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Sunday, June 9, 2013

another unknown cutie

Can anyone ID?

Vintage Vault

 This week's selection from the Vintage Vault is the first issue of Falcon File from 1977. The cover model is Dean Chasson who starred in movies like Ace in the Hole & Pool Party. The magazine also features a bunch of vintage hotties like Bill Eld, Ray Todd, Gordon Grant & Kip Knoll. You can check out all these models in videos on the Falcon Studios website

Ange Camilli Photographed by A. Noyer of Paris

 A. Noyer of Paris makes his premiere on this blog with these photographs of Ange Camilli, who won first prize for beauty

Visconti Triplets

 Who are the Visconti Gay Triplets?

 They are Hungary's hottest export and the first triplets in the gay industry!

From oldest to youngest, the 19 year old triplets are Joey, Jason and Jimmy. These Budapest-born triplets are identical, standing at a 6'1" tall, all buffed up and measures 8" x 6"cock. Their personalities, however, are anything but the same.

Though Joey's the oldest, he's very shy and into Pilates and dance. He's also the most quiet, and the most sexually inexperienced of the group.

Jason's the middle child of the triplets. He is also the loudest and the butchest of the bunch. His new hobby is working out with weights, but he can always be found on his motorcycle. This man's man is apprenticing as a diesel mechanic.

Finally, the youngest, Jimmy, is into extreme sports. If he's not on a half-pipe with a skateboard, he's carving fresh powder with a snowboard!

1. Where are you guys from? How big is the town or city you hail from?
JIMMY: We're all from Hungary, Budapest — well, a suburb of Budapest.

2. Who's the oldest? Who's the youngest? By how many minutes? When is your birthday?
JIMMY: I'm the youngest. I was born about 10 minutes after Jason.
JASON: I'm the middle triplet. I came out about 12 minutes after Joey. We were born on Feb. 26, 1989.
JOEY: I'm the oldest.

3. Give me a little background — do you come from a big family? What is home life like?
JASON: We were born and raised in Hungary, and we've lived with our parents all our life but couldn't wait
to get out and get away from home. That's why I jumped at this contract with Elite Male.
JIMMY: Our family has never moved. We helped out our parents with the family business, so we're close to them.
JOEY: Our parents always made sure we were home for dinner and we still try to have dinner together on the weekends. I've never left and I don't think I'll ever want to leave.
JASON and JIMMY laugh.
JASON: Joey's the oldest —
JIMMY: — but he's also the last to leave the house.

4. Are any of you going to school? If so, what are you studying? If not, are you planning to go — and what would you study?
JASON: I'm apprenticing to be a diesel mechanic. I've always liked working with my hands and doing
physical labor. I can't imagine being stuck in a classroom all day or a library.
JIMMY: I'm not sure. I'm on a break from school right now because I'm working on my skateboarding. Since I'll be working with Elite Male, this is a good time for me to take my break.
JOEY: I take dance classes and I do Pilates. In a way I'm like Jason — I like to be physical — but I like to be creative and expressive in what I do.
JASON: Yes, Joey is exactly like me, except he's not dressed in overalls covered in diesel soot and I'm not dressed in tights and prancing around in front of a mirror.

5. What are your hobbies? Any sports or music?
JASON: I have a motorcycle that I like to ride with some friends when I don't have anything to do. It's a lot of fun and I like going fast. I've also just got into weightlifting and it's something I really enjoy.
JIMMY: Like I said, I like to skateboard, but I also snowboard and enjoy extreme sports in general.
JOEY: I like to dance. I guess I'm lucky that I'm going to school for what I like to do on my off time anyway.

6. What made you decide to become porn models? Was it one brother's idea and the other two followed, or were all three of you approached by someone? Who put the idea in your heads?
JASON: I've always been open about my sexuality
and we were discovered by an agency. He got us in touch with Joe Budai and got our contract with Elite Male.

7. What exposure to porn have you guys had? How is gay porn treated where you're from?
JASON: Some of our friends would have or find magazines and videos and we'd watch them. We took what we could — beggars can't be choosers, you know? When we got older, I'd look at magazines and movies. I think I'm pretty open about my sexuality so they were great ways to experiment and find myself.
JIMMY: The older we got, the more aware we became that the sex industry is very big in Budapest. There's a lot more things that are accepted in a big city so Budapest was where I went when I wanted to be myself.
JOEY: I look at straight and gay porn. Jason and Jimmy have a lot more experience than I do, but I'm still trying to find myself.

8. What made you finally decide to become exclusives with Elite Male?
JASON: We liked the offer that Elite Male put on the table. We felt they could help us establish our names in the adult business and because we're their first exclusives, we wouldn't get lost.

9. In America, no one has ever seen triplets performing in gay porn — how does it feel to know that you're the first?
JASON: It's a great feeling! I love being in the center of attention and because no one's ever had triplets as exclusives, it puts the spotlight on me — and my brothers. I like the sex but it's never been hard for me to get laid. It just comes to me.
JIMMY: I like the attention too. The guys we've met so far a great and I'm really looking forward to meeting them on camera and off camera — I'm just anxious to meet them.
JOEY: I didn't think about that at first. I was scared to get on camera. But my brothers were doing it and they encouraged me on.

10. Do you find it comforting or disconcerting performing with your brothers in scenes?
JASON: We're triplets so we've always been close. 
Like Joey said, he was nervous to cum on camera, 
but we helped him. That's what we've done all our 
lives — help each other.
JIMMY: It took some getting used to the idea that 
we would be having sex in the same room. But 
we got over it and it's a good feeling to have my
brothers with me.
JOEY: I find it comforting. Very comforting. 
There's no way I'd do this without them.

Next Door Neighbor: Aleks

From:  Next Door Magazine

Visual Personality Bryan O'Neil by Jon Eland

 As a photographer, Jon Eland from the UK's But I Like It always loves to photograph models new to the industry, but it's not often that he's the one who finds a guy who has that right spark, the charm and a potential to excite others. With model Bryan O'Neil, Jon is quite animated about his latest 'find'!
 'It was an unusual one for me - most of my models are spotted online or we get in touch through the model industry networking sites. In Bryan's case. a friend came to me and said 'you just have to shoot my work colleague - he'll be perfect for you.' I took a deep breath and, expecting some run-of-the-mill gym-goer. When I first saw a sample mobile shot I started to get intrigued - here was a guy who had a visual personality to match his well honed physique.
Jon Eland
 The deep breath was understandable. Besides obviously having an incredible body, Bryan has such beautiful blue eyes and a warm, welcoming face. The contrast and combination is captured beautifully by Jon's camera. Bryan and Jon have shot together a number of times now and these images come from those shoots.
 For those wanting to know a little more about Bryan beyond the pictures, lets start with the obvious. Bryan does like to train, having done this seriously for the last 5 years. He's now in a position where he can bulk up (or down) as required and his dedication sees him getting up at 5:00a.m six days a week to maintain his physique. Previously he could also be found on Rugby and American Football fields.

 'But he's not just a 'jock' type - he's a real romantic, liking nothing more than to surprise a partner with personal gifts or by making their favourite meal. His modelling's taken a temporary back seat as he's had a run of good news recently - passing his driving test (a big thing in the UK), finding a new job and (most exciting) becoming a father for the first time.'
 'After the first shoot I suggested Bryan could go places if he could drop a little weight and get more defined. He simply went away and did it - no questions asked. He naturally knew how to pose and is great fun to work with as well as having a fantastic personality that carries through to the images.'
Jon Eland

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