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Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Studly Sudser

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Like many of you, I first took notice of actor Michael Roark, shirtless around the pool in 2011's Dolphin Tale. Many co-starring roles later, including several stops on the CW and a small role in Magic Mike, (which I don't remember...) Roark has landed on The Young & the Restless

 Roark has actually been on the show for awhile, but I just noticed after seeing some shirtless captures from his role of Travis. With is sexy smile and eyes, and 'hot and ready' body, Roark is perfectly suited to be a soap stud.   It might be time for a return visit to Genoa City...

The Young And The Restless

Dolphin Tale

The Glades

The Bottom Line:

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Porch View

'Stache Backlash?

From: kenneth in the (212)
Titans QB Marcus Mariota seems to be getting some grief for his Movember look, but I don't see why. Don't cave into the pressure, that SEXY MUSTACHEfits you like a glove -- and others agree with me!

People's Sexiest Man Alive Winners Nude

From: Mr. Man
Sean Connery
Age 59

Hercules Meets Aladdin

Holy shit… that is massive!

Dish of the Day #33

NOVEMBER 19, 2008
From: Deep Dish

Seven Dwarfs Gone Gay

Mom Files Lawsuit To Stop 17-Year-Old Trans Daughter From Transitioning

The suit could block more than 6,800 trans teenagers from receiving care.
From: NewNowNext
A Minnesota mother filed a lawsuit this week to stop her transgender 17-year-old from continuing hormone replacement treatment without her permission.

“It was brought to my knowledge that my son [sic] began receiving hormone replacement treatments from Park Nicollet Health Services to transition from male to female, with medical assistance paying for this,” Anmarie Calgaro told reporters in St. Paul.

“I was not consulted or informed about this in any way.”

 In her statement, Calgaro repeatedly refers to her trans daughter with male pronouns in spite of a doctor’s letter that confirms the 17-year-old “has had appropriate, permanent clinical treatment for transition to the new female gender.”

Calgaro insists the suit is meant only to challenge a Minnesota law that allows some minors to access medical care and procedures without the consent of their parents.

“Any minor who is living separate and apart from parents… and who is managing personal financial affairs, regardless of the source or extent of the minor’s income, may give effective consent to personal medical, dental, mental and other health services, and the consent of no other person is required.”

According to the emancipation documents filed by her daughter, Calgaro has “made it known that she no longer wishes to have any contact with her [daughter]” and that when she left the home to live with her father, she “[took] no actions to report [her] as a runaway…and made no attempts to bring [her] home.”

The statement was filed in October 2015. By January 2016, the teen had begun to transition and was issued new identity documents marking her as female.

“The news that county agencies and health service providers, the school and other county and state offices were completely bypassing me came as a total shock,” Calgaro said while beginning to cry. “Why wasn’t I even notified?”

The statute that permits Calgaro’s daughter to receive treatment also allows emancipated minors to receive abortions without parental notification. If the suit is successful, young women may find it increasingly difficult to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive rights.

“I’m… taking this action for the benefit of all parents and families, who may be facing the same violation of their rights,” said Calgaro, “So that they and others in the future may be spared from the same tragic events.”

Orlando Cruz: I Won’t Stop Until I’m The World’s First Gay Boxing Champion

The 35-year-old boxer is ready to break new ground.
From: NewNowNext
 Openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz says he won’t quit until he’s a world champion.

 Cruz, 35, announced his intentions ahead of his match against Luis Sanchez in October. 

“We are working hard for this fight and hope to do well,” Cruz told El Voerco. “We are facing Berchelt in January or February for the interim world title. But I have an excellent team and we have no hurry to get to that point. We are at the time of assimilating weight and going step by step.”

“At 35 years old, I feel great,” he added. “I know my opponent will come to fight, but I am prepared and ready for victory and then to be crowned world champion. I’m focused on becoming the only gay world champion in boxing history.”

 Cruz came out publicly in 2012, declaring “I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man.”

Since then, the featherweight fighter has gone on to marry his longtime boyfriend and become an advocate for the LGBT community.

In July, he dedicated a fight—and his eventual victory—to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

At the weigh-in, Cruz wore rainbow briefs and stood in silence as a bell tolled 49 times, once for each life lost.

Cruz, who sports a record of 25-4-1, will face Terry Flanagan, for the WBO Lightweight title on November 26.

7 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

From: NewNowNext
Marriage Equality

It’s been a long time coming, but in 2015 same-sex couples achieved the freedom to marry in the U.S. of A. For that, we are thankful. Thankful that the dream of so many has finally been realized and for the work of activists that helped make this possible.

And we’re also thankful so many continue to advance equality and freedom globally.

Macklemore’s New Track ‘Wednesday Morning’ Responds to Trump’s Election

From: Towleroad
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis released a new song on Thursday with a message of resistance and a wish for hope in response to the U.S. election. The song was produced by Joshua ‘Budo’ Karp with lyrics by Ben Haggerty.

Listen and read the lyrics below:

Bad taste, bad taste in my mouth
Glad wave, I’m glad wavin’ at a Patriots house
Lookin’ for change in the couch
Mad world, mad world, that’s what the TV said
Imagine tryna keep your head
While your daughter sleeps in bed
And when she wakes up, will the world be the same?
Will my girl be afraid in the home of the brave?
See I hope, I hope, that it’s gon’ be alright
But what a hell’uva a night

Humanity is a privilege, we can’t give in
When they build walls, we’ll build bridges
This is resistance, we’re resilient
When they spread hate, we shine brilliant
March by the millions ’til they hear the children
We found ourselves at a distance
Open up the jails and the overcrowded cells
When we oppress anyone, we oppress ourselves
Greatest gift I ever learned is helpin’ someone else
You build, believe and build ’cause you forget about yourself
Service, purpose, work if you work it
Love everyone regardless of the God they worship
This isn’t the Apocalypse
We can’t address the hate until we acknowledge it
If Jesus was alive, would he let Mohamed in?
This isn’t nature, my daughter hugs strangers
We teach fear and preach hatred
Put up a fence, scared to meet our neighbors
Think that if we let them in, they’ll take advantage of us later
There’s so much anger and this world is ours, raise her
My daughter, hope it’s a dream when I wake up tomorrow

Bad taste, bad taste in my mouth
Glad wave, I’m glad wavin’ at a Patriots house
Lookin’ for change in the couch
Mad world, mad world, that’s what the TV said
Imagine tryna keep your head
While your daughter sleeps in bed
And when she wakes up, will the world be the same?
Will my girl be afraid in the home of the brave?
See I hope, I hope, that it’s gon’ be alright
But what a hell’uva a night

And we fight for the people that haven’t had a voice
Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice
Fight for women’s rights, if she does or doesn’t care
We ride for all the Queer folk and fight for all the [?]
I’m not moving to Canada, not fleeing the nation
No time for apathy, no more tears and no complainin’
Gotta fight harder for the next four and what we’re faced with
Got my daughter in my arms and he is not gonna raise her

Bad taste, bad taste in my mouth
Glad wave, I’m glad wavin’ at a Patriots house
Lookin’ for change in the couch
Mad world, mad world, that’s what the TV said
Imagine tryna keep your head
While your daughter sleeps in bed
And when she wakes up, will the world be the same?
Will my girl be afraid in the home of the brave?
See I hope, I hope, that it’s gon’ be alright
But what a hell’uva a night

Happy Birthday today November 19th

Happy 33rd to actor Adam Driver!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 19th

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Zach Clemens by NICKET

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Let’s Do More Than Just Say Their Names

Learn about the lives, the passions and the dreams of those we have lost this year.
From: NewNowNext
 With at least 26 murders so far, 2016 is officially the deadliest year on record for America’s transgender community.

The majority of those we lost were trans women of color, a group that faces a greater risk of death by hate violence than any other, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

 On November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016, Logo will share these names on the air throughout the day. Below, we pay respect to these individuals. We celebrate who they were in life, not just death, and acknowledge the loss felt by loved ones.

Because many states don’t include gender identity in hate-crime data—and trans victims are often mis-gendered—it’s difficult to get an accurate picture of this crisis. There are doubtless others whose fates are still unknown, and we honor and grieve for them, as well.

Monica Loera

Austin, Texas

January 22, 2016

Monica enjoyed cooking and loved listening to Madonna. “She was very warm and friendly,” Monica’s friend Diedre told the Austin American-Statesman.

“[She] just she had this way about her. She was vivacious. She’d really just extend warmth to people.”

Another friend recalled how funny Monica was: “She has this way of impersonating people—she’d just make you laugh so much.”

Jasmine Sierra

Bakersfield, California

January 22, 2016

On Jasmine’s memorial page, her friend John wrote, “Jasmine, you were a lovely and generous friend who I will greatly miss… RIP my beautiful friend.”

Kayden Clarke


February 4, 2016

In 2014, Kayden made a video that went viral about how his service dog, Samson, helped him through difficult moments related to his Asperger’s syndrome.

He later posted another heartfelt video expressing his excitement that his insurance company would pay for his gender confirmation surgery.

Kayden’s mother told the New York Daily News that hewas very caring and would have given someone he’d just met the shirt off his back.

Nino Acox Jackson

 Robbins, Illinois

February 16, 2016

Nino lived in Dallas, where he was a passionate advocate for trans equality. His Facebook page reveals a love for fast cars, Japanese anime and ’90s Nickelodeon cartoons like Rugrats.

Veronica Banks Cano
mid 30s

Pleasanton, Texas

February 19, 2016

Veronica lived in San Antonio and worked as a certified nurse’s assistant at a nursing home in nearby Pleasanton. Her friend Joe told Out In San Antonio she was “loved and accepted by many in our small community.”

In a tribute on Facebook, Mendez wrote, “What can I say… you were true to yourself, never a dull moment. Putting on your makeup and modeling your outfits. That’s how I’ll remember you.”

Maya Young

Vineland, New Jersey

February 21, 2016

Maya stood out in a crowd with her beautifully unique birthmark: The left half of her face was distinctively lighter than the right. “She looked like chocolate and caramel,” longtime friend and former roommate Anthony Harper told Philly.com, adding that he used to call her “Twix” because “she was sweet, like candy.”

Harper also described Maya as funny and outgoing: “She loved people and she loved being around people,” he said. “She was a dreamer.”

Demarkis Stansberry

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

February 27, 2016

Demarkis studied at Baton Rouge Community College and rapped under the name “Righzous.”

“So easy to just remember his murder,” tweeted queer writer Mitch Kellaway. “He was more. He was a man who worked 2 jobs, loved his fiancΓ©e, his dog, & rapping.”

Kedarie Johnson

Chicago, Illinois

March 2, 2016

Kedarie—who also went by Kandicee—is the youngest person on our list and identified as both trans and gender-fluid, using both male and female pronouns.

Kedarie’s family had moved from Chicago to the small town of Burlington, Iowa, to escape the rising crime rate.

“He had this beautiful smile,” Shaunda Campbell, a counselor at Kedarie’s high school told the Des Moines Register, “and you never caught him down or feeling any kind of way except happy. There wasn’t a mean bone in his body.”

Kedarie was a fashionista, a burgeoning hair stylist and an avid dancer who taught kids how to dance at the local community center, in addition to helping out at the local food pantry.

At the funeral, the pastor noted that the teen had been a light in the community, saying Kedarie was “the first person to put [their] arm around a hurting person,” and to “stand up and help someone who was being mistreated.”

Kourtney Yochum

 Los Angeles, California

March 23, 2016

Kourtney—also known as Quartney Davia Dawsonn-Yochum—was a resident of the Gateways Apartments, a supportive housing project for formerly homeless people.

“I’m heartbroken. Our residents are traumatized, our staff is traumatized. Everybody loved her,” Anita Nelson, the CEO of the housing organization, told the L.A. Times. “She was very popular.”

Another friend called Kourtney “such a beautiful soul.”

Shante Thompson

Houston, Texas

April 10, 2016

Shante’s mother, Leola, told KHOU that losing her child was the greatest heartbreak she ever faced.

Friend Kevin Braxton said he always looked out for Shante, who had only recently began living as her authentic seld. “I was always been there for her. When I got the call and saw her laying on the ground it really hurt my heart.”

Keyonna Blakeney

Montgomery County, Maryland

April 16, 2016

Keyonna’s father told the Washington Post that Keyonna was “kindhearted [and] down-to-earth.”

At the time of her death, the 22-year-old had just rented an apartment and was planning to move in at the end of the month.

“[Keyonna] loved doing people’s makeup,” said her sister Jasmine. “She loved fashion. She loved all the glamorous stuff girls do.”

Reecey Walker

Wichita, Kansas

May 1, 2016

A friend of Reecey’s told KAKE that the 32-year-old wanted to get a degree in psychology or social work “to help other people try to get through some of the same struggles [she] had been through.”

Other friends described her as someone who “kept us laughing all the time,” and “a loving, playful spirit who only wanted the best for others.”

Mercedes Successful

Kingston, Jamaica

May 15, 2016

Mercedes represented Jamaica in the 2014 Gay Carribbean USA Pageant and, at the time of her death, was a regular performer in gay clubs around Orlando.

A friend told The Ledger that the 32-year-old had recently begun transitioning and was “really ready and looking forward to living her life full time as Mercedes Successful.”

“Such a beautiful person inside and out,” wrote another friend on social media, “…one of the funniest and one of the kindest people I ever met.”

Amos Beede

Milton, Vermont

May 24, 2016

Amos’ family said he often went to the local homeless encampment to help others in need. “Amos lived a complicated life—he had his share of hard times,” they said in a statement. “Maybe because of this, he was a loving and caring person, especially to those who lived in the margins of society.”

The family added that Beede came out to them as transgender a year-and-a-half before his death, noting, “Sometimes we stumble over our words when we talk about him, but our hearts are filled with only love for him. We miss him terribly.”

Goddess Diamond

New Orleans, Louisiana

June 5, 2016

Her first name is unknown, but following her death, she came to be known on social media as “Goddess.”

Displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Diamond had just recently returned to the city after living in Georgia for a decade.

“My baby was kind and loving, and [she] had a big heart,” her mother, Antoinette, told the New Orleans Advocate.

A former Walmart co-worker of Diamond’s described her as “very loved” and “very kind.” “that’s what makes this more difficult. In addition to losing a friend, we lost an LGBT leader.”

Deeniquia Dodds

Washington, D.C.

July 13, 2016

Deeniquia—known by friends as “Dee Dee”—was raised by her aunt Joeann , who told WRC that Dee Dee was a “beautiful person” who “loved to make you laugh. Loved to make you smile.”

Dee Dee was also involved with Casa Ruby, a D.C.–area LGBT advocacy organization. “Deeniquia… is gone, but not forgotten,” founder Ruby Coronado said in a statement. “Her death will not be in vain.”

Dee Whigham

Shubuta, Mississippi

July 23, 2016

Dee had recently finished nursing school and was working as a registered nurse at Forrest Health Hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. A GoFundMe page created to cover funeral expenses noted that Dee was working overtime, taking extra shifts and even a second job, to help provide for her mother.

“She will be remembered as an excellent nurse who was well-loved by her patients,” Forrest Health CEO Evan Dillary told the Sun Herald. “I know Dee will be missed by her co-workers, supervisors, and the Forrest Health family.”

Dee’s cousin Raquel called her “a hard-working, kind-hearted person who was just starting [her] life.”

Skye Mockabee

Cleveland, Ohio

July 30, 2016

Skye studied at South University in Cleveland, where she also worked at Chipotle.

Her father said Skye was “real humble.. .wouldn’t hurt a flea [and] loved everybody,” to Cleveland 19, adding that she was “always smiling.”

Erykah Tijerina

El Paso, Texas

August 8, 2016

Erykah’s sister, Pearl, described her as “funny, giving, and unapologetic” in an interview with KFOX.

Pearl also said Erykah “was the one that told me to stay strong and not care” what others thought.

Rae’Lynn Thomas

Columbus, Ohio

August 10, 2016

Rae’Lynn’s family had many loving nicknames for her, including “Ray,” “Rayshawn,” “My Boo Ray Ray,” and “Rayshawna.”

In an interview with WBNS, her aunt Shannon described Rae’Lynn as “a performer, the life of the party and a fashionista,” and someone who brought light into the lives of everyone she knew.

Her family treasures a recording of Rae’Lynn singing one of her favorite Boyz II Men songs, “It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Lexxi Sironen

Warwick, Rhode Island

September 6, 2016

According to her memorial site, Lexxi was the loving parent to two teenage children.

She had many interests, including camping, carpentry, cooking, drawing, gardening, designing tattoos and Japanese anime.

“Lexxi played the electric guitar and loved all different types of music. She built stone walls, searched for stones and minerals, designed jewelry, welded sculptures made from found materials and made rustic wooden furniture.”

Lexxi’s great great uncle was the Pulitzer-winning poet Robert P. Tristram Coffin.

A friend told the Kennebec Journal that Lexi “would do anything for anybody,” often giving friends money and assistance in times of need.

T.T. Saffore

Chicago, Illinois

September 11, 2016

T.T. was a talented gymnast and hairstylist, according to her older brother Jermaine, who spoke about his sister with the Windy City Times.

T.T.’s friend Jaliyah Armstrong organized a vigil in Chicago following her death, and told the paper, “T.T. was a lovely person. She was laughing all the time. You could be going through a bad day but once you saw [T.T.], she was such a happy cheerful person all that changed.”

Crystal Edmonds

Baltimore, Maryland

September 16, 2016

No other information is available about Crystal. If you are a friend, please share your memories of her in the comments section.

Jazz Alford

High Point, North Carolina

September 23, 2016

“She was such a loving person, and we didn’t know anybody that would want to hurt her,” Jazz’s sister, Toya, told AL.com.

Toya, who is also trans, says her sister’s death “has been a hard pill to swallow.”

Jazz’s former coworkers in the airline industry left sweet notes of remembrance on her Facebook page. “She was a lovely, beautiful person,” wrote one. “Always kind and smiling. What a tragedy.”

Another recalled how she was always willing to cover a shift.

“Whenever I needed Sundays off for church, Jazz would always cover me and say, ‘Pray for me too, chile!” [She] was such a sweet person.”

Brandi Bledsoe


October 9, 2016

Brandi moved from Nebraska to Cleveland several years ago, but remained close with her family. In fact she had recently moved out of her grandfather’s house into her own place before she was killed.

“She was really independent,” Brandi’s cousin John Craggett told Cleveland.com. “A lot of opportunities opened up for her. She was looking for freedom.”

Noony Norwood

Richmond, Virginia

November 6, 2016

“Noony’s energy always brightened the room,” Zakia McKensey, founder of the Nationz Foundation, told the Virginia Anti-Violence Project. “She cared about her community and always lifted up and supported her friends and family.”

Janet Wright, who considered herself Noony’s aunt, told WWBT, “She was a beautiful person, truly, [who] would give you anything—would help anybody—without even a second thought.”

On November 18,  Logo aired the documentary Transformation, spotlighting six trans and gender-nonconforming teens, followed by True Life: We are Transitioning. Then on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20, the names of those we have lost will be shared on the air throughout the day.

15 Thoughts You Have When Browsing Grindr Over Thanksgiving

From: NewNowNext
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