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Friday, April 14, 2017

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars:

From:  Boy Culture

Barry interesting

Rod Barry
Rod Berry 
Rod deBaer 

Here's a regular dude with an irregular sex drive whose emergence on the scene in 1996, after he left the Marines, was like the making of a "Anything is okay. Boundaries are lame." (He's done transsexual and bi movies, too.) He was active when I worked in the magazine side of the business, so I saw a lot of him in those pages and on video. He was outstanding in A Lesson Learned (1998) and, later, in the scandalously titled White Trash (2003). According to a commenter, he apparently is not retired.

It’s a Group Thing: Top 5 Ménage à Trois in Film

From: OMG
Brenden Gregory
Interior. Leather Bar

Soap Dish #3 (In Which We Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of Sunset Beach)

From: Deep Dish
In today's Soap Dish, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of NBC's Sunset Beach, which frequently featured hot shirtless hunks like Hank Cheyne (left with Laura Harring). Created by Josh Griffith, Robert Guza Jr. and Charles Pratt Jr., it was the first daytime soap opera produced by Aaron Spelling (Dynasty, Melrose Place), whose son Randy played Sean Richards for the show's entire run. So sit back and enjoy a look back at the  first 19 episodes of Sunset Beach from January 1997 (Click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Michael Bourne - Jason Winston George
Dr. Rae Chang - Kelly Hu
Eddie Connors - Peter Barton
Joan Cummings - Carol Potter
Meg Cummings - Susan Ward
Annie Douglas - Sarah Buxton
Del Douglas - John Reilly
Ben Evans - Clive Robertson
Vanessa Hart - Sherri Saum
Bette Katzenkazrahi - Kathleen Noone
Big Al Kennedy - Don Amendolia
Casey Mitchum - Timothy Adams
Caitlin Richards - Vanessa Dorman
Gregory Richards - Sam Behrens
Olivia Richards - Lesley-Anne Down
Sean Richards - Randy Spelling
Cole St. John - Ashley Hamilton
Elaine Stevens - Leigh Taylor-Young
Paula Stevens - Laura Harring
Tiffany Thorne - Adrienne Frantz
Ricardo Torres - Hank Cheyne
Tim Truman - Dax Griffin
Mark Wolper - Nick Stabile

Episode 1: Monday, January 6, 1997
After she catches her fiancé Tim kissing her maid of honor on their wedding day, Meg Cummings leaves Kansas and flies to Sunset Beach, a Southern California coastal town, to find "S.B.", a guy she met on the Internet. "S.B." is wealthy businessman Ben Evans, whose conniving neighbor, Annie Douglas, is upset when her father Del cuts off his financial support. Meg falls off a pier into the water as she tries to retrieve her stolen backpack from young runaway Tiffany Thorne.

Episode 2: Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Lifeguard Casey Mitchum saves Meg from drowning, and she wrongly suspects that he is "S.B."

Episode 3: Wednesday, January 8, 1997
Casey invites a homeless Meg to stay with him and his roommate and fellow lifeguard Michael Bourne. Tim learns that Meg is in Sunset Beach. After learning that Ben is "S.B.", Tiffany sees a chance to make some money by convincing him that she is "Dorothy from Kansas" (Meg's Internet name).

Episode 4: Thursday, January 9, 1997
Ben hires Meg as a waitress at his coffee house, the Java Web, and she becomes friends with Tiffany. Tim shows up in Sunset Beach. Michael saves newspaper reporter Vanessa Hart when a car almost runs over her. Del threatens to expose his secret affair with Olivia Richards unless she leaves her husband and his best friend, Gregory Richards.

Episode 5: Friday, January 10, 1997
Olivia agrees to go away with Del so he won’t reveal their affair to Gregory. Later, a mystery person in a black hooded cloak goes to Del’s hotel room and shoots him twice.

Episode 6: Monday, January 13, 1997
Gregory and Olivia's teenage son Sean sees a cloaked figure leave Del’s hotel room.

Episode 7: Tuesday, January 14, 1997
Annie is the chief suspect in her father’s murder. When Detective Ricardo Torres admits he isn’t ready to settle down, his girlfriend Paula Stevens tells him their relationship is over.

Episode 8: Wednesday, January 15, 1997
Gregory suspects that Olivia killed Del, but she denies any involvement. Sean lies to the police that he saw a young woman matching Annie’s description leave Del’s room - but he really saw Olivia in the hotel lobby the night of the murder. Since “S.B.” loves strawberries, Meg bakes strawberry muffins for Casey, who then has an allergic reaction.

Episode 9: Thursday, January 16, 1997
Del leaves his entire estate to the love of his life — his “business” partner, Olivia. Annie flushes her father’s ashes down the toilet. Meg finally confronts a confused Casey about whether he’s "S.B."

Episode 10: Friday, January 17, 1997
Casey tells Meg that he hasn't been writing to her on the Internet as "S.B." Gregory and Olivia agree that they should try to save their marriage. The police issue a warrant for Annie's arrest when she goes on the lam. Annie is convinced that someone is trying to frame her for Del's murder.

Episode 11: Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Annie is booked for murder and locked up in jail. Dr. Rae Chang surprises everyone when she introduces Casey to her parents - as her husband! Meg meets a mysterious man on the pier who looks like Armando Deschanel, the founder of Sunset Beach.

Episode 12: Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Gregory and Olivia's daughter Caitlin meets a mysterious man at a bar, The Deep, and dances with him. Meanwhile, her brother Sean meets Tiffany. Cop Eddie Connors blackmails Olivia, who once asked him how to go about hiring a hit man. Rae’s parents are upset to learn of her “marriage” to Casey since they set up an arranged marriage for her with a family friend.

Episode 13: Thursday, January 23, 1997
Sean finally confronts his mother about seeing her at the hotel the night of Del’s murder. Casey bets Rae for a kiss that he can make her parents like him.

Episode 14: Friday, January 24, 1997
Pressured by his parents, Sean finally tells the police that he definitely saw Annie come out of Del’s hotel room. Annie agrees to take a polygraph test to prove her innocence.

Episode 15: Monday, January 27, 1997

Tim tells Meg that he plans to stay in Sunset Beach. Meg finally reveals to Ben that she came to Sunset Beach to meet "S.B.", a guy she met on the Internet - but Ben falls asleep and doesn't hear her confession. The mysterious man, Cole St. John, reveals to Caitlin that he was born in Sunset Beach but didn’t grow up there.

Episode 16: Tuesday, January 28, 1997

When Ricardo discovers that Paula's mother, Elaine, owns the same kind of gun that killed Del, an angry Paula thinks he is accusing her mother of murder to get back at her for breaking up with him. Elaine later tells Paula she got rid of her gun years ago.

Episode 17: Wednesday, January 29, 1997

Paula makes Ricardo jealous when she goes on a date with Eddie, but she tells Eddie that she’s not ready to rush into another relationship. Ben introduces Meg to Annie, who is jealous of his new friendship.

Episode 18: Thursday, January 30, 1997
Ricardo is furious that Ben is conducting his own murder investigation to clear Annie. Annie's Aunt Bette rekindles an old romance with her fourth ex-husband, Big Al Kennedy, but he dies during their lovemaking session in a hot tub.

Episode 19: Friday, January 31, 1997

Meg catches Ben coming out of the shower. Elaine puts flowers on a grave marked Deschanel, and later she is startled when she comes face to face with Cole. Sean is upset when he sees Tiffany kissing Mark Wolper, who is jealous of her interest in Sean. Ben and Eddie discover Annie lying on the floor of her jail cell after she tries to hang herself.

Cosmo Centrefolds 2011

From: Cosmo UK
Jonny is the youngest of the Hollyoaks centerfolds but seemed quite happy to take his kit off for Cosmo, explaining, "I've been topless for the Hollyoaks calendar, so you could say I'm quite used to taking my clothes off!"

Jonny Clarke, (born 6 June 1992) is an English actor. He is best known for playing the character of Bart McQueen in the channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.

Jonny Clarke's early roles include two small roles on TV, including the award winning Drama "Seeing Red", and playing lead roles in theater productions of Guys and Dolls and Oliver.

In early 2010, it was announced that Hollyoaks series producer Allan had stepped down from the position of executive producer of Hollyoaks and that Paul Marquess had taken over the role. It was soon revealed that Marquess planned to give Hollyoaks a "shake up", changing the productions team and beginning a cast cull by axing established characters. As part of Marquess reinvention he decided to replace the departing character with new ones, and he created the main character of Bart McQueen and cast Jonny Clarke in the role, as part of the "2010 shake-up". First seen on Hollyoaks in August 2010, In September 2011 he was nominated for best Serial Drama Performance in the National Television Awards for his part as "Bart McQueen" in Hollyoaks.

In 2013, he was part of the Hollyoaks cast that received a British Soap Award for most spectacular scene.

In November 2013 it was announced that he was to play the part of "Tipper" in the 2014 UK tour of the highly acclaimed WW1 drama play "Birdsong" based on Sebastian Faulks' book of the same name.

Having given up acting for marketing, in 2016 he was invited to return to Hollyoaks to reprise the role of Bart McQueen. Clarke made his last appearance as Bart on the show on April 14th, 2017.

Dish of the Day #127

APRIL 14, 2009
From: Deep Dish

Essence Masculine AD #3, 2012

Celebrating Today April 14th

Happy Birthday Today To:
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Actor Adrien Brody turns 44 today.




 Supermodel Alex Lundquist turns 45 today.




 Rugby's Iain Balshaw turns 38 today.


 The amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar, so underrated on Buffy turns 40 today.



Cosmo Centrefold Hall of Fame

From: Cosmo UK
Ricky Whittle
 Played Calvin Valentine in Channel 4's Hollyoaks

Richard "Ricky" Whittle (born 23 November 1981) is an English actor from Oldham, England, who first came to prominence as a model for Reebok in the early 2000s. He is best known in the United Kingdom for his role as Calvin Valentine in the Channel 4 teen soap opera Hollyoaks. In 2009, he competed in the BBC reality series Strictly Come Dancing coming second to sports presenter Chris Hollins.

In 2014 Whittle starred in the American television series Mistresses as Daniel Zamora, and also appeared in The CW's post-apocalyptic drama The 100 as Lincoln, a "Grounder". He also had a recurring role on Single Ladies.

On 28 January 2016 Whittle was announced as the lead character, Shadow Moon, in the TV series American Gods.

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
The Whorehouse Papers 
Larry L. King

The book's cover blurb accurately describes it: "A candid, hilarious, and sometimes hysterical out-of-school account of the joys, sorrows, confusions, and small murders attendant to the making of a smash Broadway musical, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (King received a 1979 Tony Award nomination for his and Peter Masterson's book, which was based on King's 1974 Playboy article about the Chicken Ranch brothel).

36 Fetishes Every Gay Man Should Know

From: The Advocate

There are fetishes for virtually every kind of clothing, but socks and stockings are certainly a close second behind underwear as the most commonly fetishized clothing articles. In the same way I love sniffing a hot guy's used boxers, some guys love sniffing a pair of used socks.

19 Inspiring Trans People-Currently In Sports-You Should Know About

From: OutSports

Jaiyah Saelua made history at a FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The member of the Samoan Men’s National team was the first publicly out transgender person to compete in a men’s FIFA World Cup qualifier.

13 LGBT Superheroes To Watch Out For

From: NewNowNext

In September, Aftershock Comics launched Alters, a new series by writer Paul Jenkins (Spectacular Spider-Man), artist Leila Leiz and colorist Tamra Bonvillain that’s the first superhero series with a transgender protagonist.

Chalice was introduced in Alters #1 as a still-in-the-closet trans woman, presenting as male with her family but living as a woman in her superhero identity.

Alters has faced criticism for lacking a trans writer, and for focusing too much on Chalice’s struggles being trans, but it’s also garnered a solid fan base. And, it has to be said, this is a level of inclusion that not even Marvel or DC have attempted.


From: Bear World
Denard Span 
Minnesota Twins 
Washington Nationals 
San Francisco Giants 

Here Comes Peter Cottontail.....

Dish of the Day #1875: The Young and the Shirtless

From: Deep Dish

Guydar: Baker's Dozen

April 14, 2009
From: Boy Culture

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