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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lewis Hamilton

Here we have a bald guy in a jockstrap with a stick. That should tick a couple of fetish items off somebody’s list.

Wtf did jocks used to be! That looks dreadfully uncomfortable!

Hello World!

From: Gay Body Blog

Focus Turns Again to ‘Odd’ Computer Link Between Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank

From: Towleroad
 Focus turned again his week to computer links between the Trump organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

If you’ve been following this for a few months, you’ll remember we reported on the activity last November after it was noted in an article from Slate.

Slate reported that Donald Trump possessed a private server discovered by DNS specialists to be sending unusual communications with a Russian entity called Alfa Bank.

The researchers quickly dismissed their initial fear that the logs represented a malware attack. The communication wasn’t the work of bots. The irregular pattern of server lookups actually resembled the pattern of human conversation—conversations that began during office hours in New York and continued during office hours in Moscow. It dawned on the researchers that this wasn’t an attack, but a sustained relationship between a server registered to the Trump Organization and two servers registered to an entity called Alfa Bank.
The researchers had initially stumbled in their diagnosis because of the odd configuration of Trump’s server. “I’ve never seen a server set up like that,” says Christopher Davis, who runs the cybersecurity firm HYAS InfoSec Inc. and won a FBI Director Award for Excellence for his work tracking down the authors of one of the world’s nastiest botnet attacks.

While many questions remain about the messages transmitted between the two servers, and whether they were email or something else, the researchers could make out patterns:

Tea Leaves and his colleagues plotted the data from the logs on a timeline. What it illustrated was suggestive: The conversation between the Trump and Alfa servers appeared to follow the contours of political happenings in the United States. “At election-related moments, the traffic peaked,” according to Camp. There were considerably more DNS lookups, for instance, during the two conventions.

And once journalists started looking into it, the activity abruptly quit:

The Times hadn’t yet been in touch with the Trump campaign—Lichtblau spoke with the campaign a week later—but shortly after it reached out to Alfa, the Trump domain name in question seemed to suddenly stop working. When the scientists looked up the host, the DNS server returned a fail message, evidence that it no longer functioned. Or as it is technically diagnosed, it had
“SERVFAILed.” (On the timeline above, this is the moment at the end of the chronology when the traffic abruptly spikes, as servers frantically attempt to resend rejected messages.) The computer scientists believe there was one logical conclusion to be drawn: The Trump Organization shut down the server after Alfa was told that the Times might expose the connection.

Slate concludes that “What the scientists amassed wasn’t a smoking gun. It’s a suggestive body of evidence that doesn’t absolutely preclude alternative explanations” but it deserves attention in the context of all the other suspicious Russia – Trump ties that are turning up.

Now, news comes that the FBI and computer scientists continue to investigate the links, CNN reports:

Questions about the possible connection were widely dismissed four months ago. But the FBI’s investigation remains open, the sources said, and is in the hands of the FBI’s counterintelligence team — the same one looking into Russia’s suspected interference in the 2016 election.
One U.S. official said investigators find the server relationship “odd” and are not ignoring it. But the official said there is still more work for the FBI to do. Investigators have not yet determined whether a connection would be significant
The server issue surfaced again this weekend, mentioned in a Breitbart article that, according to a White House official, sparked President Trump’s series of tweets accusing investigators of tapping his phone.
CNN is told there was no Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant on the server.


'Eternal' Bliss?

From: kenneth in the (212)
Hot off the heels of "The View UpStairs," the Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) might just get me back to the theater with "Eternal Flamer! The Ballad of Jessie Blade," a show so wonderfully '80s it even misspells its star's name -- just like Rick Springfield!

In this neon-coated, campy tribute to the '80s, pretty-boy Jessie Blade leaves his small Minnesota home for the bright lights of the city that never sleeps (…with the same person twice) only to get mixed-up in a labyrinth of plot twists, drag queens, sex, drugs and open dance calls! 

Friday, May 19, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Cherry Lane Theatre 
38 Commerce Street New York, NY 10014

Tickets HERE.

Celebrate John Barrowman’s 50th Birthday With His 20 Flirtiest Instagrams

The "Gay Icon of the Universe" loves getting handsy with hot guys
From: NewNowNext
 John Barrowman turns the big 5-0 today. To commemorate the occasion, the star of stage and screen recently got in touch with his outer daddy by debuting a new silver ’do on social media.


On March 11th it's my Big Birthday! 

I wanted to see what I look like with my natural hair color.

 I shaved all the color off on Thursday. What do ya think? JB

 “I wanted to see what I look like with my natural hair color,” wrote the Doctor Who alum and regular on CW shows set in the DC Universe. “I shaved all the color off on Thursday. What do ya think?”

 Barrowman may be embracing his grays, but the out actor’s adoring fans know he never acts his age. In fact, his official Instagram—on which he describes himself as “Gay Icon of the Universe”—is one of the silliest out there.

And he may have a hot husband at home, but his pics prove that he can’t keep his hands to himself—especially when it comes to ComicCon cuties and his hunky famous friends. To be fair, they can’t keep their hands off of him either.

Check out the birthday boy’s handsy Instagram highlights below.


Things went from great to Fantastic. @comicpalooza 


One last shot:)

 thanks @dallascomiccon and all who joined us. Jb


Look everyone I found the Doctor 

and he still loves me after #bangkillmarry #portland love Jb


 @zombivi I love a furry man :) and Latino too boot:) 

Fuck off #DonaldTrump jb


Hey Scottie look what I found. Should I bring it home? 

Lol @dallascomiccon jb


Is it Earl Gray? Tea Bag Baby:) jb


My new Ianto! Louis is real name.

@loumarleau#Ottawapopexpo say HI to him everyone. Jb


Officer I didn't do it. Jb


Guess who I found in my pool yesterday?? 

@amellywood just don't ask him about my #Jedi moment.. Jb


Let's Try this button:) @wizardworld jb


Hugs all around in Perth:) @steel305 jb


Thanks @PhoenixComicon for another awesome year. 

Tks to all of you who came to join the fun. 

Let the pictures start. Jb


I don't just sign pictures:) jb


Another pic of Ross and I. Jb


Oops I dropped something... Jb


@SDCC booth 3249 @QMxinsider come signing books and photos. 

Don't miss my panel at 5pm jb


Brotherly Love Casper and Me.


I was behaving badly so the San Diego PD took action...and I loved it. 

Thanks guys:) #SDCC2016 JB


2 Cocks at the Cock. Stephen Amell and JB


Ride'em Cowboy:) YAHOO!!!! Love my Misha man jb

Of course, Barrowman can be serious when it counts. He’s also celebrating his birthday by launching a new T-shirt campaign in support of transgender rights. The tees, available until March 24, feature a gender-neutral bathroom logo and the slogan “It was never about the bathrooms.”

“Our transgender friends and family need our help and support as a lot of decisions are going to be made on their behalf that don’t take their needs and rights into consideration,” Barrowman writes. “Most of us have the luxury of being who we are and living our truth. We must stand in solidarity with those who are not as lucky.”

BosGuy Brain Teaser,

From: BosGuy
I’m the longest ruling monarch in history,
The most ruthless that you’ll ever see.
I travel the country with blistering haste.
Laying castles and outposts to waste.
Swatting down cavalry, disassembling the faith,
If I should fall, I’ll see you again on the 8th.

Woman returns 43 years after protesting Nixon to protest Trump, using meticulously recreated signage:

 Rosemary returned to the exact spot in front of the Federal Building in Pittsburgh 43 years after her 1st visit.

Republicans plan to jack up the price of PrEP because, hey, who needs HIV/AIDS prevention anyway?

From: Queerty
HIV/AIDS prevention? Who needs it?! That seems to be the attitude of the Trump administration and his fellow Republicans. Not only have they closed down White House Office of AIDS Policy, but now they’re trying to strip away access to PrEP in more than 30 states.

At the moment, PrEP costs around $1,500 a month without insurance. With insurance, that number is drastically reduced to anywhere from $0 to $500, depending on a person’s health insurance plan and provider. But that might be changing if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and “Trumpcare” takes effect.

In their blueprint to replace the ACA released earlier this week, House Republicans said they plan to eliminate the Medicaid expansion. As a result, access to PrEP, particularly for low-income Americans, would be cut off in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

How would it do this? Time reports:

The new bill would begin phasing out federal money for the expansion in 2020, likely blocking new applicants and access to meds like PrEP. If the plan passes in its current form, traditional Medicaid will be replaced by per-capita grants, a fixed-sum per person, which could result in cuts over time. And a proposed repeal of the ACA’s cost-sharing assistance, which paid insurers to reduce the burden of enrollees based on their income, would make coverage more expensive for poor Americans.

Considering that the vast majority of PrEP users are gay and bisexual men, we can’t help but feel like this is yet another direct attack against the LGBTQ community.

Nearly 80,000 Americans have started PrEP from 2012 to 2015.

“When PrEP was first approved, gay and bisexual men were not using it,” NoΓ«l Gordon Jr., a senior program specialist for HIV prevention & health equity at the Human Rights Campaign, tells Time. “Now, we’ve seen an exponential increase in users.”

Gordon says a repeal of the ACA would be “devastating” as “it has the potential to turn the tide the other direction, where we could potentially see the spread of HIV.”

“Show me your penis.”

“What if it’s beautiful?”

“Hey I saw your dad masturbating in the backyard again. It was cool.”


From: Bear World
Our Travel Editor, Robert Coles, is a brilliant writer and someone who loves to explore life then write about it. Robert is offering all Bear World Magazine readers an exclusive discount on his debut book ‘I Know Where I’ve Been: A Year Long Journey of Self-Discovery’. 

Robert says: “My debut book takes readers along with me on a year of traveling the world while I reflect back on my conservative southern upbringing. The book features funny stories and essays from alone the road, as well as experiences from my past that have shaped me into the person I am today.”

Ibn Battuta was famous for saying: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Well in our opinion, Robert is one of the finest story tellers and we’re proud to have him as our Travel Editor. If you have read some of Robert’s recent travel articles he’s written on this site, you will have enjoyed some extracts from the book. But now, you can own and enjoy the whole thing and we can’t recommend it enough! 

CLICK HERE to order your copy, and use the coupon code ‘BEARWORLD’ for 20% off!

‘American Idol’ Runner-Up La’Porshe Renae: ‘I Chose to Be Heterosexual After Being Homosexual for 2 Years’

From: Towleroad
American Idol runner-up La’Porsha Renae, who caused a stir last year with remarks that she disagrees with the “homosexual lifestyle,” now says she “chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years.”

Added Renae: “I chose a belief system that felt TRUE to my spirit. #TRUTH”

Last year, the singer said:

“This is how I feel about the LGBT community: They are people just like us. They’re not animals as someone [Manny Pacquiao] stated before. They’re people with feelings. Although all of us may not agree with that particular lifestyle for religious reasons, whatever the reason is, you still treat each other with respect. Everybody is a human being. We should be able to coexist with one another.
“[However] I am one of the people who don’t really agree with that lifestyle. I wasn’t brought up that way. It wasn’t how I was raised. But I do have a lot of friends and a lot of people that I love dearly who are gay and homosexual and they’re such sweet, nice people. We should just respect each other’s differences and opinions and move on.”

She then backtracked after a firestorm erupted:

And said she “deeply apologized” for the remarks.

.@hanlonreiff​ can get it whenever he’s ready. You got my number bro



From: QX Magazine
 Mind the gap! We’ve been spotting hot men on the underground.

One wonderful thing about a city like London, is you can always find something to cheer yourself up. Sometimes it’s seeing minor celebrities get their heels stuck in the drain on Frith Street (we’re look at you, Anna Friel). Sometimes it’s splashing out on £30 worth of takeaway chicken (please refer to our previous issue) and SOMETIMES, in fact MOST TIMES, it’s perving on hot men on the tube!

Remember that website TubeCrush? Well we’ve decided to give it a bit of a renaissance to erect all of you from your January comedowns. Chuck that Lucozade down the toilet, switch off Celebrity Big Brother, and top up your Oyster cards (lolz) because we’ve got hot men to hunt! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL.

 Bicepped BAPS

Pastel polo shirts are awful, as are cream slip-on shoes (VOM) but we’ll let this guy off because we’d let him CRUSH US with those arms. Also, this may or may not be Hugh Jackman. Hugh? Hello? It’s me.
 Chillout chic

Ok, these two are DEFINITELY on their way back from a chillout.
Into it. Into You. By Ariana Grande (NB: by “chillout” we of course mean “a nice calm party where everyone meditates on cushions”)
 Footie Fuckboi

Don’t you just love football season. Well, not playing it, or watching it. But football KIT season.
 Happy new BULGE

This thick-thighed hunk of gorgeousness was spotted on the Hammersmith & Shitty line on New Year’s Eve! Must have been off to the gym! Or on his way back from a chillout. That’s quite a chillout-y outfit.
 Kilted cutie

It was Burns Night last week, and this kilted cutie was on the District & Circle! We’d blow his bagpipes. Ew.
 Legs For Days!

 Maccies D’s Nosh

We’d let him spit in our McFlurry and then in our mouth.

That’s a crap pun, because it was taken at Kennington Station. Geddit? MENNINGTON. Because he’s a man. Those hands are making us weak at the knees. On our knees? If you insist, MANNINGTON!
Tall, Dark, and Wearing Trakkies

We all love a pair of trakkies don’t we. What is it about them? Even Wayne Rooney (that Mr Potatohead who plays football) would look hot in a pair of trakkies. Maybe not actually. Anyway, this guy does!

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