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Monday, August 5, 2013

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21 year old. Lakewood, CA
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Bedtime Snack

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A Glassy Act

Men at Work...

The 25 Best Beach Bodies

From:  OUT
 Actors, athletes, singers, models... Summertime is always a feast for the eyes when our dear male celebrities take some much-deserved time off from their busy lives and unwind at the beach. We've gathered some of our favorites here
Actor, 30

We've seen The Man of Steel half naked all summer long, but somehow it never gets old.

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10 best 'Sesame Street' musical guests

From:  Today/Entertainment
"Sesame Street" has been a television institution since its premiere in 1969, captivating children and adults alike while imparting valuable life lessons through a group of instantly recognizable furry characters. The show has also seen its share of musical guests – some of the best and brightest acts of their day have hung out and sang songs with the gang. Here, through 44 years of programming, are the top 10 musical guests the show has seen.

Ray Charles
We all know that Ray Charles was one of the coolest guys around, so it's even more touching to see him explain his blindness to a curious Elmo. Charles and Elmo then break out into a snappy version of the show's signature tune, "Believe in Yourself;" watching Charles genuinely enjoy himself while singing a duet with the little red guy would make even the most cold-hearted kid smile.

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Men at Work...

Bedtime Snack

Men at Work...

Moving Men

Question of the Day...

What do you do for a living?

Condom maker breaks down penis size by state, city

If the Wild West is the home of manly men, you wouldn't know it by the penis size study just released by Condomania. Men in Utah and Wyoming apparently caught the short end of the stick. In contrast, residents of New Hampshire, Oregon and New York must be bursting with pride at finishing at the top of this list.
Condomania began marketing TheyFit condoms six years ago, a set of 76 varied sizes to provide a perfect fit. The data pool for this study has swelled to more than 27,000 men, enough to draw some tentative conclusions. The tumescent curve runs from 3" to 10", falling into a Bell normal curve with half between 5" and 6". This conforms with previous studies, including the Kinsey Report.

Broken down by city, the list of the most well-endowed citizens is topped by:

1. New Orleans
2. Washington DC
3. San Diego
4. New York City
5. Phoenix
6. Portland
7. Atlanta
8. San Francisco
9. Chicago
10. St. Louis
11. Seattle
12. Miami
13. Indianapolis
14. Columbus
15. Boston
16. Denver
17. Los Angeles
18. Detroit
19. Philadelphia
20. Dallas/Ft. Worth

How about your state? 
After the jump you will find the the results, again, in descending order

65th Primetime Emmy Awards

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Nominees
Note:  Photos of Actor in Part Nominated For and in a More Sexy Photo

Louis C.K. as Various Characters on 
Saturday Night Live 
(Episode: "Host: Louis C.K.") 

Bobby Cannavale as 
Dr. Mike Cruz on 
Nurse Jackie 
(Episode: "Walk of Shame") (Showtime)

Will Forte as 
Paul L'AstnamΓ© on 
30 Rock 
(Episode: "My Whole Life is Thunder") 

Nathan Lane as 
Pepper Saltzman on 
Modern Family 
(Episode: "A Slight at the Opera") 

Bob Newhart as 
Arthur Jeffries / Professor Proton on 
The Big Bang Theory 
(Episode: "The Proton 

Justin Timberlake as 
Various Characters on 
Saturday Night Live 
(Episode: "Host: Justin Timberlake") 

10 Oft-Shirtless Athletes To Follow On Instagram

From:  Queerty
Reggie Bush @reggiebush
You can say a lot about Kim Kardashian’s taste level, but when it comes to exes, she’s got the cream of the crop.

Afternoon Delight

National Bargain Hunting Week: August 5 - August 11

National Bargain Hunting Week will be celebrated August 5-11, 2013, having made its debut in 1996.  The celebration was founded by Debbie Keri-Brown, author of the books, Bargain Hunting In Central Ohio and Bargain Hunting In Columbus.  Although the books are now out of print, the celebration will continue yearly to encourage the thrill of the hunt for bargains and the triumph of the find.  Consumers are more value conscious today than ever before as a result of the current economic situation in this country. Whether rummaging through boxes at a flea market, the clearance rack of a department store or the shelves at an off-price business, the hunt for the bargain can be just as exciting as the item which is discovered.  

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 5th

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Image from Hans Fahrmeyer

Question of the Day...

What TYPE of guy are you attracted to?  Is that type a healthy attraction or do you wish you were attracted to something different?


 Published by: 
Falcon Studios
Year Produced:

Contents / Models:
Publication Design by Fred Bisonnes
(1978; softcore stills from “Hitchhiker” & “Taxi Rider” [Al Parker star]); 48 pages, 8 in color

Al Parker (cover)
This magazine documents two of the four films.
TAXI RIDER starring Al Parker & Craig Ryan
HITCHHIKER #648 starring Bill Adams & Vince Clark

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