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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

17 Creepy Stories That Show What Death Row Inmates Really Want For Their Last Meal

From: Brain Jet
Velma Barfield

Barfield was a serial killer, with at least six victims, who was executed in North Carolina in 1984. Set for lethal injection, she declined a special meal, instead eating a bag of Cheez Doodles and drinking a 12-ounce can of Coke during her last hours.


From: Wicked
# 2 
The Gay Pill for Straight Guys 
Could this pill make you gay for a few hours?

5 Gay Movies From Recent Years That Are Already Classics & Need To Be Watched ASAP

From: Gay Star News
Reaching For the Moon 

Another portrait of an intense lesbian relationship, this time set in Brazil and New York City. It focuses on the real life romance of American poet Elizabeth Bishop and the achingly cool architect Lota de Macedo Soares.

The cinematography is exquisite, the backdrops are wondrous, and the chemistry between the two leads (Miranda Otto and GlΓ³ria Pires) is palpable.

2017 is your year: buy a pump, get that dong bloated and vascular as fuck, and then abuse the fuck out of it for your pleasure. PENIS!

Happy 95th, Betty White!

From: Boy Culture
Beloved TV icon Betty White turns 95 years old today. Cherish this national treasure!

Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday With Her Moving Final Speech As First Lady

Mobama turns 53.
From: NewNowNext
 Michelle Obama turns 53 today and though we could celebrate her special day by musing on her iconic fashion sense, her charming late night TV appearances, or her impactful social initiatives, we’ll focus instead on the last words she gifted us with as First Lady.

 In an emotional address honoring the 2017 School Counselor of the Year, the First Lady spoke to one of her favorite demographics: young people. She emphasized the importance of getting a good education, maintaining poise in the face of obstacles, and not letting others determine where, or if, you belong.

“To the young people here and the young people out there, do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter or like you don’t have a place in our American story, because you do,” she stated. “You have the right to be exactly who you are.”

Choking up, Mrs. Obama thanked her supporters and delivered one last bit of wisdom to the group she promised she’d be “rooting for and working to support… for the rest of my life.”

“I want our young people to know that they matter, that they belong,” she concluded. “Don’t be afraid. You hear me, young people? Be focused, be determined, be hopeful, be empowered… get out there and build a country worthy of your boundless promise.”

A young Alexander Graham Bell and Watson experiment with early listening devices.

From: Historic Dick Pics


From: Manhunt Daily
 I THOUGHT the peak of my porn blogger experience reached last summer. That’s when I was on set to watch several scenes being filmed for the sparkly new Colby’s Crew. My worship of Colby Jansen is a known quantity so seeing the burly beast master naked up-close and fucking out the brains of newbies…well, it’s was definitely a defining porn moment for me. (That ass…that beefy ass…practically in my face!) But I was wrong. The peak (so far, I intend on always climbing to new porn heights) was  when I was there when Colby was filming with the wildly hot Jaxton Wheeler. If you follow me or the blog on Twitter, you probably caught a preview of this post. And a whiff of my horny insanity from being present for this.

 Oh, and Colby is funny when he’s not ravaging ass.

 They’ve filmed a couple of scenes before, but this…this is NOT the Valentine’s Day scene, let me tell. Being friends in real life, Colby and Jaxton had an easy chemistry that turned into something very different as shooting progressed. When they started making out and undressing each other, I felt very twitchy in my pants area. “Friends” became “fuck buddies” and “fuck buddies” became GRUNTING ECSTASY AND PUMPING COCKS AND THE MUSCLED LEGS OF THE FAIRLY TALL COLBY JANSEN FLUNG INTO THE AIR. Yep, that’s right. Colby bottoms in this one. And watching that big, beefy ass pumped firsthand, there are no words. There ARE pictures, though. AND VIDEO! (And you’ve seen the GIFs I’ve been sprinkling around. God, I love porn GIFS.) Ok, enough of my chatter (and frothing at the dick), here’s a sneak preview of this these two tremendously hot, beefy beasts slamming together for Colby’s Crew!

 Look who popped in! The adorable Marko Lebeau! (He wouldn’t jump into the action despite my pleading.)

5,000 Bears Spotted On The Beach In Sitges

From: Queerty
 Sitges Bears Week happens the first two weeks in September and is one of the biggest and most popular Bear festivals in Europe, attracting more than 5,000 bears, cubs, wolves and otters, as well as their admirers, from all over the world.

 For two weeks straight, Sitges is transformed into a giant bear’s den, with beach events, circuit parties, and other special goings-on, like the Mr. Bear Sitges competition, held throughout the entire village.

 Check out these photos from 216’s Sitges Bear Weekend…

39 Sweltering Pics from the Ultimate Vegas Gay Pool Party

From: Advocate

5 Reasons Martin Luther King, Jr. Matters More Than Ever

From: Queerty
Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. While much ink has been spilled focusing on contribution to racial equality, it is important also to explore the meaning of the man and his work to LGBTQ people as we exist today.

Here are five Reasons Martin Luther King, Jr. matters to us in a time when the president-elect attacks one of the original Freedom Riders, the legendary John Lewis, as somehow “all talk”:
His tactics

The civil disobedience tactics that were employed by civil rights movement were also used by LGBT activists. When gay couples who want to get married stage sit-ins in county offices of states that don’t allow it, when ACT-UP protesters took to the streets of NYC in the early ’80s, and when LGBT veterans protested DADT in Washington, D.C., we were borrowing directly from the playbook MLK used in the African-American civil rights movement. We’ll need even more of that today.

His gay right hand man

The primary organizer of the legendary March On Washington was another great American hero who was both Black and openly gay in the 1960’s. Imagine that for just a moment. His name was Bayard Rustin, and he is the focus of an incredible documentary called Brother Outsider. We cannot and must not allow our media or each other to erase or ignore or minimize the achievements of LGBT people of color like mainstream African-American society has attempted to erase the service and sexual orientation of Bayard Rustin.

His rhetoric

Though his “I Have A Dream” speech is legendary, there was much more to the man and his oratorical skills than just that one speech. When historical figures like Harvey Milk or more recent ones like Lt. Dan Choi took to their various stages to advocate for equality, they were more than a little influenced by the presence of Dr. King. If or when we have our first gay President or our next major civil rights figure, they will undoubtedly be influenced by the captivating way MLK knew how to work a crowd.

His inspiration

In the thick of the fight for equality it is so easy to get bogged down, but MLK’s vision never wavered. When ENDA fails or when Trans people cannot openly serve in the military or when we suffer setbacks, we must always push forward while realizing that someday we will win. When we look at the man and his tactics, they inspire us to keep dreaming, believing.

His hope for the future

I am both Black and gay, and cannot think of a better time in American history to be both. As a black man, whatever achievements or personal successes I have come in part from the struggles and bravery of those who came before me. As a gay man, I live in a time when marriage is an option and when the HIV/AIDS epidemic is less horrifying than what older generations experienced–certain death. This is progress that comes from the millions of African-Americans and LGBTQ people before me who stood up, fought, and died for my rights, and they must not be ignored or forgotten. The meaning of Martin and the fight for equality runs through the veins of everyone who has ever taken a stand.

Make no mistake: history will prove LGBTQ people right just as it has proved African-Americans right.

This essay was written in 1994 but is even more relevant today. It was updated to reflect the threat posed to civil rights by the president-elect. Rob Smith is activist and author of Closets, Combat and Coming Out: Coming Of Age As A Gay Man In The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Army. Find him on twitter @robsmithonline

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