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Saturday, October 10, 2015


Uncensored Nude Cowboys Boogi

Hot vintage gay man, amazing erotic body. Black and white naked cowboys pics

Nude Cowboys Boogie (Vintage pictures)
Realization: Titus Bern

Mike Strickland – Western Boogie
James Shepard – Pat’s Boogie

Top 10 Guys With iPhones Ranked: Week Of 10.5.2015

From: Fleshbot

WARNING: This week's lineup of coke can dicks will stretch, you, out. 

It's another pre cum-inducing week over at Guys With iPhones. I'm going to toss it up season erect-ive disorder that these sexhibitionists are stepping up their game in a such major way. There are possibly even more dick and face pics this week than last, and it's just nifty.

For today's roundup we have a couple of porn star dicks, and even though the Guys With iPhones community is split in half over the inclusion of professional peens, I say nom. We also have the welcomed return of I Love You Dick (!!!) and a trio of studs in the number one spot that will have your hand buried in your slot something less gross. And away we grow! 

Rare Breed Dick
It's the endangered thick and toned, delicately hairy body. Quick hun take a pic! 
Get Pumped Dick
Let's work on those squats.
Where R Ü Now Dick
No really - I see a fridge, some lockers, and a toothbrush holder. 
 Lovely Dick
It doesn't get much lovelier. 
Ruined For Other Men Dick
Thanks a bunch. 
G.I. Blow Dick
 I'll drop and give you plenty
 I Love You Dick

 And I still don't know your name. 
Valentino Medici Dick
What a pro.
 Leo Alexander Dick
I can't. 
Straight Guys Will Be The Death Of Me Dick

Tom Hiddleston Rallies For More Male Nudity on The Graham Norton Show

From: Accidental Bear
Star of Crimson Peak Tom Hiddleston addresses equality and sexuality in films.

Video from The Graham Norton Show

Tim Tebow Is a Sexy Couch Potato

From: kenneth in the (212)
Timmy's BULGE SHOT has sent traffic through the roof, but I like this one even more. Love the treasure trail and his loyalty to his Jockey sponsorship.
 And these shots from a Gatorade Performance Lab are nice, too.

Stallburschen : 2016 Calendar

Check out this Stallburschen : 2016 Calendar.
Get a copy of STALLBURSCHEN 2016 today!
From: Homotrophy

Cast of “By the Sea” from BROADWAY BARES “Winter Burlesque”

Bruno Endler by B. Charles Johnson

Brazilian model Bruno Endler by B. Charles Johnson for Fave magazine

The CAPTION THIS Contest For October 7th!

From: Dlisted

This Week’s Most Important NSFW Vines:

Tan While You Twerk, Hide & Bro Seek, Nude Fishing
From: The Gaily Grind

Welcome back to our weekly recap of the hottest NSFW Vines you may have missed.

Naked Shower Dance:

Hide & Bro Seek:

Tan While You Twerk:

Naked Canon Ball:

Awkward Roommate Moments:

When You Wake Up Naked And Confused:

Make Sure To Leave A Good Impression At A Job Interview

Naked Fishing:

The Weekly ShoutOUT™

This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Jonathan Slavin
From: NewNowNext
In 2012 Jonathan played the bacon-allergic Ogo on Nickelodeon’s Robot And Monster, as the annoying but adorable third wheel to to the title characters.

The CAPTION THIS Contest WINNER For October 6th!

From: Dlisted
The “Face Your Fear” bathroom at the Institute for the Study of OCD and Obsessive Disorders

Target's Only Male Plus-Size Model Zach Miko Hits a Bull's-Eye for Body Positivity

From: Mic.com
 If you scour Target's website for a men's big-and-tall flannel shirt in a blue plaid, you might scroll right past him. Ditto for the navy long-sleeve heavyweight thermal. But, if your sartorial Web surfing brings you to, say, a denim shirt in dark blue or a cement-colored long-sleeve hoodie, you'll spot Zach Miko.

 At 6 feet 6 inches, with a 40-inch waist, he doesn't have the V-shaped buff body of most big and tall sections. But what's behind the man in the ads? Well, clips and pins, actually.

"The first day [of the shoot], they were supposed to send XL tall shirts, and every shirt they sent was a medium regular, which I cannot fit into under any stretch of the imagination," Miko told Mic. "They had to cut every single shirt and open it up like a hospital gown."

Zach was the lone Dad Bod in a sea of washboard stomachs and slender frames. The stylist told him he was the first model to wear a slit-back button down ever.

 Becoming the only average-bodied plus-size male model on Target's website is a surprise to Miko, who told Mic he wears clothes until they fall apart and doesn't understand why people peruse clothing racks for fun.

"You're never confronted with how big you are until you find something that doesn't go on your big-ass body," he said.

 Miko's ads caught the eye of Bruce Sturgell, the founding editor of Chubstr, a lifestyle website dedicated to helping men of size find, create and share their style with the world. Chubstr has an affiliate deal with Target, which means he is able to choose Target clothing for inclusion in a curated Chubstr shop.

"Seeing this model up on their site was a little surprising for me," Sturgell told Mic. Though Sturgell lives in the world of big and tall, body-positive fashion, he still says Miko is unique.

"You tend to see the tall side of big and tall," he said. "He is kind of a unicorn. There's not a lot of guys like that, especially if you're looking at catalogs or websites."

Recent headlines corroborate Sturgell's observations. In January, the Telegraph asked, "Why Are There No Plus-Size Male Models?" In July, Business Insider ran a piece titled "Men Are Facing a Huge Double Standard in the Fashion Industry."

Plus-size women have stormed New York Fashion Week and models like Tess Holliday have set out to create clothing lines for women of size, but no male name-brand equivalent has yet surfaced

A photo posted by ➕Size Model | Mom | FeministπŸŽƒ (@tessholliday) on

Chubstr aims to fill that void while the industry plays catch-up. After an unsuccessful shopping trip to his local mall, Sturgell complained about his experience on a Tumblr blog, but then realized that this was worth more than a rant: It could be a brand. He began to become a guru to other men of size seeking fashion advice.
"They started asking questions about their own outfits. They wanted advice on what to wear for job interviews," he said. Sturgell said he believes his positive reception shows that men of size are sorely lacking entry-level knowledge in fashion. Aside from tips on where to find flattering clothes, his site teaches the basics of how to tie a tie, how to match and how to pull a look together, after being told for decades that there was no room in the industry for them.
While the U.S. boasted more than 6,000 plus-size women's clothing stores that generated a combined $9 billion in 2014, less than 1,000 stores existed nationwide for plus-size men. They generated about $1 billion.
Sturgell said companies are hesitant to display male models for fear of turning off their audience. They fear "the people they're trying to target won't see them as aspirational," he said.
Though now a model for a major U.S. retailer, Miko said he once felt iced out of fashion because of his size. Miko is an actor who is used to criticism about his size. While he often gets callbacks, he's usually deemed too tall to be a leading man, but not exactly large enough to be play the television version of a character of size.
But his budding modeling career has given him new confidence. "I don't give a shit if I ever have ripped abs and look like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. I never want that," he said.

Miko met his wife, Laura, on the set of a Web series they shot together. Though her husband is naturally confident, Laura Miko told Mic she saw some of his frustrations with the fashion world and with his own body wilt away once he landed his modeling gig.
"Once he started modeling for Target, he was like, 'I'm finally wearing clothes that fit me and they look good. Everything that I put on hangs in the right spot and looks good,'" Laura Miko told Mic.
One night, after a shoot, Zach Miko came home, and they sat together in their living room.
"I told Laura after my second day, 'I don't ever want to be a small guy, and I'm tired of being told that in order to be in this world, I have to be smaller,'" Zach Miko said.
"I didn't realize that he had the same pressures that a lot of women have," Laura Miko said. "He's told he needs to lose weight. He's told he has to be more muscular. He's told he has to be certain thing
But, if you ask Laura Miko, she never even knew about his fear. And she never doubted he'd excel at modeling, either.
"He's got such a photogenic face, you just get lost in his eyes," Laura Miko said. "He's every man's guy. The guy every guy wants to be around."
Sturgell said Zach Miko's presence in the modeling world is "an amazing step in the right direction." He is positive that change is coming to male fashion and that men of size have something to look forward to: confidence.
"You'll see a bigger guy go to an online forum or a subreddit and ask for advice and the advice that they're getting is to lose weight or exercise," Sturgell said. "There should be options for men as they are currently. We aren't there only saying, 'We need bigger sizes.' We're looking for solutions and we're finding them. That's not to say we don't want to see more options, but part of it is, we have to deal with what we have now."
And what we have now is Zach Miko, who proves that clothes do make the man — more confident.

Though his first modeling experience, wearing a cut-up shirt with an exposed back, is behind him, the memory is still fresh. "It's the first time I ever put on clothes that made me feel good about myself," Zach Miko said. "Well, that's not true; my wedding suit was awesome."

Classic Television - Prime Time

The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Original channel
Original run
September 19, 1970 – March 19, 1977
Mary Tyler Moore
Edward Asner
Valerie Harper
Gavin MacLeod
Ted Knight
Georgia Engel
Betty White
Cloris Leachman
The Mary Tyler Moore Show (also known simply by the name of the show's star, Mary Tyler Moore) is an American television sitcom created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns that aired on CBS from 1970 to 1977. The program was a television breakthrough, with the first never-married, independent career woman as the central character: "As Mary Richards, a single woman in her thirties, Moore presented a character different from other single TV women of the time. She was not widowed or divorced or seeking a man to support her."
It has also been cited as "one of the most acclaimed television programs ever produced" in US television history. It received high praise from critics, including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series three years in a row (1975–77), and continued to be honored long after the final episode aired.
Mary Richards (Moore) is a single woman who, at age 30, moves to Minneapolis after breaking off an engagement with her boyfriend of two years. She applies for a secretarial job at TV station WJM, but that is already taken. She is instead offered the position of associate producer of the station's "Six O'Clock News". She befriends her tough but lovable boss Lou Grant (Ed Asner), news writer Murray Slaughter (Gavin MacLeod), and buffoonish anchorman Ted Baxter (Ted Knight). Mary later becomes producer of the show.
Mary rents a third floor studio apartment in a Victorian house from acquaintance and downstairs landlady, Phyllis Lindstrom (Cloris Leachman), and becomes best friends with upstairs neighbor Rhoda Morgenstern (Valerie Harper). Characters introduced later in the series are acerbic, man-hungry TV hostess Sue Ann Nivens (Betty White), and sweet-natured Georgette Franklin (Georgia Engel), as Ted Baxter's girlfriend (and later, wife). At the beginning of season 6, after both Rhoda and Phyllis have moved away (providing a premise for two spinoffs), Mary relocates to a one bedroom high-rise apartment.
In the third season, issues such as equal pay for women, pre-marital sex and homosexuality are woven into the show's comedic plots. In the fourth season, such subjects as marital infidelity and divorce are explored with Phyllis and Lou, respectively. In the fifth season, Mary refuses to reveal a news source and is jailed for contempt of court. While in prison, she befriends a prostitute who seeks Mary's help in a subsequent episode. In the final seasons, the show explores humor in death in the classic Emmy-winning episode "Chuckles Bites the Dust" and juvenile delinquency; Ted deals with intimate marital problems, infertility, and adoption, and suffers a heart attack; and Mary overcomes an addiction to sleeping pills. Mary dates several men on and off over the years, two seriously, but remains single throughout the series.

Tank and his man Josh! Going at it, on MaverickMenDirects.com

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