive 14 million messages during the two-week period.

 An interactive map allows you to hover over different countries to find out which nationalities were talking to each other most. A medal breakdown shows who had the most guys in attendance, who sent the most daily messages and who sent the most images.

As expected, Brazil, the United States, and the UK were the most active. But interestingly enough, athletes from countries with anti-LGBT legislation were also very active.

On average, users from Qatar, where homosexuality is technically punishable by death, ranked high in sending messages and images. Users from Russia were also the most contacted.

The most favorited? Poland.

Check out the full interactive map at Grindr.com/Olympics.

Here's the hottest guys coming to your DVR this fall

From: Wicked Gay
 When I was a kid (and I am dating myself here, but it's a risk I'm willing to take for Wicked's readers), there were two aspects of fall that delighted me. One of them was the new wardrobe my parents would purchase in a hopeful attempt to get me excited for the new school year (spoiler alert: didn't work). The other was the fall preview issue of TV Guide! Fall TV is still a (sad) thrill for me as an adult, mostly because it's a whole new crop of hot guys to admire, as well as returning ones. Here are some new (as well as some familiar) TV faces (and bodies) with which to enjoy your first pumpkin spice latte of the fall.

 Taylor Lautner 
Scream Queens

Remember Taylor Lautner? A couple of years back, the poor lad was usually busy wiping the global drool off his hot body due to his shirtless appearances in the Twilight flicks.

 He's been sort of eclipsed by guys like Nick Jonas (way at the top and hopefully no one one notices that I used his pic even though he's mid-Season 2 of his series Kingdom so he's not showing up anywhere on TV this fall except for our fap fantasies) when it comes to body worship and star power. That could change this fall when he shows up as a hunky doctor on Ryan Murphy's horror-comedy Scream Queens. Hey, it beats being relegated to Adam Sandler movies on Netflix.

Ryan Eggold 
The Blacklist: Redemption

They gave Ryan Eggold's "Tom Keen" character from The Blacklist his own show. That's so his beauty will stop upstaging James Spader. And Ryan must be pretty because it's really hard to upstage James Spader cuz' that guy's aces.

Philip Winchester 
Chicago Justice

Hot piece of ass (sorry, I calls em' as I sees em') Philip Winchester is heading up the FOURTH series in NBC's Chicago dynasty. They had fire, then they got cops and doctors. Now they've got lawyers. That's a lot of the Windy City. Luckily Phil's hot and they have deep dish pizza and Sidetrack.

Hi, Apollo Creed!

Oliver Jackson-Cohen 
Emerald City

My inside sources (Google) tell me that Oliver here is playing The Scarecrow-character in NBC's "edgy" reboot of the Wizard of Oz. I don't see a lot of straw. I also don't know if he's lacking a brain, either, but I'm strangely not caring. This show is probably going to be terrible, so I hope he takes his shirt off a lot.
Alfonso Herrera 
The Exorcist

Speaking of shows that are trying to murder classic movies. Herrera played 1/2 of the adorable gay couple of Netflix's Sense8, a show that made little to no sense but somehow I still enjoyed. I don't see myself enjoying horror classic The Exorcist diluted down for TV. They can't do anything truly frightening like they did in the landmark original. How would they ever top FOX News in that category?

Lucas Till 
George Eads 

Remember the original MacGyver? He was the dude who used the contents of your kitchen's junk drawer to fight crime. Because we can't think of anything original, here's the reboot. It stars Lucas Till(one of the movie X-Men) and George Eads (the hot guy from the original CSI). If he can still fight terrorists with chewing gum and paper clips, I might actually watch this one.

Josh Sasse
No Tomorrow

Josh Sasse plays a guy who lives his life like there's [insert title here]. I hope he also lives his life like there's no shirts.

Daniel Sunjata 

Daniel Sunjata is ssseexxx. In this drama, he plays a lawyer based on famed criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos. Sunjata seems to be on every TV show and in every movie out there. If this one doesn't stick, I hope his next show is about a former Olympic swimmer who breaks out his Speedo again to make a comeback. Tom Daly will guest-star. In his own Speedo. It could be any sport that involves a minimum of clothing, really.

Wentworth Miller 
Dominic Purcell 
Prison Break

Wait, didn't they already escape prison? As much as I like these two as the bromantic super-villains on DC's Legends of Tomorrow over on the CW, I'm not sure they needed to reprise their roles as brothers who need to break out of prison. Again. Just stop going to prison, right?

Augustus Prew 
Pure Genius

Newcomer Augustus Prew plays a Silicon Valley genius who opens a techno-hospital. We really need a new place for TV people to congregate. We've had enough hospitals, law firms, police stations, and superhero headquarters. What about a dairy farm? Or a nunnery? Wait, a nunnery wouldn't have hot dudes. Scratch that.
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