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Saturday, November 21, 2015


illustration by Sean Morris

Drawing by Andrea Madalena - 2008

Vintage "69"

"blu q"

From: Matt Goad

Uncut Bodybuilder

At The Sink

Four Star Cock

Adam Levine

Ian Somerhalder

Unknown models & photographer. 1970s

No Pants Day

Hiding Behind The Towel

Taking Pictures

Leo Giamani and a fleshjack.

Nice and fuzzy!

Alone at the Pond

nude bikers

In the woods

Military Asses


Bear Ass

Fuck Me Please!

Sleeping Beauty

9 Of The Dreamiest Baes From Classic Literature

From: NewNowNext
Laurie Laurence
Little Women
Laurie Laurence is exactly the kind of man you want to bring home to mama. Gorgeous, sweet, caring, artistic and empathetic, he is every good archetype packaged into a tall frame with thick, swoopy hair. His abiding loyalty to the March family, through death, illness and loss, is nothing short of admirable and though we’re not sure if we’d rather pinch his cheeks or his cheeks, he’s nothing short of an absolute catch.

She liked the `Laurence boy’ better than ever and took several good looks at him, so that she might describe him to the girls, for they had no brothers, very few male cousins, and boys were almost unknown creatures to them.

Curly black hair, brown skin, big black eyes, handsome nose, fine teeth, small hands and feet, taller than I am, very polite, for a boy, and altogether jolly.

Showing Off In Public

Ginger Masturbation

Public Playing

Military Monster Engery

Buck Naked Ruggers!

Gladiator Takes The Subway

Jack Early at Fergus McCaffrey

Dustin McNeer

Worship That Cock


smuggling puppies

Fun Socks in the Kitchen

Big Bulge

Buff Inked Boys Show Off Their Sleeves (And Dick) For Sexy Calendar, Buyers Get *Extra* Special Gift

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
 What with the calendar competition being fiercer than ever, Inked Boys certainly know how to grab one’s attention. Not only are they treating you to an entire 365 days of ogling nearly naked tatted blokes, but they’re also giving away *huge* poster of Ryan Steel totally starkers. Get in. Don’t see your fave pulling out the stops (or their dong) like that now!

Brent's Auto Wall 112115

From: Brent's Auto Wall
The Ken Doll Made By GAYTEL
Hey Mr. Unknown, I'm so loving your play on words here between the Mattel Manufacture of the world most popular toys and the Gaytel Manufacture.  Very, Very cute indeed and just in time for this Holiday Shopping session for sure! I will have to look for it in the shopping aisles of Toys RUS, for I can think of several of my friends that would enjoy a doll like this for Christmas....including MYSELF...(((Big Wallpaper Smile))) LOL, Brent


 A big dick in boxers is naturally comfortable. Not cozy as inside some tight briefs, but more free with enough space to more around a bit. But we all know that our dicks are always ready and willing to get out of our underwear so that they can get in somewhere else… And boxers (not brief boxers, OK?), the one’s who are not tight and have an opening in the middle, give them the chance to pop out every once in a while. And that’s… horny, or course!

A big dick in boxers likes come out and have some fresh hair in the morning

Try to buy boxers one or two sizes smaller than you actually wear (as long as you feel comfortable) and the opening of the underwear will stretch to provide your dick with space to pop out. Trust me, your man (or men, or one night stand, etc) won’t stay indifferent as you walk around in the house.

Not even going to mention his body because wouldn’t know where to start…
Let’s just say his boxers are very hot.

These side openings can be very sexy too.
 If you’re more of a fan of boxer briefs (I’m not an underwear expert, but as far as I understand, boxer briefs are the one’s like this in the pic below, tight and covering less leg), but if you are and still want your dick to show up, there are many boxer briefs with openings on the front, but to the side. In this case, you will have to wear them really tight or have a really nice shower dick.

“Why would I want that?”, you ask? Well, one reason would be to tease your partner(s). Or the guys at the gym (in the locker room). Or just for when you get to look yourself in the mirror (c’mon, why not?).

Good example of a big dick in boxers who really
 wants to cum out and see the world.
 A big dick in boxers pops out just with a semi boner

Yeah, forget the tricks I talked about previously. It can all come down to getting a semi-erection and that will be enough for your big dick to pop out and find some other warm places explore (or your own hand).
Dicks are the their most beautiful when they are semi-hard.
Who agrees?

Wouldn’t mind to see this one getting harder, though.

Nice foreskin!

He’s trying to say that it’s not his fault.
His dick just insists to show up for the pictures.

Not my type of guy but my type of cock!
Oh yeah!

Damn, his cock just can’t stand still!

A big dick in boxers to came out to say good morning.

Legs too thick. Dick just thick enough.

Who wants to take a closer look at Perry?

His balls decided to show up too.
 When a big dick in boxers gets bigger there’s nothing you can do

Set it free, man! Yes, you can take out your boxers and do what you gotta do. But I hope this post makes you see how horny it is to have a big dick popping out of your boxers. Both I and Rob used to wear these type of boxers many years ago when we met. But I don’t know why we both moved to boxer briefs and now I realize that I miss seeing his dick popping out. Maybe I just one of his Christmas presents…
Ugly boxers. But I would suck it anyway.

This is the “lick my balls” pic.

A wet big dick in boxers (also wet). So sexy!

Are you looking at me? Because I’m looking at your dick.

Not really sure of what happened with these boxers…
 too many holes on it.. but damn nice cock!
Posted by Peter.
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