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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Classic Television - Late Night

Award Theatre
Original Run
1959 - 1968
1970 - 1973
Original Network
Award Theatre (also known by its full title, Schaefer Award Theatre) was a recurring television showcase of major first-run motion pictures aired between 1959 and 1968, and revived briefly in 1970. In New York City, the program ran primarily on WCBS-TV (Channel 2), except for two occasions in 1970 when it was shown on WNBC-TV (Channel 4). This special series was sponsored by Schaefer Beer, and each film run under this banner was shown with only four commercial interruptions. On WCBS-TV, this show was aired in place of their usual late-night umbrella, The Late Show, while the two WNBC-TV airings in 1970 were shown in place of that station's late-night weekend movie show, Sunday Film Festival.
On its original 1959–68 run, the program was scheduled at or before major holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. For all but its first two years, Award Theatre was shown nine times a year. On the short-lived 1970 revival, it was aired once a month. For much of Award Theatre's run, its on-air host was CBS staff announcer Bill Gilliand.
Award Theatre was also shown in some other major cities in the United States, such as on WCAU-TV (Channel 10) in Philadelphia, WBZ-TV (Channel 4) in Boston, KYW-TV (Channel 3, now WKYC) in Cleveland, and, in later years, WJRT-TV (Channel 12) in Flint, Michigan (where it aired Sunday mornings),during this same period. The films aired under this umbrella in those cities may or may not have been the same as in New York

But in early 1970, Schaefer resumed its occasional Award Theatre screenings. However, in contrast to the 1959–68 period where it was seen exclusively on WCBS-TV and scheduled to air around holiday times, the program was now seen once a month, and the beer maker divided its new airings between that station and WNBC-TV, with two films being shown on the latter station in the summer of 1970. In addition, while the earlier series of special screenings had films that were being shown for the first time on New York television, in 1970 the films selected were drawn from packages that included pictures which were previously aired on the networks. Also, in the case of WNBC-TV's airings, this was the second off-network airing for the films in question; for example, The Birds, which was shown under the Award Theatre umbrella on WNBC in August 1970, had previously aired on WABC-TV in November 1969. Schaefer ended Award Theatre for good in New York City after the airing of The Caine Mutiny on September 5, 1970 (however, it would air in other cities for a few more years, with some cities running the show as late as 1973). WCBS-TV attempted to revive this format in 1973 with special monthly airings of Showcase Theatre, sponsored by Miles Laboratories and likewise airing in a few other cities (such as WPVI-TV in Philadelphia and WGN-TV in Chicago); however, it only lasted less than a year.

Exposed: Motorbiker

From: Sticky


From: Manhunt Daily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi gents...
A happy 28 year old concreter. Im definitely spoilt by the good people around me and just quietly, im loving it...

I'm a Concreter by trade. 

I am more then happy to look at any type of concrete work you may need done. 

Driveways, patios, pathways, decorative concrete. 

No job to big or small. 

Quality and workmanship matters!!

Also, I am happily in a relationship. I am only here for concrete works :)...

26 Super-Sexy Pairs Of Men’s Underwear Totally Perfect For Any Day

From: Buzz Feed
The Sensitive Butterfly
Fine, maybe penis butterflies are more your jam.

A Top To BOTTOM Ranking Of The 24 Best Man Butts In Hollywood

From: BuzzFeed
Christian Bale

Where you can find the butt:
American Psycho
Apparent butt firmness: 
Overall butt thoughts: 
Unfortunately this butt can’t be judged fairly because the person that this butt belongs to is wearing sneakers while nude, so the whole composition is thrown off. Still, he ranks.


From: Manhunt Daily
Tim Tebow (not from Fakecials, but still amazing):

Academy Award for Best Original Song

 "Let It Go" - Frozen 
Music and Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Tight End Saturdays

March 29th is Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement for the planet organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Earth Hour engages a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues. It was famously started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide, and the one-hour event continues to remain the key driver of the now larger movement. The event is held worldwide and held towards the end of March annually, encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for their commitment to the planet. Earth Hour 2013 was celebrated on March 23, 2013. Earth Hour 2014 is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. during participants' local time.

The 12 Worst Muppets Ever

From: io9

Everything about Snuffleupagus is sad. He sounds sad. He looks sad. He's slow in body and mind, and he's eternally four years old, which is far more creepy than adorable. And since he's more or less a woolly mammoth, he's a giant, slow-talking reminder of species extinction. Fun fact: The Sesame Street producers made an episode where Snuffleupagus' parents get a divorce, and Snuffy and his sister Alice get really upset. Shockingly, this episode make children so sad they never aired it.

The 10 'Gayest' Mascots in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament

From: OutSports
We so wanted to nominate Oklahoma's My Little Ponies, but we just couldn't do it.


From: Manhunt Daily
Mexico, The Federal District, Mexico

Dish of the Day #1371: Spring Cleaning Week Tweet

Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured. Click here to vote for your three favorite Dishes in this week'sDeep Dish Pool Party poll.

Today's Dish is Todd Sanfield.


From: Manhunt Daily

Waris Ahluwalia is primarily a jeweler, although this is his third appearance in a Wes Anderson film. He strikes me as a romantic, the kind that would wine you and dine you before fucking you senseless in eighteen different positions, or more. The few glimpses of chest hair that you get in some photos lead me to believe that he might be even furrier than Jason Schwartzman.

Today In History...

March 29, 2014 – 
The first same sex weddings are performed in England and Wales.

March 29th is National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day celebrates small business owners. These individuals spend countless hours nurturing and growing their young enterprises. The workload demands, and lack of a hired staff, often translates into long and late hours, and many missed family and personal events. But, all in all, they love what they do. After all, they are their own boss.

New businesses have always been a vital, yet not fully appreciated, part of the U.S. economy. On they retail side, they bring different and unique products to the marketplace. They provide stellar and personal service support. When you call, you are more likely to get a real, live person. And unlike big national chains, they know their products. They are outstanding performers in niche markets. In manufacturing, they create many new concepts and ideas, making them creators of new products.

Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day by showing your support....shop their stores today, and everyday.

March 29th is Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day

On March 29th, 1848, ice blockages caused rivers to run dry, and reduced the flow of water to such an extent that Niagara Falls’ 3,160 tons of water per second flow came to a halt. Locals celebrate with Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day, and with plenty of great hotels in the area, it’s not hard to come celebrate with them!

March 29th is Texas Love the Children Day

A day recognizing every child’s right and need to be loved. Promoting the hope that one day all children will live in loving, safe environments and will be given proper health care and equal learning opportunities. 

Favorite Birthday Boy #3 for March 29th

Bruce WeberFrom: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Famed photographer Bruce Weber turns 68 today. Bruce is one the greatest photographers of the male body. 

 Bruce Weber (born March 29, 1946 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania) is an American fashion photographer and occasional filmmaker. He is most widely known for his ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Pirelli, Abercrombie & Fitch, Revlon, and Gianni Versace, as well as his work for Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Life, Interview, and Rolling Stone magazines.

 Weber's fashion photography first appeared in the late 1970s in GQ magazine, where he had frequent cover photos. Nan Bush, his longtime companion and agent, was able to secure a contract with Federated Department Stores to shoot the 1978 Bloomingdales mail catalog. He came to the attention of the general public in the late 1980s and early 1990s with his advertising images for Calvin Klein, and his portrait of the then young actor Richard Gere. His straightforward black and white shots, featuring an unclothed heterosexual couple on a swing facing each other, two clothed men in bed, and model Marcus Schenkenberg barely holding jeans in front of himself in a shower, catapulted him into the national spotlight. His photograph for Calvin Klein of Olympic athlete Tom Hintnaus in white briefs is an iconic image. He photographed the winter 2006 Ralph Lauren Collection.

 Some of Weber's other earliest fashion photography appeared in the SoHo Weekly News and featured a spread of men wearing only their underwear. The photos became the center of controversy and Weber was told by some that he'd never find work as a fashion photographer again. This reputation stuck with him, as he says, "I don’t really work editorially in a large number of magazines because a lot of magazines don’t want my kind of photographs. It’s too risky for them."

 After doing photo shoots for and of famous people (many of whom were featured in Andy Warhol's Interview magazine), Weber made short films of teenage boxers (Broken Noses), his beloved pet dogs, and later, a longer film titled Chop Suey. Weber directed Let's Get Lost a documentary about jazz trumpeter Chet Baker.

 Weber's photographs are occasionally in color; however, most are in black and white or toned shades. They are gathered in limited edition books, including A House is Not a Home and Bear Pond, an early work which shows, among other models, Eric Nies from MTV's The Real World series.

 Weber began collaborating with crooner Chris Isaak in the mid-1980s. In 1986, he photographed Isaak for his second album, Chris Isaak. In 1988, he photographed a shirtless Isaak in bed for a fashion spread in Rolling Stone. Isaak appeared in Let's Get Lost and Weber has directed a music video for Isaak.
He photographed Harry Connick, Jr. for his 1991 album Blue Light, Red Light.
In 1993, he photographed singer-songwriter Jackson Browne for his 1993 album I'm Alive.
He is married to Nan Bush, with whom he sometimes collaborates. Weber has lived in Miami since 1998

Weber created the fashion label Weberbilt in 2003; his first line, "eat, swim, sex, sleep", went on sale in boutiques in London and Miami Beach, Florida in 2004.

25 Hottest College Football Players

From: Seventeen
Jordan Lynch
Northern Illinois University
Position: Quarterback
Class: Senior
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Jordan broke four NCAA, two MAC, and 14 NIU records en route to earning All-American honors last year. Plus, he's super cute and super smart: The kinesiology major is a scholar athlete! 

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for March 29th

 Christopher Lambert
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Actor Christopher Lambert turns 57 today.

 Christophe Guy Denis "Christopher" Lambert (born 29 March 1957) is a French actor who has appeared in American, as well as French and other European productions. He is best known for his role as Connor MacLeod, or simply "The Highlander", from the movie and subsequent movie franchise series of the same name. He is also known for his roles as Tarzan in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and as the thunder god Raiden in the first movie adaptation of the video game Mortal Kombat.

 He is credited internationally as Christopher Lambert, with the exceptions of French-speaking countries, where he is known as Christophe Lambert.

 Lambert was born in Great Neck, New York. His father was a diplomat in the United Nations. Lambert grew up in Geneva, Switzerland.

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for March 29th Nick Beyeler

 Nick Beyeler
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 World gymnastic aerobics champion and now model, Nick Beyeler turns 39 today.

 Aerialist, Dancer, Double Twisting World Gymnastic Aerobics Champion and International Men's Health Magazine cover boy. Swiss born Nick Beyeler combines strong martial art and aerial acrobatic skills with incredible flexibility in impressive acrobatic dance performances. He's booked to represent global products and to model for companies including Daimler Benz, Sony Computer Entertainment, Nike, Puma, UBS, ESPN, Swisscom, NestlΓ© and Coke. 

 His powerful signature performance was showcased at the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing, provided the opening action for 101Tower Taipei and was extensively featured in Germany's Schlager sensation Helene Fischers concert tours. A member of the sensational acrobats of Les FarFadais from France, he was on tour with the Holiday on Ice Show “Spirit” and the Endemol TV production "The Manager" in the Lebanon. Nick Beyeler is a founding member of William Baker’s pop extravaganza Orchid in Miami’s Design District in the US. Currently, he is working in Mumbai on the upcoming Blockbuster Action Movie Dhoom3, choreographing and performing closely with lead actors Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif.

 An expert in health and fitness related issues, he’s contributing to the sports magazine Exercising Bodies in South East Asia, is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of Semmelweis University in Hungary and whips international film celebrities into shape and choreographs aerial performances, fight and stunt work for TV and film.

 Nick is a passionate scuba diver, has a strong interest in the World of electronic gadgets and loves to cook hotter than hell spicy Thai curry dishes. 





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