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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bedtime Snack

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 10th

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Derrek by YogaBear Studio

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
  Loved this ad above from the Non c'Γ¨ niente di speciale ad essere Normale facebook page.

non c'e' niente di speciale ad essere normale /There is nothing special to be normal
ogni tanto va innaffiato per crescere robusto/Every so often it should be watered to grow robust
 New Jersey obviously doesn't share my love of sagging as a New Jersey shore town is looking to butt in on how people dress when they stroll the boardwalk.
 My future husband, Dustin Lance Black is always speaking up for the rights of others as he Urges Hollywood to Confront Russia's Anti-Gay Laws.
 I am usually not a big fan of the Bel Ami guys as they often all seem to look the same to me. Dolph Lambert however is making a splash and The Sword has a great spread feature the studio's star.

 I have always been a huge fan of the work of Joseph Lally and thankfully have discovered his tumblr! Two recent posts, featuring incredible sets of model Don Hood (above and right) and Allen Lovell (below) are just the beginning!


From:  Gay Porn Blog
We all have been obsessed with the gay porn star mugshot since 2004 when the gruesome details of porn star Tim Barnett’s serial rape case started to emerge. Been collecting and posting them chronologically, however gay porn stars are being arrested so frequently over the last couple of years, it is hard  keeping up. From beating an elderly couple, to smashing a woman with a toilet, to stealing credit cards from a dead man, these anything-but-sexy crimes read like a blotter of the world’s creepiest criminals (who just happen to have performed in gay porn at some point in their lives).

Josh Logan, August 2013

Josh Logan (legal name: John Snavely,) star of Jet Set’s “Police Academy Gangbang” was arrested in Florida on suspicion of murdering businessman Sam Del Brocco, who also may have hired Logan as an escort.

Dustin Zito: July 2013

Real World Las Vegas cast member — better known to gay porn fans as Spencer from Fratmen was arrested in Louisiana for allegedly attacking a woman.

Donny Wright: February 2013

In a case so bizarre, it got picked up by several mainstream news outlets, a drunken Donny Wright broke into a Kentucky firehouse and was caught jerking off on fireman gear. When asked by police why he did it, he simply responded, “Because I wanted to.

Sebastian Young, October 2012

Gay porn’s “bad boy” really lives up to his name. The mugshot was from an October, 2012 arrest for alleged battery, but this was in fact his 12th arrest — previous crimes include reckless driving, false imprisonment, parole violations and many more. You can see a stunning compilation of all 12 mugshots over at TheSword.

Ryan Idol: September, 2011

One of the biggest names in gay porn in the late 80s/early 90s, he was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison for smashing his wife with the lid of a toilet tank because he suspected she was cheating on him.

Cliff Jensen: August 2011

Perma-stoned Cliff Jensen was arrested in Los Angeles County for a domestic violence charge and a fugitive from justice charge from multiple arrests and a probation violation. His girlfriend later dropped the domestic violence change.

Jake Lyons: July 2011

The “Lollypop Twink” was arrested for battery and trespassing in Fort Lauderdale.

Sam Crockett: April 2011

Prolific actor Sam Crocket filmed over 100 movies during his career from 1994-2006. He was arrested in April, 2011, for driving without a license and drug possession.

Brock Masters: March 2011

Arrested for parole violation relating to a prior conviction for a hit and run.

Steven Daigle, October 2010

The Big Brother star was arrested in West Hollywood after a bloody altercation with then-boyfriend Trent Locke.

Aden Jaric: July 2010

Arrested for hurling a glass paperweight at Jordan Jaric while they were doing a live appearance in Portland, Aden tweeted that he was acting in self-defense, but the arrest record says a different story.

Addison: May 2010

British-born gay-for-pay Jason Andrews, who performed on Sean Cody as Addison was arrested with female porn star Sunny Dae (legal name: Amanda Logue) in May, 2010 in connection to the murder of a Florida tattoo parlor owner Dennis ‘Scooter’ Abrahamsen. According to AVN:
The killing was notable for its brutality and the callousness with which the killers planned and executed the crime, including exchanging lurid text messages in the hours leading up to the attack. Logue had been hired by Abrahamson to have sex with him on camera during the party.
After bludgeoning Abrahamsen to death with a sledgehammer, they stole $6,000, his laptop, video camera, and Home Depot credit card, which the couple used and ultimately resulted in their arrest. In order to avoid the death penalty, Andrews plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole in January, 2012.

Damon Audiger: March 2010

The popular amateur star was arrested as an accomplice to murder. His friend Jeremy Pendleton, age 19, was charged with murder and Damon was released from jail.

Andrew Justice: Oct 2008 
After a successful debut year on the gay scene, doing both top and bottom scenes for many major studios, this intriguing bisexual served a year in prison for stalking and harassing an ex-girlfriend. When he was released from prison, in 2009, he did just a handful of scenes.

Tory Mason: July 2008

The Drunky McDrunkerton pocket gay was arrested for driving drunk in his home state of Idaho over Fourth of July weekend, 2008.

Sebastian Young: June 2008

The first of a dozen mugshots of Sebastian Young to surface, this specific arrest was related to a parole violation.

Keyon (left) and Teyon (below): Feb 2008

Twins Keyontyli and Teleon Goffney were arrested in Philadelphia for trying to steal the cash out of a beauty salon’s ATM and were promptly connected with at least 35 other robberies. It took porn fans all of six days to figure out they were the gay porn twins Keyon and Teyon who did a handful of scenes and cam shows, most notably a threeway on Blackmen.net with Marc Williams, where Marc bottomed for the first time on camera.

Nickolay Petrov: Jan 2008

Nickolay Petrov (aka Edmon Vardanyan) was arrested in Florida and charged beating and stalking a couple in their 60s. Petrov was actually hired to kill them but couldn't quite pull it off. The (former?) Jet Set Exclusive faces up to 20 years in prison.

Tommy Saxx: June 2007

Things started to go downhill for b-list star Tommy Saxx, it seems, when he started to do bareback: It was around then he seemed to have sunk past the point of no return. Working as a hospital tech, Tommy was caught going on a shopping spree with credit cards he stole from to a man who died in the emergency room.

Mark Dalton: May 2007

Arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend (once again) Mark Dalton was released the next day. Two weeks later they realized he was in violation of his parole, so he got sent back to jail where’s he’ll stay at least until his next parole hearing in 2009. I much prefer this mugshot to his previous one — better hair, no wonky-eye and he seems to be making a real connection with the camera.

Harlow Cuadra (right) & Joseph Kerekes (below): May 2007

Business partners, prostitutes and (alleged) partners in crime, the two currently are on trial for killing Cobra Video owner Brian Kocis and could face the death penalty if found guilty. Drawn by the sensational aspects of the case, “Rolling Stone” and “Out Magazine” both reported on murder.

Marcus Allen: November, 2006

When Timothy Boham — better known to gay porn fans as Marcus Allen — was arrested crossing the border into Mexico on suspicion of murdering his boss, JP Kelso, all sorts of bizarre details surrounding his life emerged, painting a portrait of a very twisted, conflicted man. Invoking a history of manic depression, in May, 2007 Boham pled insanity, claiming that Kelso’s request for “a cuddle” set off a manic episode. He still awaits trial.

Cody Cash: March, 2005

The rough-hewn Beantown dreamboat checked out of Wet Palms and into LA County Jail for cocaine possession. Since his much-hyped release from prison some 20 months later in September 2007, he’s since only filmed one scene (topping Braxton Bond on GetYourFixxx) and no one’s heard from him since.

Mark Dalton: October 2004

What started as an anonymous tip from a disgruntled client quickly turned into sad fact: the massively muscled not-quite-gay star ended up spending 14 months in prison for domestic abuse, where he would clearly NOT learn his lesson.

Tim Barnett: July 2004

Tim Barnett (aka Bradford Thomas Wagner), prolific 90s porn gay star who starred in Falcon’s rape-themed classic The Abduction 2: The Conflict was arrested as mounting DNA evidence suggested he was a serial rapist (of women) in the Aspen, CO area. The story took an even more sordid turn a year later when he hung himself in his jail cell awaiting trial.

A New Bachelor Announced And More TV Underwear Sightings

From:  The Underwear Expert
A new Bachelor is announced. A Gay couple take the wilderness by storm. A New Girl actor gets in a brawl in the ocean. Yes, this happened this week, but, just in case your Tivo was broken or you were too busy watching a Honey Boo Boo rerun, we've compiled a list of this week’s TV Underwear Sightings.

Newly announced Bachelor Juan Pablo
hits the beach with a bud. 
We start this week’s recap with our favorite reality dating show loser, Juan Pablo. The former soccer player proved this week that you don’t need to get the girl in the end to get your own spin off series after being announced as the new bachelor for ABC’s next season of The Bachelor. Since being announced as The Bachelor, Pablo has gained a lot of media attention for his mostly shirtless Instagram pics, one of which shows the reality celeb enjoying a day at the beach in a short swim trunk.
Kyle Krieger poses in black briefs in a recent Instagram pic. 

Another reality celeb, Kyle Krieger, also took to Instagram this week to post a pic in his favorite black briefs. Krieger is one half of the gay reality couple garnering attention for their participation in Bear Grylls survival competition “Get Out Alive.”
Royce and Kyle of Get Out Alive wash off during the competition. 
The two have to fight off the elements in the show set in the wilderness but also find time to keep their hygiene in semi-NSFW moment captured by cameras and crafted into a gif by fans.
Jake Johnson battles the police on the set of  New Girl. 

Finally, New Girl actor Jake Johnson is sporting some interesting swimwear in photos snapped from the set of the new season. Seen fighting off cops, the actor swings around fully clothed in the ocean while Zooey Deschanel looks on from the shore.
Daniel Gillies gets dressed in a scene from Saving Hope. 

Drew Roy is strapped down and shirtless in the latest Falling Skies episode. 


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What do you think of the new “Manhunt Man Of The Week” format? Let us know!"

- J. Harvey

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