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Monday, March 7, 2016



Scream, Queens! The Top 40 Horror Films of The 80’s!

From:  The Backlot

The Howling

The first of two classic 1981 werewolf films on the list, The Howling starred Dee Wallace as a news anchor who stumbles on a colony of werewolves, and darling, this is no joke, this is lycanthropy! I’m still patiently waiting for the day one of those Fox News blond bimbos will stand up and say the words, “Tonight I’m going to show you something.”


100 Treasured Chests: Hairy Edition

From: OUT
Sachin Bhatt

Sachin Bhatt (born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA) is an American theater, film and television actor of Indian descent.

Bhatt is best known for his lead role as Ali in the 2008 film The Ode directed by Nilanjan Neil Lahiri. He also played in a number of TV series and short films.

Sachin Bhatt also played important roles in theater production including the lead role of Akaash in the 2006 national tour of "Bombay Dreams" and as Chino in the Asian-European tour of "The Westside Story",

100 Most Eligible Bachelors 2016

From: OUT
Korey Kuhl
YouTube Star

Groovy Flashback: TIME Covers 1960 - 1969

From: Deep Dish
Sophia Loren (Two Women) - April 6, 1962

History's Hottest Movie Actors

From:  Boy Culture
 Bi George
George Nader 

Nader was most famous as Rock Hudson's boyfriend and, later, his lifelong and constant (if no longer sexual) companion. Nader was pure beefcake (loved that shaggy chest!) and while semi-successful, was never as profitable to the studios as Hudson was, and so found himself in the unenviable position of being a possible chink in Hudson's carefully crafted armor—and don't think those '50s tabloids wouldn't out a bitch, 'cuz they would and did. Nader left acting and took up writing, later inheriting most of Rock Hudson's possessions

A piece of the Rock: They were each other's personal pinups

Sexy Sampler
Robot Monster (1953), Sins of Jezebel (1953), Carnival Story (1954), Four Guns to the Border (1954), Six Bridges to Cross (1955), The Second Greatest Sex (1955), "Jerry Cotton" movies (1965—1968)

Bradley’s beauteous bottom | Male Nude Photography

There’s nothing.  Nothing.  Like a supple rear end…

Guess His Cock #035

Today's military man is in his full fighting camo gear, but still is flashing s Tom cruise like smile.  Don't you want to know what is making him smile?  Is it because he has a big cock?  Go after the jump to find out

What is he thinking?

Gay or Straight? - SteamRoomStories.com

Will Chalker

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

MALE MODEL MONDAY. Meet Insta-stud Santiago Madrid.

A photo posted by Santiago Madrid Gonzales πŸ‘¨πŸ“· (@santiagomadrid_) on

A photo posted by Santiago Madrid Gonzales πŸ‘¨πŸ“· (@santiagomadrid_) on

Guess His Cock # 034

From:  Guess His Cock
 Yeppeers, we already see how good he looks in plaid, but head after the jump to see how is cock looks surrounded by plaid, and better yet, how he looks with nothing on!

New York's Hottest Bachelor Also Happens to Be a Ridiculously Sexy Dancer

Jason Macdonald is a supersexy dancer who is now the lead in the New York's most over-the-top and risque dinner theater experience, Queen of the Night. OH, and he is SINGLE. This guy has it all in very attractive package, and according to the man himself, his dream girl is "good-hearted, loving, and likes to have fun." The self-described laid-back and easygoing bachelor also happens to cook and love cats. Did we mention he was single?! Even if you're not looking for love, you can appreciate everything — and we mean everything — that Jason's got going for him.

Favorite Pic of The Day for March 7, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
What a smile!

Favorite Celebrity Butt Crack of the Day: March 7, 2008

Eric Dane
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Eric Dane on location with Owen Wilson.

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 7th

Sorry, I went a little overboard with the Will Chalker pics, but he and his torso are just too freakin hot! Will turns 36 today.
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things


PΓ©nis de la libertΓ© - which cock is Snowden's?

Boxers or Briefs: Madison, WI with Colby Melvin

Celebrating Today: March 7th

Happy Birthday To:
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Laura Prepon, who I really liked with Red hair turns 36 today. (you lost me Laura when you started appearing in FHM and the like type magazines and turned blonde. Donna as a redhead was a cool chick!)
 Peter Sarsgaard turns 45 today.

I love me some Wanda Sykes, Wanda turns 52 today. (Luv ya Wanda, but I would have guessed about a decade older...)

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Christopher Plummer 
Hal Fields

Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer CC (born December 13, 1929) is a Canadian theater, film and television actor. After making his film debut in 1958's Stage Struck, Plummer went on to a successful film career that has spanned over five decades. Some of his most notable film performances include roles in films such as The Sound of Music (1965), Battle of Britain (1969), Waterloo (1970), The Return of the Pink Panther (1975), Murder by Decree (1979), Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), A Beautiful Mind (2001), Nicholas Nickleby (2002), The New World (2005), Inside Man (2006), Up (2009), The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). He has notably portrayed several historical figures including Rudyard Kipling in The Man Who Would Be King (1975), Mike Wallace in The Insider (1999), and Leo Tolstoy in The Last Station (2009), Remember (2015)..

In a career that includes substantial roles in each of the dramatic arts, Plummer is probably best known to film audiences as the aristocratic widower Captain Georg von Trapp in the hit 1965 musical film The Sound of Music alongside Julie Andrews. Plummer has also ventured into various television projects, including the miniseries The Thorn Birds.

Plummer has won numerous awards and accolades for his work, including an Academy Award, two Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a SAG Award, and a BAFTA Award. With his win at the age of 82 in 2012 for Beginners, Plummer is the oldest actor ever to win an Academy Award.

100 Most Eligible Bachelors 2016

From: OUT
Kinnon Mackinnon

The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The New Batch

From: NewNowNext
Lone Justice

After their first album flopped on the chart, Maria Mckee and Lone Justice gave it one more go with the more polished and radio-friendly album Shelter, but the result was the same. The title track became their highest charting single, but still couldn’t crack the top 40, peaking at #47 in March 1987. It would be their last chart entry.

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