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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Photography by Daniel Rajcsanyi

Every now and then, BUTT gets a set of playful piss and/or foreskin photos from Munich fashion student, Daniel. Mostly, the guys in Daniel’s tumblr seem elated, half-stoned or drunk, and are styled in some kooky outfit that involves handcrafted cockrings or flaps of fabric — what is it about fashion students and the ubiquitous flap?

Anyhoo, this one of Daniel and a buddy crossing swords seemed like just the right thing as we mentally prepare ourselves for another Thirsty Thursday.

Ask QC: How do I ask for more sex?

From: Queer Click

Dear Ask QC,

So I’ve been dating this wonderful man for two months now, but we’ve known and liked each other from afar for almost a year come October before making it official in July. I have the personality where I have this deeply rooted need to truly express my affections with someone I really like by expressing it sexually after a full day spent together doing all sorts of romantic things. On the other hand, he’s not quite as experienced as I am.

He was with the same guy in a very long distance relationship for 4 years and they only saw each other maybe twice a year. He never messed around (a virtue I’m insanely grateful for), and when they were together it was mostly the other guy showing him off as a status symbol rather than a human being worthy of actual love and affection. As such, my guy still has some anxiety when it comes to having sex. It makes him very nervous still, so the few times that we have done it I’ve been very slow and gentle and taken his needs into consideration as we play; whenever he says to stop, I stop and we either just cuddle it out or do something else.

I want to help him get over his anxiety just as much as I want to get over mine. I’ve told him that I never want him to feel like I was pressuring him into anything, and even just knowing that he really cares about me fills me with such joy- but in the back of my head I want to give him more and fulfill my baser physical desires because there’s this nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps yelling at me “You’re not giving him everything to the fullest extent of your passion, you obviously don’t love him.” (My inner voice can be a bit of a huge d-bag sometimes…)

I don’t know how to go about asking for more sex without making him feel nervous or pressured into it. I want him to feel more comfortable with the idea of doing it a little more frequently, but I also don’t want to turn him into a nymphomaniac. How do I go about bringing this up and how should I direct this conversation?



Hi Tim and thanks for writing in with your questions and concerns. It’s wonderful to hear that you two guys have found each other and been together for almost a year now, albeit with some bumps and difficulties yet to overcome. There are many partners that are compatible on so many levels but then also have differing sexual needs, wants or issues. But rest assured there are always people willing to help you both be able to resolve these. You mention that you have more experience sexually and, therefore, perhaps already have a better idea of what pleases you sexually and your preferences. Whereas your partner with previous little or infrequent sexual encounters may not yet have fully discovered everything that he likes (or dislikes). He may also consider the infrequent sexual activity with his previous partner as normal and indeed gotten used to that. It’s admirable that you are concerned with his feelings and know that to approach this subject with him may be a little tricky but we are sure there will be the right way to approach this subject with him. Generally, humor is a good starting point so as to relieve any tension that may exist but of course there are other different angles with which to tackle this. Have you guys tried watching porn together? That could be an opportunity to discuss both of your likes and dislikes and get a better feel for things. You could discuss limitations about how far you want to go (or indeed won’t go) in the future, or maybe open a discussion about desires, fetishes or other sexually related topic’s to lead into chatting about the main issue. You could lead into your conversation with a general rhetorical or open question, or simply just ask him how he feels about things sexually. You could reference his previous long distance relationship to ask how difficult it must have been for him particularly when it came to sex, how often he wasn’t led astray and (presumably) relieved himself with solo masturbation. Has he used sex toys before (or yourself) and could that be an opener? Whether you guys are both into them or not at least that may get the ball rolling. The main thing is that the two of you communicate together and on an improved level that you are both presently at right now. And there is nothing wrong with this, it takes time (and sometimes years) for couples to know instinctively what the others wants or desires are. But at the end of the day, non of us are mind readers! So dear QC readers, what advice would you give Tim and his man? Have you been in a similar situation like this before? How did you approach this line of conversation and what other suggestions would you make? If you can help them in any way then please share your thoughts, advice and experiences below!

Brent's Auto Wall 091615

From: Brent's Auto Wall

Classic Television - Prime Time

Dan August
Original channel
Original run
September 23, 1970 – April 8, 1971
Burt Reynolds
Norman Fell
Ned Romero
Richard Anderson
Ena Hartmann
Dan August is a Quinn Martin crime drama series which aired on ABC from 1970-1971. The series stars Burt Reynolds as the title character.
Reynolds stars as police lieutenant Dan August who investigates homicide cases in his (fictional) hometown of Santa Luisa, California. (The town is supposedly based on Santa Barbara but was filmed in Oxnard in Ventura County.) Other cast members include Norman Fell as August's partner, Sergeant Charles Wilentz; Richard Anderson as Police Chief Untermeyer; Ned Romero as Sergeant Joe Rivera; and Ena Hartman as Katie Grant. Barney Martin and Meg Foster had recurring roles.


Callan All Boys

From: Boy Culture
Callan Bergmann knows what the fuck he's doing ...

Caitlyn Jenner Is TOTALLY Cool With Gay Marriage Now, Okay?

From: Dlisted
Ellen DeGeneres was on Howard Stern’s Sirius show last week and she threw a side-eye at Caitlyn Jenner’s feelings about same-sex marriage. When Caitlyn was on Ellen’s show, the topic of dudes marrying dudes and chicks marrying chicks was brought up and she didn’t seem that thrilled about it. Caitlyn said that she’s a traditional Republican and used to think that marriage should only be between a dude and a chick, but she’s evolved and thinks that if “marriage is really important to you, go for it.” Ellen and everyone took that as a shrug, so she called Caitlyn out on Howard Stern. Well, Caitlyn cleared it all up in a note on her site.

Caitlyn writes that after talking to gay people, a light bulb popped up over her head and now she’s 100% for everyone being able to get married. Here’s a piece of what she wrote:

I want to help each of you understand something that I only recently embraced: Being different is okay – in fact, it’s great! But I also understand it takes some getting used to. Like many people, there was a time when I didn’t realize how important it is for gay couples to have the right to get married. But after hearing from my gay friends and learning more about the hardships they faced because of discrimination, it became clear to me that everyone should be able to marry the person they love. I can only hope that by sharing my story, there’s someone out there whose mind has been changed about trans people.

Sometimes it takes us a minute to have that aha! moment. (Yes, I too hate myself for quoting Oprah.) Sure, Caitlyn Jenner’s aha! moment probably came when an executive at E! called her up, cursed her out and told her that she better fix it with a publicist-written post on her site or else she’ll never be asked to be the Grand Marshal of a gay Pride parade and then they won’t have footage for the premiere episode of season 2 of her reality show…. But, she still had that aha! moment

20 Close-Up Images of Jay Banks Mouth While Sucking Dick Will Surely Off-Put You

If you ever wanted to see what the inside of Jay Banks' mouth looked like, here's your chance.
From: Fleshbot
Not to mention, the back of his teeth. And his left cheek.

Though there may be an overabundance of images of Jay Banks' face in the latestTIMsuck scene, the bright side is that we get to admire the beautifully-meaty cock of his co-star Eric Hassan. It truly is a cock of beauty - nice, big and girthy, but not too much of one and not enough of another. It is like the cock trifecta. It reminds me of Liam Burlington's cock.
 And I suppose Jay likes his cock too. Jay "takes control of Eric’s meat, making love to it with his mouth" - he strokes, pumps, and practically BEGS for Eric's cum. And when Eric finally DOES cum, you'll be RIGHT IN THE ACTION. The shot is so close, YOU can almost taste it - don't get any spooge in your eye.

 Favorite shot?

I can say, I appreciate the fact that Treasure Island prides itself on being the realest of the real - their porn scenes are completely uninhibited, and they've developed a strong following. When you watch a Treasure Island scene, you know what you're getting yourself into. And I appreciate the fact that they don't stage any shots or videos, like some of their counterparts; the exception being some of their more extreme stuff (in "Breeding Season 3" you can't say carving Paul Morris' name into someone's back and using their blood as lube wasn't for shock value's sake). That being said...maybe I only needed 19 images of Jay's mouth.

So do you feel like a better person, now that you've seen some of the more extreme faces that Jay Banks can make? Will you sleep more soundly tonight? Or are you completely mortified, now that you've seen the back of his teeth?

By The Sea with Iago Botelho


Bradley Cooper in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Ep. Auditions

So great they all came back to do this. And it was a great little mini-series. Super funny, if you get the humor.
Nice VPL in this scene, awesome one actually.
From: Xander7

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