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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bonus: Grant Monohon in Transamerica

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Actor Gran Monohon's brief but memorable Transamerica scene.

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Jack Albertson 
John Cleary
The Subject Was Roses

Jack Albertson (June 16, 1907 – November 25, 1981) was an American character actor who also performed in vaudeville. A comedian, dancer, singer and musician, Albertson is perhaps best known for his roles as Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), Manny Rosen in The Poseidon Adventure (1972), Amos Slade in The Fox and the Hound (1981) and Ed Brown in the television sitcom Chico and the Man (1974–78). For his contributions to the television industry, Albertson was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6253 Hollywood Boulevard. He earned the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the The Subject Was Roses (1968).

laundry day

From:  abeardedboy

Finn Kohlert - by Champion

See the 2016 Critics' Choice Award Winners Nude

From: Mr. Man
 This past weekend marked the 21st annual Critics' Choice Awards. The voters proved that they have impeccable taste by choosing some of the most beautiful men in the business who don't mind dropping trou for the sake of art! Here is the list of this year's nude winners. 

Best Actor
 Leonardo DiCaprio 
 The Revenant

Nude: Total Eclipse (1995)

 Best Supporting Actor
Sylvester Stallone 
Nude: The Italian Stallion (1970)
 Best Actor in an Action Movie
Tom Hardy 
Mad Max: Fury Road
Nude: Bronson (2008)
 Best Actor in a Comedy
Christian Bale 
The Big Short
Nude: American Psycho (2000)
Best Actor in a Comedy Series
Jeffrey Tambor 
 Best Actor in a Drama Series
Rami Malek 
Mr. Robot
Nude: Need for Speed (2014)
 Best Actor in a Movie Made for Television or Limited Series
Idris Elba 
Nude: The Big C
 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Christian Slater 
Mr. Robot
Nude: Mobsters (1991)
Best Supporting Actor in a Movie for Television or Limited Series
Jesse Plemons 

Room Service: Donald Trump Smut

Elijah Daniel has released a gay Donald Trump fantasy tome called Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & the Bellboy. Fantasy is perhaps too strong a word. 

Rainbow Flag Creator Gilbert Baker Recognized at Museum of Modern Art

From: keeneth in the (212)
The gay rights activist finally got what he deserves. Congrats, Gilbert! 


Super Bowl is just around the corner and it’s time again to do Super Bowl polls again. For this week, we want to know, among these NFL players, who do you think has the best bicep? You have until Sunday to cast your vote.
From: Daily Squirt
 Arian Foster
Houston Texas
 Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers
 Colin Kaepernick
San Francisco 49ers
 J. J. Watt
Houston Texas
 Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks
Steve Weatherford
Free Agent

People Who Should Come Out In 2016 (But Probably Won’t)

From: Queerty
We’re a little more than two weeks into the new year and already we’ve had one celebrity come out. Former Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver made the announcement on his Instagram page earlier this month. The 27-year-old said he was inspired to do so after seeing a sign that read, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”
More and more notables and not-so-notables are opening up and, in the process, paving the way for future generations to live openly and freely. We can only imagine who might join Carver on the coveted list of openly gay celebrities in 2016.
Last year, we did a round-up of celebrities who we hoped would come out in 2015. None of them did. (Whomp, whomp.) But that’s not stopping us from compiling a new list this year.
Lets look at seven celebrities who should bust down the closet door in the new year (but probably won’t)…

Jonathan Bennett

The actor, model and former Dancing With The Stars contestant has never discussed his sexual orientation, though many Hollywood insiders, as well as several online outlets, including, briefly, his own Wikipedia page, have all claimed he’s one of us. Yet the 34-year-old refuses to confirm or deny. Most would agree that Bennett, who once starred in Mean Girls and made regular appearances on hit TV shows like Law and Order: SVU and Veronica Mars, could use a career boost. Besides an upcoming guest spot on the VH1 series Hit the Floor, his current gig is hosting the Food Network’s reality competition Cake Wars, after all, and before that starred in the made-for-TV movie A Christmas Kiss 2. Coming out might actually up his game.

New York Seen

Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man'

From: kenneth in the (212)
 Can Old Spice return tennis to its sexy '70s heyday? You decide ...

Dish of the Day #1816: Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Today's Dish is Joseph Sayers by photographer Tom Cullis.
From: Deep Dish

Never Satisfied:

Tyler by MaleVisionS
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'I am always looking to find that one model that seems to come along once every couple of years that the camera just loves. The one that when you turn on the modeling lights he's suddenly "on" and you start popping those strobes and the session becomes a dance of creativity as the model instinctively knows what you want and where the first shot you take is incredible and everyone after that is even better!'

They say one of the tricks to a successful career, and a rewarding life, is to always consider yourself a learner. We have all encountered people in our lives, maybe especially at our jobs, who think they know everything they need to know about their vocation. The truth is that things are always changing, growing and progressing, and if you don't position yourself as a student to the changes, you inevitably get left back. 

Arizona photographer Dan Nelson shares that he is never satisfied. I used to think that satisfaction was a worthy goal, but the older I get, the more I see that creativity suffers when an artist is satisfied. The consequence of Dan's dissatisfaction is a desire to keep working, keep learning and keep shooting until he gets it right. Given, these shots of Tyler were taken along that journey, I am hoping it is awhile before Dan reaches his goal.

 Dan's journey also includes continually searching for that one in a million model to have in front of his lens. It is the nature of photography to have many subjects, often shooting them beautifully. It is rare however, to have a subject that truly inspires, pulling everything together for creative and rhythmic flow.

Visually, Tyler is one of many models in Dan's portfolio that Dan seems to have connected with creatively. I think the skill of a great photographer however, is making the viewer think that every subject is that one in a million. Tyler is incredibly beautiful, with a classic and strong face and a stunning physique. I love how Dan incorporated furniture within the shoot, something he also did in the first piece I did featuring his work last year with Teak. (A Piece of Art) Tyler form and presence would have been strong on their own, but there is an added level of sensuality by putting bare skin on leather.

Necco Valentine’s Day Ad Features Gay Dallas Sweethearts of 55 Years

From: Towleroad
 A new Valentine’s Day ad for Necco’s Sweethearts features Jack Evans and George Harris, a gay Dallas couple of 55 years who became the first in the city to receive their marriage license last June.

“Jack and George,” as they’re affectionately known, celebrated their 55th anniversary Tuesday, and they shared their story as part of Necco’s’ “sweet stories” contest to mark the 150th anniversary of Sweethearts.

“We spent the day with them in their home and got to know them,” Necco CEO Michael McGee told AdWeek. “We just kind of rolled the camera and let them tell their story. When you see how they interact with each other — their strength, their genuineness, their commitment to each other — they are just so endearing.”

In the ad, George recalls how Jack, who was working as a jewelry salesman, gave him a business card on Jan. 19, 1961.

“I knew when I met Jack that that was who I was looking for, that I’d spent all my life looking for (him), and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is,” George says.

“If he’s not there, I can’t go to sleep. If he’s not around, I don’t know what to do,” Jack adds.

The couple then picks Sweethearts from Jack’s hand saying “Me and You” and “Soulmates.”

Michael Solomon, a professor of marketing at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, told AdWeek it’s still somewhat “risky” to feature gay couples in ads.

“But as we saw with the Cheerios campaign [that challenged traditional definitions of ‘family’] — and Ikea and several others by now — the pros mostly outweigh the cons,” Solomon said. “It’s smart of them to be more inclusive than just the traditional, corny boy-meets-girl scenario. This is how you transform a cheap commodity into a cherished and personal item.”

Robert Passikof, the best-selling author of “Brand Keys,” said although the ad is “touching,” he believes it’s “more expedient” than “innovative” given the size of the LGBT market.

And Rick McHugh, creative director for Hill Holiday, which produced the ad, acknowledged that featuring gay couples is no longer really “such a progressive theme.”

“It’s becoming somewhat mainstream, and that’s a good thing,” McHugh said.

To enter the contest, which has a prize of $5,000, go here.

Watch Jack and George’s ad, as well as their wedding ceremony in June, below.

Dish of the Day #1815: Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Today's Dish is Bradley Lords by photographer Tom Cullis.
From: Deep Dish

My straight 8 cock.

From: Straight dude sexting

Levi Jackson Photographed by Paul Reitz

From: Accidental Bear

Male model Levi Jackson photographed by Paul Reitz

Find more info on Levi at modelmayhem.com

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