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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Pioneers of the Leather and Biker Scene

From: The Advocate

Olivia Newton-John! Ranking Her Essential 67 Songs

From: NewNowNext
Second single from the Two Of A Kind soundtrack, it was Olivia’s penultimate top 40 hit. (U.S #31 UK: N/A)


From: Manhunt Daily
Laval, Quebec, Canada


Will see


From: Manhunt Daily
La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

busco hacer algoo

busco algun chico hasta 23 calenton

Four Decades of NYC Gay Pride. Were You There?

From: Advocate

Groovy Flashback: TIME Covers 1980 - 1989

From: Deep Dish
Kevin Costner (Field of Dreams) - June 26, 1989

The 30 Worst Music Videos Of All Time

From: NewNowNext

God, how I miss the early days of MTV when jewels like this could be cherished.

365/356 Birthday at the Beach

From: Noodles and Beach

BFI Releases List Of The Top 30 LGBT Films Of All Time

From: NewNowNext
Céline Sciamma

Tomboy is a 2011 French drama film written and directed by Céline Sciamma. The story follows a 10-year-old transgender child (given the name Laure by his parents) who, after moving with his family to a new neighborhood introduces himself to his new friends as Mikäel. The film opened to positive reviews, with critics praising the directing and the performers, particularly Zoé Héran as the lead.

25 Life Lessons From The Unbreakable Titus Andromedon

From: NewNowNext
The D ain’t everything…

14 Photographs Which Prove That Growing A Beard Changes Everything

From: Bright Side

George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961) is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, director, and activist. He has received three Golden Globe Awards for his work as an actor and two Academy Awards, one for acting and the other for producing.

Clooney made his acting debut on television in 1978, and later gained wide recognition in his role as Dr. Doug Ross on the long-running medical drama ER from 1994 to 1999, for which he received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. While working on ER, he began attracting a variety of leading roles in films, including the superhero film Batman & Robin (1997) and the crime comedy Out of Sight (1998), in which he first worked with director Steven Soderbergh, who would become a long-time collaborator. In 1999, he took the lead role in Three Kings, a well-received war satire set during the Gulf War.

In 2001, Clooney's fame widened with the release of his biggest commercial success, the heist comedy Ocean's Eleven, the first of the film trilogy, a remake of the 1960 film with Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean. He made his directorial debut a year later with the biographical spy comedy Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and has since directed the historical drama Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), the sports comedy Leatherheads (2008), the political drama The Ides of March (2011), and the war film The Monuments Men (2014).

Clooney won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the Middle East thriller Syriana (2005), and subsequently earned Best Actor nominations for the legal thriller Michael Clayton (2007) and the comedy-dramas Up in the Air (2009) and The Descendants (2011). In 2013, he received the Academy Award for Best Picture for producing the political thriller Argo. He is the only person who has been nominated for Academy Awards in six different categories.

In 2009, Clooney was included in Time's annual Time 100 as one of the "Most Influential People in the World". He is also noted for his political activism, and has served as one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace since January 31, 2008. His humanitarian work includes his advocacy of finding a resolution for the Darfur conflict, raising funds for the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Armenian Genocide recognition, 2004 Tsunami, and 9/11 victims, and creating documentaries such as Sand and Sorrow to raise awareness about international crises. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The 14 Gayest Moments In Game Show History

From: NewNowNext
A Straight Couple Introduces America To Butt Sex
In a legendary episode of 1970's The Newlywed Game, Bob Eubanks asked a new wife “Where is the weirdest place you’ve had the urge to make whoopie?”

Barely missing a beat, this classy lady declares “in the ass!” and heterosexual viewers were introduced to anal sex a generation before Dan Savage.

In 2009, the show actually welcomed its first same-sex couple: Star Trek star George Takei and his husband, Brad Altman, who actually won the game. The following year, Cameron and Garrett Jackson becameThe Newlywed Game’s first non-celebrity gay couple. (They won, too!)


From: Manhunt Daily

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Em construção
Seu eu não responder e pq não curti, valew!?

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 
Under construction 
If I do not answer 'cause and not enjoyed , valew !?

50 Businesses That Have Supported The LGBT Community

From: Huffington Post
In 2005, Microsoft came under fire from anti-LGBT activists, including evangelical preacher Ken Hutcherson, for its support of a bill in that would outlaw discrimination against homosexuals at work in the state of Washington. In response, Microsoft withdrew its support of the bill, prompting outrage from gay and liberal activists and criticism from its staff and other big businesses. In response, Bill Gates backtracked again and admitted that he was surprised by the vehemence of the reaction. When the bill was defeated by a single vote, Microsoft's liberal critics blamed its withdrawal of support for the loss.

Following the repeal of a major portion of DOMA, the company released the following statement:
Today’s decision turns the page on a law that made it more difficult for us to treat all of our employees, regardless of sexual orientation, equally. Microsoft joined dozens of corporations, organizations and governments in support of the challenge to DOMA because of the significant costs and administrative burdens it imposed on employers and because it interfered with our efforts to promote diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace.

Remembering Prince: 5 reasons the music legend was one of a kind

From: Today: Pop Culture
 Above all, his unparalleled music and performance

As someone who witnessed Prince's greatness in person (and paid a pretty penny to make that happen), I knew watching his performance of "Purple Rain" was a bucket-list moment — before, during and after it was happening. It was the most professionally impressive concert I've ever attended, complete with impeccable choreography, astounding arrangements, endless energy and complete respect for his audience.


Worshipping the male body

A friend came to town and this is his sexy ass!


From: Ric

55 Power Couples You Should Know

From: OUT
Tom Daley
Dustin Lance Black

Shortly after their engagement, Olympic diver and reality TV host Tom Daley and Oscar-winning writer-director-activist Dustin Lance Black went public as a couple, appearing together for the first time on the cover of a magazine -- Out's Love Issue, in February.

Olivia Newton-John! Ranking Her Essential 67 Songs

From: NewNowNext
Title song from the classic comedy, it’s the only time you’ll hear Olivia use the word “shitty” in a song.

Groovy Flashback: TIME Covers 1980 - 1989

From: Deep Dish
Donald Trump - January 16, 1989

55 Power Couples You Should Know

From: OUT
Lee Daniels 
Jahlil Fisher

Empire producer and Oscar nominee Lee Daniels and his stylist boyfriend of five years, Jahil Fisher, were featured in Out's Love Issue in 2015. Read the story
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