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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

26 Really Hot Doctors That’ll Make You Want To Get A Checkup

From: Buzzfeed
*Dog requires immediate attention*

13 LGBT TV Characters Who Are Getting It Right

From: MTV
Luisa Alver
 “Jane the Virgin”
Listen, Luisa has a lot going on, but her problems stem more from being an alcoholic and kind of a ditz than anything else. When we first met her, she was married, then spiraled and accidentally artificially inseminated Jane after she caught her wife cheating on her.

11 Great Celebrity Mustache Rides For #Movember

From: NewNowNext
Murray Bartlett
Dom almost single handedly brought back the big thick ’stache. We know Murray just grew it for Looking, but he just looks naked without it.

Murray Bartlett naked. Hmm…

10 Instastuds Serving MAJOR Booty

From: NewNowNext

Cheyenne Parker (@TheCheyenneParker)
A photo posted by Cheyenne Parker™ (@thecheyenneparker) on

Take a glance at Cheyenne’s Instagram feed and you will understand 100% why he makes our list. From his gorgeous eyes, to that perfect pout, the LA based model sure knows how to inspire us to catch our attention. Whether it’s a post from his travels around the world, to his impeccable style, we love to follow this guy on the ’gram.

Academy Award for Best Actress

Glenda Jackson 
Vicki Allessio
A Touch of Class

Glenda May Jackson, CBE (born 9 May 1936) is a British Labour Party politician and actress. She first became a Member of Parliament (MP) in 1992, and represented Hampstead and Kilburn until 2015.

As a professional actress from the late 1950s, she spent four years as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1964, being particularly associated with the work of director Peter Brook. During her film career, she won two Academy Awards for Best Actress: for Women in Love (1970) and A Touch of Class (1973). Other award-winning performances include Alex in the film Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) and the BBC television serial Elizabeth R (also 1971); for the latter she received an Emmy.

From 1992 to 2010, Jackson was the MP for Hampstead and Highgate, and early in the government of Tony Blair served as a Junior Transport minister from 1997 to 1999, later becoming critical of Blair. After constituency boundary changes for the 2010 general election, her majority of 42 votes was one of the closest results of the entire election. She announced in 2011 that she would stand down as an MP at the 2015 general election.

28 Famous Men Take It Off for PETA!

From: Peta
Ami James

Celtic Connotations:

Mal by Karl Royce
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Having featured the work of London photographer Karl Royce for a couple of years now, I can usually predict how he may capture a model. Karl is a master at capturing great bodies in striking poses with minimal props and strong, but stark blue, but often black background. Sometimes his models have a chair, bed with a bright white sheet, but usually Karl doesn't include anything to distract from the model he elevating through is images.

 I starting asking Karl about featuring Mal a couple of months ago. I loved the 'concept' shoots Karl did with Mal, the first few shots from series entitled 'After A Long Day', and the series of Mal in, and out of his tux, as a nod to 007. There was also something I found incredibly hot about the 26 year old London model.. The first set of images of Mal I saw were not the concept shots, but last two images featured in this piece. Mal was on a chair with the blue background, nude with his hands chained in one person. 

 I loved how vulnerable Mal was in this set. Mal has a bit of a 'boy next door look', but in Karl's imagery he was clearly enjoying letting another side out. I loved Mal's facial structure, beautiful blue eyes and even his mouth and teeth in the last image.  Mal has a look both unique and incredibly sexy. 

 Problem was Mal was contemplating ending the nude work he had been doing. But... when Karl approached him about FH, Mal was not on board, came back into the studio for another shoot. Sometimes a trusting relationship with a photographer, and positive experiences in front of the camera create a connection that makes the work not only creatively fulfilling, but a lot of fun. Karl thinks it may be their Celtic connotations as both he and Mal are both Welsh, although Karl admits he is only half Welsh, with his other half being Greek. 

 'This  last shoot with Mal was just done in a cheeky style nude which had no pre-planning except for me wanting to include a tux in the images in a sort of bond 007 thing. Mal was happy to go with the flow which sometime just works better!' 

 The shoot went so well, they are actually doing another in the new year. Karl describes Mal as so easy to work with, to create and direct, that he has more artistic ideas that he wants to explore. Nothing concrete so far, just in the early creative stages, but hopefully I will be able to give you all a sneak peak in January!

Favorite Pic Series of the Day: November 10, 2007

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Gay Hints in High School

From: Tales of West Hollywood
 I entered high school utterly unaware that same-sex desire exists. Gay people were simply not mentioned, ever, in class, by parents, on TV. 

I knew about swishes, boys who like girly things, but I never for a moment imagined that boys might desire each other, form romantic relationships, have sex. 

In spite of all my crushes, romantic relationships, sexual experiences, and about a thousand hint and signals.  Here are 20 steps on my road to "figuring it out."

(All models are over 18.)

10th Grade

Soon after I enter high school, Warren, the head of my lunch table clique, warns me not to go out with guys at night, without girls along, or people will think I'm a swish. 

But swishes hang out with girls.  Why would it be suspicious to hang out with a guy?

The coach offers me a job as an athletic trainer.  I had to measure the jocks for uniforms, including cup sizes,  massage them, and pass out towels as they walked naked toward the showers.  Best job in the world!  Why does the coach think I would be particularly interested? 

Trying to convince me to go to work in the factory after I graduated, Dad takes me on a tour, including the locker room where sweaty factory workers showered and changed clothes.  Why does he think that he sight of naked men would dissuade me from my college plans?

 At music camp, I share a room with Todd, a cute Lebanese boy.  I have a full-fledged sexual experience, although I didn't interpret it that way at the time.

11th Grade

I see my first real-life swish, a witness at a trial my political science class observed at the court house.   I discover that "swishes" date each other, and presumably have sex.  But what could they possibly do in bed?  Who would be the boy, and who would be the girl?

 I catch Cousin Joe with a girl, and accidentally claim that I've "given BJs" to lots of girls.  They tell me that boys don't give them, they get them.  Unless, of course, they're swishes.

Now I know that gay people exist, date each other, have sex with each other.  But they're frilly, feminine swishes, nothing like me at all.

While I'm sick, I remember a comic book from my childhood about an Island in the Sky where Greek gods live together.   We look everywhere for it, but it's missing.

I begin dating Verne, the Preacher's Son.  Double-dating, actually: there's always a girl.  We envision a future together as preachers in adjacent churches, being "best friends."  But why do we need wives?  Why can't it just be two "best friends" together?

My friend Aaron, the Rabbi's Son, tries to outdo me in homophobia.  We both have "best friends," but we don't interpret them as romantic partners.

12th Grade

Our new preacher discovers homa-sekshuls, and blames every social problem and natural disaster on them.  Although I am homophobic, I can't believe that gay people are responsible for everything wrong with the world.

I have another sexual experience, with Tyrone after the Harvest Dance.  But he has a girlfriend.  Why can't it be two guys together?

At Christmastime, I kiss Brian under the mistletoe, then ask for his phone number.  He doesn't call.  I think "no way am I a swish!"

Aaron and I go to Leonard Bernstein's Mass, and I write a poem, "We live in masks."

Everybody seems to know.  Even my friend Craig invites me to a graduation party, and stresses that there will be mattresses downstairs, in case I want to "get down with...um...anybody."  No way am I a swish!

I lose it at the movies.  During the summer after graduation, I see Grease, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  The movie itself isn't exceptional, but the theme song is:

The adults are lying, only real is real.
We stop the fight right now, we got to be what we feel.

I'm probably the only person in history to start sobbing uncontrollably in the theater during Grease.

Dish of the Day #1772: Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

From: Deep Dish
Today's Dish is Flex Xtremmo.


Call of Booty

From: kenneth in the (212)
Jordan Westerkamp sure had all the right moves during Nebraska's victory over Michigan State on Saturday. It's Movember, I wonder if he still has his SEXY 'STACHE.

Brent's Auto Wall 111015

From: Brent's Auto Wall 

Big Dotado da Semana

Sasha's Fierce Dad

From: Boy Culture
Looks like President Obama did become the fierce ally to the LGBT community
that he promised he would be.

Active Duty: Hunter Tops Tanner

From: Straights Go Gay
 Active Duty brings Hunter and Tanner together today for Hunter’s second-ever hardcore scene. You remember last month when the tall, strapping Hunter met up with lil’ ol’ Bailey and topped him? Well, now Hunter has teamed up with the equally gorgeous and straight Tanner, an Active Duty Pro if there ever was one, and you’ve got a ring-side seat to watch the sparks fly.

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