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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dish of the Day #1188: Red, Hot and Blue!

To celebrate the 4th of July, this week I'm featuring a few patriotic Dishes. Every Monday through Friday a new Dish of the Day is featured, and beginning on Friday you can vote for your favorite Dish of the week. If you haven't voted for last week's Dish yet, choose your man  Here..

Today's Dish is Matt Mendrun.


Amel Skiljan Shirtless by Mladen Blagojevic

 Male model Amel Skiljan goes shirtless captured by Mladen Blagojevic. Amel has a sexy smooth bod and we wouldn’t mind waking up next to him every day. Good looking guy, beautiful muscular chest and abs sigh…

Move Over, Sully!

From:  kenneth in the (212)
 Helicopter pilot makes amazing emergency landing in Hudson River, saving all four passengers - 'They didn't even get wet

There's a new Hero on the Hudson, and he's way hotter!
I was just doing my job,” said 23-year-old Michael Campbell minutes after his noon splashdown off West 85th Street. 

Read  HERE

Alef Borges Shirtless by Cristiano Madureira

Male model Alef Borges goes shirtless and flexes his seductive muscles with a gorgeous fresh face this sexy shots is captured by Cristiano Madureira.

Alan Gabriel Villafuerte

Alan Gabriel Villafuerte
Born: June 29, 1977 in San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador
Country: Netherlands
Sport: Trampolining

Briefs Guy

 Felipe Jimenez

Hair Balls of the Day:

Surfer Magazine Gives Tribute to Best Beards in Surfing!!
From:  The Accidental Bear
 The rastafarian Gandalf of Leucadia. You think it sucks to stand on your leash during takeoff? Just imagine all the times Haffey’s paddled into a sweet little peeler only to pop up with a foot on his own beard. It’s not often that a beard is so big it inhibits locomotion. Haffey’s in rarefied air he
 Redman, with his voluminous, Amish-style Donegan, wouldn’t have looked out of place driving around Indiana in a horse-drawn buggy or sweating under a wide-brimmed hat whilst erecting a barn. But sadly, we’ll have no more shots of Redman’s beard poking out of South African barrels as he’s recently shorn his wool. Blasphemer. 
Photo: Specker
 A near perfect synthesis of man and beard was dissolved this year after Hoyo went mainstream and ditched his multi-hued Viking warrior’s facial shield. Hoyo surfs like a Australian Viking would have, with barely-contained animal aggression fueled by furious bouts of beer drinking. Lucky for us, that kind of surfing is like Rogaine for your face. We’ll see the legendary Hoyo beard again. 
Photo: Maassen
Remember that mid-heat soul arch at J-Bay? His beard’s idea. 
Photo: Kidman

Tuesday July 2, 2013: Hunk of the Day

From:  Daily Hunks

How it all Began at COLT…

From:  Colt Blog
 Since 1967 COLT has been producing the world’s most masculine all-male erotica and these illustrations show how it all began way back in the beginning…  Many people think that Touko Laaksonen from Tom of Finland was the first gay man to draw and sell illustrations, but NO…  Jim French started in 1967, while Tom of Finland begin in 1973, a few years afterwards.
Jim French himself started as an illustrator drawing the latest French fashions for a large department store in NYC.  On the side and after hours he would shoot Polaroids of models he would come across in the Big Apple.  He created different themes.
 The first three are themed LEATHER

 Here are three themed SPORTS 

Then there was UNIFORM 
And lastley WESTERN


 Furry 27 Year Old Army Spc at Fort Stewart, GA.

County Line Road: Mitch

Daily Packages

Leo Rico is Dripping in Red
In this Daily Package, model Leo Rico poses for photographer Tiago Prisco while he is dripping wet in a snug pair of red swim briefs and a pair of aviators.

A WET Treasure Trail

"Oh my God, it's been 120degrees here in Palm Desert, CA this week.   I desperately need something to quench my thirst.  Now this slab o' manhood would be just the right thing.  Thank you Kevin." -- the treasure trail


Parker Hurley Gets Covered In Paint
From:  Queerty
 The internet’s favorite underwear model (okay, it’s a tie between him and Alex Minsky) sure knows how to make the boys beg for more. His Saturday mornings made everyone wish they could watch cartoons in their underwear again, when Mr. Turk came calling – so did everyone else and now it seems he’s got into a bit of a mess. A mess of paint. In what looks to be a similar photo shoot to one that Colby Melvin took with Queerty’s favorite photographer, Gabriel Gastelum, Hurley is covered in paint. Gastelum teased the shoot on his Tumblr and Instagram accounts. So we can only hope to see more soon.

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