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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Charles Archer: The Documentarian Part 2

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

'I try not to let my inhibitions and boundaries get in the way of me shooting someone. If they have a fantasy and want to explore it with me, then I would be open to it. Pushing boundaries and limits help us grow, right?'

Yesterday, I featured the first of two parts of my feature, and interview with photographer
Charles Archer. (The Documentarian Part 1) In part 2, the Florida photographer shares stories of regret, boundaries and negotiating the subject of erections. I also got to choose images of some of my favorite models Charles has shot. You'll recognize a couple, including FH Favorite Samuel, featured beautifully wet the first 5 images.

 Have you ever had a model take off their clothes and regretted asking them to pose? If so why?

'Yes. I've had this happen a couple of times. One instance that comes to mind is when I was working in Falls Church, VA. I was shooting in the hotel I was staying at (imagine that me photographing someone in a hotel) and the model arrived. He seemed ok at first. However, after we got into the shoot, I could tell he was on something. He was acting pretty strange. So after about an hour, I stopped the shoot and said "Thanks, I have what I need." 

 'It was a shame because he had such an interesting look and a great build. I go through a process of selecting models that usually helps me weed out individuals that I think could be bad news. This was a case that my instincts didn't work as they should have. And maybe the first time I interviewed him, he was sober. I don't know. But either way, I regretted doing the shoot - initially. When I visited the images a month or two after the shoot, I discovered that I had captured some great body shots which I can use on my blog and Instagram.'

 Speaking of regret, curious if you have had to deal with model regrets? A model who after posing, or the next day don't want you to publish/show their images?

'Yes this happens more often than most realize. I could be a dick about it and say, "You signed a release" or "I paid you for your time". But I'm not like that. I had one model who I lost contact with several years after I did the shoot of him. We reconnected and he asked about his photos. I told him that I had put them on my Flickr page. I gave him the link and eventually, he asked me to take them down. So I did. I want people to feel good about the photos we create together. If they are not then I won't feel good about showing them. I respect their decision and honor their wishes. If they ask me not to show their face in the photos, I won't do that. This is also how I get the same models to shoot with me more than once.'


What is the strangest story a model has shared during a shoot?

'I hear all sorts of stories from the models I photograph. Some are rather interesting. Some make me think, "why would you get yourself into that situation?" I don't know if this is strange or not but after I finished a shoot one time, the model confessed to me that he had just been released from prison. I was a bit nervous at first, but who am I to judge. He was honest enough to share that with me. And he obviously trusted me with that information so I felt a connection with him. I wouldn't mind shooting him again but he disappeared on me.'

 Have you ever had a odd/strange/funny experience with a hotel employee or house guest?

'I sometimes shoot at some of the clothing optional guest houses in the Fort Lauderdale area. They are use to having nude men running around and the properties are beautiful which make for a wonderful backdrop to any photo session. Interesting things can happen in these settings such as the guests asking if they could fluff the model, etc. I had a model fly in one July to work with me. We had shot at the nude beach and in my home studio. We decided to shoot at outdoors at the guest house and it was going well.' 

 'I photographed him in the pool and in some of the gardens. One guest insisted that I do a photo of the model with him and I did. We moved to another pool on the property to shoot at when I noticed we were drawing a larger audience. Some of the guests were leaning out over the balcony to snap pics of the model with their cell phone! One guest was leaning out so far that I thought he was going to fall over the railing of the balcony. The model didn't seem to mind but when you are shooting a hot naked man outside in a public setting you are bound to get an audience. You have to go with the flow and adjust the session accordingly.'

 How much discussion about do's and don't go on during shoots? Do you plan and ask for erection shots, or do most just occur naturally during the shoots?

'I spend a great deal of time discussing what is going to happen during the shoot. It's a part of my process. Not only do I do it over the phone and via text messages, I follow up with an email. It's a shoot confirmation that outlines what we are going to shoot when and where and how long the shoot will probably last. In that email, I include "modeling" tips that I have captured over the years as a way to help the model prepare for the shoot. if we are doing an erotic shoot, I explain to the model that he will be asked to get hard during the photo session.' 


'This gives the model time to think about the shoot himself. If the model doesn't want do  something specifically, I want to know about it before we begin the shoot. This process is about setting exceptions for us both so that no one is disappointed. I ask everyone I photograph to provide proof of age and sign a release form. In the release form we can include any other stipulations like "no face", "no but hole", etc. It documents the process and makes it legitimate.'

 'Furthermore, I encourage collaboration during a shoot. When a model and I work off each other and try different things I know we are going to make some great images. I hope that everyone I work with brings something to the shoot. It gets boring if I am the one who is always directing and thinking of things to shoot.'

 Your images seem limitless, do you have a limit or boundary on something you're not interested in shooting?

'I won't shoot anyone under the age of 18. I've had a few 17 year olds approach me on Grindr to shoot them but I just will not do it. I tell them to come back when they are 18 and have proof of their age! Boundaries are interesting because we all need them. However, I try not to let my inhibitions (limits/boundaries) get in the way of me shooting someone. If they have a fantasy and want to explore it with me, then I would be open to it. Pushing boundaries and limits help us grow, right? '


Britney Spears Drops New Album Cover, Announces Release Date For “Glory”

From: NewNowNext
Britney Jean Spears officially kicked off the next phase of the #B9 era this afternoon, announcing her new album’s name, its release date, and the name of the album’s lead single “Private Show.”

The pop icon made the announcement in two separate tweets using the new album’s name — Glory — as a hashtag:

The long-awaited album, which Britney’s longtime manager Larry Rudolph has described as “Britney meets The Weeknd,” has been in the works for nearly two years.

Following a series of leaks of a music video for the song “Make Me,” the singer dropped the full song this month after teasing “Private Show” in a commercial for her brand new fragrance by the same name.

Britney Drops New Song 'Make Me,' Paving The Way For #B9
And with a release date of August 25, 2016 — there’s officially less than a month until several new Britney songs are in our lives.

Needless to say, the Britney Army is elated:

Supreme Court Blocks Order Allowing Trans Student To Use The Boys Bathroom

The high court ruled to stay the order while the justices decide whether to hear the case.
From: NewNowNext
Today the Supreme Court granted an emergency stay of an order that would allow Gavin Grimm, a trans high school student, to use the boys restroom during his upcoming senior year.

The high court voted to block the order 5-3, while they deliberate on whether to hear Grimm’s case.

In June, a federal court judge ruled that Grimm could use the boys facilities at Gloucester High School in Virginia.

“I am elated to hear that I’ll be able to attend my senior year of high school with my full rights restored,” Grimm said at the time. “After nearly two years of humiliation and intense struggle, equality has finally prevailed. Now hopefully other transgender people will not have to face this type of discrimination.”

“We are disappointed that the court has issued a stay and that Gavin will have to begin another school year isolated from his peers and stigmatized by the Gloucester County school board just because he’s a boy who is transgender,” said Joshua Block, senior staff attorney at the ACLU. “We remain hopeful that Gavin will ultimately prevail.”

It’s not clear if the vote would have gone differently if President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, had already been on the bench.

Because Of Course “Drag Race” Queens Are “Pokรฉmon Go” Characters

"Water off a Psyduck's back."
From: NewNowNext
 Pokรฉmon Go is the summer’s biggest craze, so it was only a matter of time before gay fans began to merge the LGBT community and Pokรฉmon together:

Now the RuPaul’s Drag Race fandom has jumped on the bandwagon and reimagined their favorite queens in the Pokรฉmon world. First artist MAGAM has drawn the show’s queens as a new breed of Pokรฉmon based on some of their most iconic looks:

World of Wonder’s Jake Thompson even paired the Drag Race queens with their Pokรฉmon spirit animal, and the results are pretty on point:

They’re even reimagining the queens as Trainers!

Now how do we petition to get “Death Drop” added as an attack in Pokรฉmon Sun and Moon?

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 debuts August 25 at 8pm on Logo.

A Look Back At MANHUNT:

Today Rob
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I have been looking back at some of the guys from Manhunt over the past while. My last post was on Hunter, and last April I did a post on cutie Matt Lanter. Today lets take a look back at Rob. Some on messages boards seemed surprised that gorgeous Rob Williams came in second on Manhunt. I certainly was not, a fan of Rob's from the beginning, he was tall, lean with a great face. Although some of the other guys may have sexier and buffer, that is not always what is looked for. Rob certainly had more traits of a male model than some of the others. He was also very pleasant, respectful and professional. Rob also had less hang-ups about taking off his clothes. Not sure if Rob is still working, but I look forward to seeing any new shoots he does.

The  pics above and right by the great photographer Greg Powers. You can find his site HERE:

Should The LGBT Community Boycott The Rio Summer Olympics?

With one LGBT person killed in Brazil nearly every day, the crisis there is arguably worse than at Sochi.
From: NewNowNext
 We’re just days about from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, where thousands of top-notch athletes will go for the gold in competitions they’ve trained a lifetime for.

There’s a record number of out athletes this year, too: 42 and counting, by some estimates. And the Pride House has returned, offering support, awareness and camaraderie to athletes, coaches and families.

But, like the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, the Rio Games risk being tainted by the specter of homophobia and hate.

 Not from the government, exactly: Brazil has among the most progressive LGBT protections in the world, having passed marriage equality in 2011 and the Constitution of Brazil prohibits discrimination in any form.

But there is an epidemic homophobic and transphobic violence in Brazil: Some 1,400 LGBT people have been murdered in the past four years—that’s almost one every day.

 “On the one hand, we are a pink country, celebrating sexual diversity and showing gay couples easily on our telenovelas,” says Luiz Mott, founder of Grupo Gay da Bahia. “Then, there is another color, the red blood of victims.”

Trans people, in particular, are victimized: Almost half of all the transgender murders in the world take place in Brazil.

And while there is no “gay propaganda” ban, as in Russia, police indifference and corruption has contributed to the dire situation. In some instances, cops themselves are the perpetrators: On Vice’s Gaycation, an anonymous officer admitted to Ellen Page that he has murdered gay people.

The rise of right-wing fundamentalists in Brazil’s congress has only exacerbated the situation. How can queer people feel safe in a country when someone like Congressman Jair Bolsonaro declared he’d rather his son die than come out as gay?

“It is hard to be LGBT in Brazil because the threat is constant,” Dayana Gusmao of Rio Sem Homofobia (Rio Without Homophobia) told USA Today. “We have had so many cases of fathers beating their gay children to make them straight. We still have people who want to correct lesbians by raping them. Brazil is not a safe place to be LGBT.”

So while gay and bi people will be more welcome than ever at the Olympics, those outside the stadium continue to fear for their lives.

Should we put that aside and just enjoy the sportsmanship on display? Should we boycott the games in hopes of drawing attention to this human rights crisis?

Many feel the issue just can’t be ignored—not by fans and not by the International Olympic Committee, which took a thrashing over Sochi.

 “If Brazil is the home of the largest percentage of [LGBT] hate crimes, and we have LGBT athletes competing, then this is an Olympic issue,” Athlete Ally director Hudson Taylor told USA Today. “It’s that simple.”

President Obama sent a mostly gay delegation to the Sochi Games—including sports stars Brian Boitano, Caitlin Cahow and Billie Jean King—to send a message to Russia. Should he do the same again in Rio?

Veteran Olympics commentator Charley Walters, who is heading to Rio for his eighth Olympics, says it’s crucial we pay attention to the Games this year.

 “It’s scary realizing all the chaos in the world—but I feel more passionate than ever that we have to go, and we have to celebrate our athletes,” he says. “But that doesn’t mean we ignore what’s happening to LGBT people in Brazil. The media should report on it while they’re there. It’s such an opportunity to make a major statement about humanity when everyone is so scared.”

It’s also a chance to keep the pressure on and keep other nations on their toes.

“L.A. is trying to get the games for 2024, and they’re paying a lot of attention to what’s being scrutinized in Rio,” says Walters. “And the IOC sees pays attention to this stuff, too—they got a lot of flak for Sochi.”

Walters also says the Rio Games are important because of the record number of out athletes participating.

“Tom Bosworth in racewalking, gymnast Jeffrey Wammes. Megan Rapinoe is making a surprise return. Tom Daley is obviously getting a lot of attention—amazing performance, amazing personality—and he has a real shot at the gold.”

 But with 12,000 athletes in the Games, Walters believes the number of out competitors should be much higher. “We can’t just say ’There must not be any,” he says. “If they’re not out, we’re not hearing their authentic stories.” He also predicts “we’re going to see a major person come out at the games or right after.”

So, a boycott would seem to be a misstep. But activists, celebrities and athletes themselves need to keep attention on what’s happening. And we, as viewers, need to do our part, too: We need to watch and share news about protests planned during the Games.

And, just as with Sochi, we should be tweeting and chatting about the violence against LGBT people in Brazil and the reasons for it.And we should be supporting groups like OutRight, All Out and Grupo Gay da Bahia, which fight to keep LGBT people safe and free.

The Olympics have always attempted to symbolize the best of humanity. Sometimes that means putting a spotlight on our worst.

“I Am Cait” Reportedly Canceled

“Caitlyn just wasn’t relatable," claims a production insider for the E! series.
From: NewNowNext
 Caitlyn Jenner is still garnering attention, both for her work advocating for the trans community and her controversial support for the Republican Party.

But now comes reports that Jenner’s E! reality series I Am Cait will not be renewed for a third season.

The culprit is a familiar one: Low ratings

“There just weren’t enough viewers,” a production insider reportedly told Radar. “The show can’t compete with other programming.”

The Season Two premiere in March garnered less than 750,000 viewers.

Another complaint, says the source, is that “Caitlyn just wasn’t relatable. Trans viewers did not see her as one of them.”

On the show’s second season, Jenner joined trans advocates like Jennifer Boylan, Shandi Moore, Zachary Drucker and Candis Cayne on a bus trip, and discussions often got heated. While arguments on how conservatives feel about sexual minorities or whether the t-word can be reclaimed might not be “sexy,” it was certainly refreshing to see such matters discussed on a reality show.

Earlier this year I am Cait was pulled from TV stations in Africa after viewers complained about the subject matter.

A spokesperson for E! says “no decision has been made” about the show’s future.

Jenner is slated to appear on the next season of Amazon Prime’s Transparent.

Below, Jenner spoke at an LGBT forum held during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry Brings Matt Lauer To Tears With Emotional Reading

"My hands were shaking."
From: NewNowNext
 Tyler Henry, E!’s Hollywood Medium sat down with Today show host Matt Lauer for a reading that brought the news anchor to tears.

When the reading began, Lauer handed Henry a pocketknife which belonged to his grandfather.

“[This person] is coming through in a fatherly kind of essence,” Henry said while holding the heirloom. “This man is immediately going to have me talk about the passing. I’m definitely getting a reference to a progressive decline in health.”

Lauer then told him that his father died while in hospice care almost 20 years ago.

The journalist kept his cool throughout the many revelations during his time with Henry, but he shared with his co-hosts that he had a good cry when it was all over.

“It was just a fraction of the conversation,” Lauer told the Today team. “The conversation lasted more than an hour, and there were times … when my hands were shaking and I felt like I was perspiring because the things he was saying were so spot-on … I got home, and I cried.”

Watch the moving reading below:
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