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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It is Gay Thanksgiving

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 25th

Image by Markus Bollingmo

Ad Men

The Man behind the Video

When the tornado roared through Washington, Illinois on Sunday,November 17, 2007 many of us were stunned and shocked by the footage taken by Anthony Khoury.  

While we may not be religious, as the saying goes "there are no atheists in foxholes"  I don't think anyone can blame him for saying "The Lord's Prayer" at the time.   Take a look at his pre-tornado locker room selfie and we all can thankful he shared his body with the world.

My thoughts are with all those that lost their homes in the tornado, may this Thanksgiving  be a joyful day with your family as you rebuild your lives.


The Ravers - Ready When You Are (The Kicker)

The Game Won't Change. Ready When You Are.
This message is brought to you by sports fans who don't care if you're gay.
Produced by Lucia Haliburton, David Tompa, Mark Peachey and Mark Bethune
Written and Directed by Mark Bethune
Cinematography Mati Kuld
David Tompa
Brian Rhodes
Landy Cannon
Kristian Bruun
Jerritt Boyce
Gavin Fox Jack
Alastair Forbes
Nick Stojanavic
Michael Koras
Darcy Davidson
Justin Tensen

Say Nothing.....




The incredible dashing fresh face Gerrad connects with talented Photographer David Wagner for portfolio updated. If you really appreciate the way David’s work in this session, we can delightfully see a very clean, classic and masculine strong portrait, Gerrad reflects a beautiful fit and lean body. David’s explains:
Gerrad and I started discussing the shoot and from the very beginning I felt like his beard, which was fairly new, could inspiration the direction of the shoot. Rugged. Textured. Masculine. We felt his wardrobe could be have those same qualities. So we decided to go with a mix of items…some that were vintage, some textured and rugged. The boots are vintage Red Wings and he suspenders are vintage WWII uniform issue. The glasses are vintage as well.



Have A Nice Day!

Jean-Robert LeCocq - Playgirl - March 1981

March 1981

Bruce Dern and Maud Adams (Not nude) photographed by Nancy Ellison

Bruce Dern: Sex, Drugs, And His Career - An X-Rated Conversation
The Legend Of Jim Morrison By Eve Babitz
How To Diddle Your Hidden Pleasure Spot
Do You Know How Much You Should Really Weigh
Join us round the campfire with our Man for March. He's sure to warm you through and through.

Jean Robert, Jean Robert Lecocq








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