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Monday, October 12, 2015

Classic Television - Prime Time

Mayberry R.F.D.
Original channel
Original run
September 23, 1968 – March 29, 1971
Ken Berry
Frances Bavier
George Lindsey
Buddy Foster
Mayberry R.F.D. (R.F.D stands for "Rural Free Delivery", a quaint postal depiction of the rural Mayberry community) is a spin-off and direct continuation of The Andy Griffith Show under a new title, for the same sponsor, General Foods. When Andy Griffith decided to leave his series, most of the supporting characters returned for the new program, which ran for three seasons (78 episodes) on the CBS Television Network from 1968–1971. During the final season of The Andy Griffith Show, widower farmer Sam Jones (Ken Berry) and his young son Mike (Buddy Foster) are introduced and gradually become the show's focus. Sheriff Andy Taylor takes a backseat in the storylines, establishing the sequel series. The show's first episode, "Andy and Helen's Wedding", had the highest ratings in recorded television history (up to premiere date in 1968). Sheriff Taylor and newlywed wife Helen make guest appearances on RFD until late 1969, and then relocate with Opie. Mayberry RFD was popular throughout its entire run, but was canceled in CBS's infamous "rural purge" of 1971.
Father and son stories involving Sam and Mike Jones are reminiscent of the parent series. Both characters are introduced in the last season of The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS), beginning with Sam's election as head of the town council. Most of townsfolk from the Griffith show reprise their roles in the sequel. Loyal Mayberry citizens Goober Pyle (George Lindsey), Clara Edwards (Hope Summers), Emmett Clark (Paul Hartman), and Howard Sprague (Jack Dodson) are seen regularly. Sheriff Andy Taylor and his sweetheart, Helen Crump (Aneta Corsaut), marry in the sequel's first episode. Both make additional appearances (mostly Andy), then leave the series in late 1969, with a move to Raleigh as the explanation. Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) becomes Sam's housekeeper but leaves after the second season to be replaced by Sam's cousin, Alice Cooper (Alice Ghostley). Don Knotts and Ronny Howard, as Barney Fife and Opie Taylor (respectively), appear in the first episode. Actress Arlene Golonka (who plays Howard Sprague's sweetheart Millie Hutchins in the Griffith show) becomes Sam's love interest, Millie Swanson, in the sequel. A recurring black character named Ralph (Charles Lampkin) lives with a teen daughter and pre-teen son next to the Jones farm. Episodes include Andy's wedding ("Andy & Helen Get Married", episode #1); the christening of their infant son Andy ("Andy's Baby", episode #27); Aunt Bee getting engaged, ("Aunt Bee and the Captain", episode #16); friction over a parade ("Mayberry's Float", episode #39); and a visit from Goober's rocket-scientist brother ("Goober's Brother", episode #44).

31 Days of Halloween Men

21 Insane Things Found in Butts

From: Cosmopolitan
No one uses cassette tapes anymore, so honestly, why not 

Tom Ford: A Look Through The Decades

From: NewNowNext

2015 – With Rita Ora and Madonna 

20 Shirtless Guys With Man Buns That Will Make You Feel Things

From: BuzzFeed

 It’s just 20 shirtless guys who happen to have man buns.

16 Signs You’re Dating A Diamond In The Rough

From: BuzzFeed
They’re normally never seen without their favorite hoodie, but they always step their fashion game up when your parents come through town.

“Where did that shirt come from? I don’t remember buying you that shirt!”

15 Surprising Actors Who Unknowingly Sparked My Sexual Awakening

From: Buzz Feed
Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede in Liar, Liar
 Back then
I love Jim Carrey in everything because he makes me laugh.
 Should I get a normal 9-5 where I have to dress business casual so I can land a dude like him?

10 Sex Toys That Are Better Than Having a Boyfriend

From: The Gaily Grind


Next time you’re jerking off, don’t forget about your balls; they need some loving, too! And let’s face it: there’s nobody to lick them right now, so just wrap this bad boy around you and get ready for some fun. The (removable) vibrator will make you want to explode almost immediately, but the snug fit will make sure you last longer than usual.

Academy Award for Best Actress

Joan Crawford 
Mildred Pierce Beragon
Mildred Pierce

Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur; March 23, 1904 (other sources list 1903, 1905, 1906 or 1908 – May 10, 1977), was an American film and television actress who started as a dancer and stage chorine.

Beginning her career as a dancer in travelling theatrical companies before debuting as a chorus girl on Broadway, Crawford signed a motion picture contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1925. In the 1930s, Crawford's fame rivaled, and later outlasted, MGM colleagues Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo. Crawford often played hard-working young women who find romance and success. These stories were well received by Depression-era audiences and were popular with women. Crawford became one of Hollywood's most prominent movie stars and one of the highest paid women in the United States, but her films began losing money and by the end of the 1930s she was labelled "Box Office Poison". But her career gradually improved in the early 1940s, and she made a major comeback in 1945 by starring in Mildred Pierce, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

In 1955, she became involved with the Pepsi-Cola Company through her marriage to company Chairman Alfred Steele. After his death in 1959, Crawford was elected to fill his vacancy on the board of directors but was forcibly retired in 1973. She continued acting in film and television regularly through the 1960s, when her performances became fewer; after the release of the British horror film Trog in 1970, Crawford retired from the screen. Following a public appearance in 1974, after which unflattering photographs were published, Crawford withdrew from public life and became increasingly reclusive until her death in 1977.

Crawford married four times. Her first three marriages ended in divorce; the last ended with the death of husband Alfred Steele. She adopted five children, one of whom was reclaimed by his birth mother. Crawford's relationships with her two older children, Christina and Christopher, were acrimonious. Crawford disinherited the two and, after Crawford's death, Christina wrote a "tell-all" memoir titled, Mommie Dearest.

ABC Afterschool Special

Hewitt's Just Different 
Original Air Date
October 12, 1977

Moosie Drier
Perry Lang
Peter Brandon
Gloria Stroock
Peggy McCay
Russell Johnson
Christopher Maleki
Doney Oatman
Jarrod Johnson
Tom Gulager
Stack Pierce
Michael Luther
A mentally challenged 16-year-old attempts to make friends with his neighborhood peers. Starring Moosie Drier, Russell Johnson (Gilligan's Island) and Tom Gulager (son of Clu Gulager).

12 Celebrities Who Came Out In The Past 12 Months

From: NewNowNext
Billy Gilman

Just days after Herndon, fellow country music singer Billy Gilman released a coming out video on YouTube.  

It’s an emotional confession, addressing his fears of coming out in a traditionally conservative scene. “It’s pretty silly to know that I’m ashamed of doing this—because I’m in a genre and industry that is ashamed of me for being me.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada

From: Speed o Rex
Have a great thanksgiving our Canadian Bros.

Bountiful Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Warren Russell

Happy Birthday today October 12th

Happy 33rd to Brazilian model and actor Gabriel Canella!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Gabriel by Naldo Miranda

Gabriel by Sergio Santoian Fotografia

Gabriel by Sergio Santoian Fotografia

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 12th

From: Favortie Hunks & Other Things

October 12th is Free Thought Day

Freethought Day is October 12, the annual observance by freethinkers and secularists of the anniversary of the effective end of the Salem Witch Trials.

The seminal event connected to Freethought Day is a letter written by then Massachusetts Governor William Phips in which he wrote to the Privy Council of the British monarchs, William and Mary, on this day in 1692. In this correspondence he outlined the quagmire that the trials had degenerated into, in part by a reliance on "evidence" of a non-objective nature and especially "spectral evidence" in which the accusers claimed to see devils and other phantasms consorting with the accused.

Note that, contrary to what has been claimed by some, there was no specific order or edict by Phips to ban "spectral evidence" from all legal proceedings. Rather, this was one concern that brought about Phips' stopping the proceedings. When the trials ultimately resumed, "spectral evidence" was allowed but was largely discounted and those convicted were swiftly pardoned by Phips.

In the time leading up to the trials being stopped, it was actually clerics including the famous Cotton Mather, often portrayed as the chief villain in the hysteria, who took the lead in advising cautions against the use of "spectral evidence." The Rev. Increase Mather, Cotton's father, specifically condemned "spectral evidence" in his book 'Cases of Conscience', in which he stated that:

"It were better that ten suspected witches should escape, than that one Innocent Person should be Condemned."
It was this shift in sentiment, no doubt aided by the escalating hysteria and the fact that accusations were beginning to reach higher into the Massachusetts Bay Colony hierarchy, that led to Phips' action.

As Dr. Tim Gorski, Pastor of the North Texas Church of Freethought has observed:

"Now this is the important part: why did [Phips] do it? Was [he] a Freethinker? No. Was it that people suddenly realized that there are no witches, no demons, no evil spells and the like? No. No, the Phips edict came about with the complicity of all the devout fundamentalist believers that constituted the community of Salem and the Colony of Massachusetts because they had to.

Winston Churchill once remarked that 'What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end.' Churchill also said that 'You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else!'[citation needed]
For, you see, eventually, at some point, and to some degree, people simply have to act rationally. You have to open doors before walking through doorways. You have to turn the key in your ignition before you drive home today. No amount of faith and prayer can allow anyone to do otherwise. And despite all the rhetorical flourishes of the superstitious believers, that’s the way it’s always been and always will be. Indeed, this truth is becoming more and more important every day.
It’s also the essence of the role of the law: to hold people to a standard of dealing with one another that’s based on reason. That’s the basis of every shall and shalt not that there is, not some divine command of 'do it or else.'"
Freethought Week is often observed during the week in which October 12th falls or Freethought Month during October which, of course, culminates in the holiday of Halloween.

October 12th is Columbus Day

Many countries in the New World and elsewhere officially celebrate as a holiday the anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas, which happened on October 12, 1492. The landing is celebrated as Columbus Day in the United States, as Discovery Day in the Bahamas, as Dรญa de la Raza ("Day of the Race") in many countries in Latin America, as Dรญa de las Amรฉricas (Day of the Americas) in Belize and Uruguay, as Dรญa del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) in Argentina, as Dรญa de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain, and as Giornata Nazionale di Cristopher Columbus or Festa Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo in Italy and in the Little Italys around the world. These holidays have been celebrated unofficially since the late 18th century and officially in various areas since the early 20th century.

October 12th is Day of the Six Billion

The United Nations Population Fund designated 12 October 1999 as the approximate day on which the world population reached six billion. It was officially designated The Day of Six Billion. Demographers do not universally accept this date as being exact. In fact there has been subsequent research which places the day of six billion nearer to 18 June or 19 June 1999. The International Programs division of the United States Census Bureau estimated that the world population reached six billion on 21 April 1999.[citation needed] United Nations Population Fund spokesman Omar Gharzeddine disputed the date of the Day of Six Billion by stating, "The U.N. marked the '6 billionth' [person] in 1999, and then a couple of years later the Population Division itself reassessed its calculations and said, actually, no, it was in 1998."

On the Day of Six Billion, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan was in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina to monitor the Dayton Agreement. At midnight he went to Koลกevo Hospital, where Adnan Meviฤ‡, born at 12.01 am, was named the symbolic 6 billionth concurrently alive person on Earth. He is the first son of Fatima Meviฤ‡ and Jasminko Helaฤ‡ and weighed 3.5 kg.

Ocotber 12th is Spanish Language Day

UN Spanish Language Day is observed annually on October 12. The event was established by the UNESCO[not in citation given] (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2010 to seeking "to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity as well as to promote equal use of all six of its official working languages throughout the organization". October 12 is a date observed in many Spanish-speaking territories as Dรญa de la Raza or Dรญa de la Hispanidad.

October 12th is Native American Day

The second Monday of October annually marks Columbus Day in many parts the United States but not all states or region follow this observance. Instead, they celebrate other events on the day. For example, South Dakota's official holiday on this date is Native Americans' Day (also known as Native American Day), while people in Berkeley, California, celebrate Indigenous People's Day.

Today in History...

October 12, 539 BC – 

The army of Cyrus the Great of Persia takes Babylon.

October 12th isWorld Arthritis Day

Throughout the world millions of people are affected by arthritis, their lives being changed by the sometimes constant pain of inflamed joints. World Arthritis Day is a day to remember and raise awareness of this condition, and how it affects the lives of those that suffer with it. World Arthritis day was brought about by the Arthritis Foundation to do just that, and to encourage policymakers to help lower the burden of those suffering from Arthritis all over the world.

Arthritis is cleanly summed up in it’s name, being derived from the greek words arthro, meaning joint, and itis, meaning inflammation. As the name implies it is a condition involving inflammation of the joints, but unlike the common conception that it is a disease all it’s own, it is always a symptom of another affliction. Gout, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Lupus are just some of the more common causes of this painful and often crippling condition.

Arthritis has been shown to have been with us as long as creatures have had bones, there’s even evidence that ankle arthritis was present in dinosaurs by the study of fossils. Research has shown that it has been present in humans at least as far back as 4500 BC, and has been shown to be one of the most common afflictions of the prehistoric peoples. It was first closely examined and classified in William Musgraves work, De Arthritide symptomatica, written in 1715.

For conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, there is no cure, though there are often treatments that can be done. Largely these are basic health controls, including increasing exercise and working to reduce your weight. Other than that the usual treatments are pharmaceutical in nature and focus on reducing the pain of the condition rather than seeking to remove it.

Physical therapy has often been seen to be effective in helping, but the nature of the condition often impedes the implementation of such therapy. Motion hurts, but motion is shown to be among the best treatments. By keeping the joint mobile it helps to reduce the constant inflammation and has shown marked improvements in the long-term relief of the pain associated with it.

Many people associate this condition with the elderly and the health concerns that affect them, and statistical evidence supports that those over 65 are in fact the primary sufferers. But there is an often forgotten section of people who are under that age, almost 30% of all sufferers are under the age of 65, with some of them being no older than their teen years, and some rare cases existing even in the very young.

Take the time to educate yourself on this condition, and find the ways you can help prevent or hold-off this condition in your own life. By taking steps to improve your health today, you can help prevent this being something that limits your life. You can also pop on over to the Arthritis Foundations webpage and take their test to find out if you’re at risk for Osteoarthritis.

World Arthritis Day is a great time to get out and lend a helping hand to those suffering from this condition. If you have relatives who suffer from it, take a day to go over and help them out with the things that are made difficult for them because of their condition. Take some time to do some research and get a clear understanding of how people have their lives affected by it.


From: Manhunt Daily
Don’t wait for leg day.  Get yourself to the gym NOW.  WOOF.

October 12th is National Online Banking Day

October 12th is National Kick Butt Day

National Kick-Butt Day is a day for you to kick yourself in the butt for things you've been meaning to do, but haven't. Still waiting to start eating healthier, exercising, quitting smoking, going back to school, learning a foreign language? It's time to stop saying "tomorrow" and kick your plan into gear "today".


From: Manhunt Daily
Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, and we thought we'd ask you about your experiences to (belatedly) celebrate the occasion. So what age did you come out of the closet? It seems like kids these days are coming out younger than ever. Before you know it, babies will be popping out of the womb and proclaiming their love for the same sex.

Okay, so maybe that's a stretch. If you're not out at this current point in time, what's stopping you from making that step? Do you even want to be out? We understand that this process isn't easy for everyone, and some don't even want to be a part of it. We just want to hear your story, no matter what it is!
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