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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

13 Horror Movie Himbos For All Hallows’ Eve

Robert Rusler 
A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Gay One
Moving on to another essential horror franchise, 1985’s A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge has been extensively dissected over its gay subtext (which isn’t really sub), but in addition to its lead hero Jesse (played by out actor Mark Patton), there’s another reason why it resonated for gay viewers of a certain age.

Robert Rusler played Jesse’s best friend Ron, who was the perfect first crush. Sadly, he was too pretty to live

Abs olutely!

From: Speed o Rex

A Little Leather

From: Speed o Rex
Alessio Pozzi

 Chris Delbeck

Donny Wright, Cody Cummings

Donny Lewis

Philip Fusco

Justin Hilton

Michael Dean

Mitchell Wick

A Canadian Judge Prohibited This 4-Year-Old From Wearing Girls’ Clothing

A second judge maintained his ruling.
From: NewNowNext
When Susan Smith began to fight for primary custody of her 4-year-old child, she knew the family court process would be tough on her and her husband. What she couldn’t have expected was that not one but two judges would explicitly try to police her child’s gender expression.

Smith, whose real name is being withheld to protect the child, vividly remembers the day last December when an Alberta judge ordered her 4-year-old to stop wearing feminine clothing in public.

“My first reaction to that was kind of like an out-of-body experience, like this isn’t my life, this isn’t happening, and then complete fear of how am I going to break it to my kid,” said Smith.

Smith, who refers to her child with the gender-neutral “they,” says that though they were born with male genitalia, they have long expressed their true identity as a girl.

The family initially brushed them off, but when they turned four, Smith could no longer deny that being confined to a male identity was causing her child harm.

“My child was severely unhappy and was prepared to do anything to prove to mom that they were not a boy,” she explained. “It was basically like a ton of bricks, I got hit. It was a major wake-up call.”

Smith sought professional help, read up on gender dysphoria and finally began to acknowledge her child’s identity.

“Our eyes locked and it was maybe the millionth time they told me they were a girl … and I promised I was going to do whatever I could to validate and support them and to be that one person they could go to.”

Weeks later, Smith’s husband served her with divorce papers, blaming her support for their child’s “gender confusion.”

The two went to family court in December 2015, where Judge Derek Redman ruled that Smith would be the child’s primary caregiver. He also added that the 4-year-old would be forbidden from wearing feminine clothing outside the home.

In February, the case went before Judge Fred Fisher, who maintained Redman’s ruling on the child’s dress code, but took primary custody from Smith and gave it to her husband. Smith was granted limited access.

Though her chance to receive full custody was shot, Smith continued to advocate for her child’s right to dress as they liked. In September, Judge Gordon Krinke made a final ruling on the matter, lifting Redman’s original ban.

Smith now plans to file a human rights complaint against the first two judges in the case and continue to seek primary custody of her child.

“I’m not going to hide under a rock and just give up — this is still a big fight,” she concluded.

10 Transgender Soldiers Have Come Forward Since Ban Lifted

There are between 2,500 and 7,000 transgender service members in active duty.
From: NewNowNext
Military officials have confirmed that ten transgender soldiers are asking for preferred gender recognition from the Army according to American Military News.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced in June that the ban on transgender service members serving openly would be lifted. RAND reports that there are between 2,500 and 7,000 transgender service members in active duty and between 1,500 and 4,000 in the reserves.

 On October 1, the ban was lifted and Army Secretary Eric Fanning approved the guidelines of the policy earlier this month. The next step is the Army will receive educational programs on all of the new changes including how to process and the criteria involved when a service member wants asks for their gender to be changed.

 “Training has to be developed by November 1 and it must be completed by next July,” reports American Military News. “Commanders have 30 days to respond for the active duty troops request and 60 days to respond to requests for soldiers in the National Guard and Reserve.”

 Once transgender troops have legal documentation of their gender change they will be allowed to use the bathroom, uniforms and fitness standards of their preferred gender.

“Is the Army ready? Well, we are educating ourselves, and we are trying to get ready,” said Gen. Mark Milley in an interview with The Associated Press. “We’re well-past the issue of debating and arguing about transgender. We are now into execution, to make sure the program is carried out with diligence, dignity, respect.”


Abele & Nick
 Abele Place looks like he is about to get the ride of his life as Nick Sterling approaches. The two go right into the good stuff, each exploring the other starting with their mouth. From deep kissing to a fuck of a hot blow job with Abele on his knees before Nick, working all of his raging hard cock with his mouth. Nick gives a good turn as he gets Abele so horned up he can hardly stand it.

 And before he can even recover Nick goes right for his ass, working it with his talented tongue, probing it with an eager finger and making Abele groan with pleasure. But just when you think Nick is gonna tap that ass, Abele rams his cock into his hungry hole. Nick is such a horndog and by the look on his face you can tell he is just lost in ecstasy. After a hot hardcore fucking Abele stands over Nick and blows a hot load all over his gaping mouth as he eagerly laps up every drop that lands inside. It is nearly too much to handle as he sprays his own all over that sexy treasure trail that leads from his belly button down to his cock and then leans in to lick Abele clean.

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