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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The 35 Most Homoerotic One Direction Moments

From: Queerty
Keep it up, boys!

Top 100 Hits Of The Ladies Of the 80′s

From: The Backlot
Laura Branigan
 Laura had three top ten songs (although her original version of “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” came close, peaking at #12), and the first on this list is “Solitaire,” which was her follow-up to “Gloria,” and proved that she was no one-hit wonder. It peaked at #7 in May 1983. “Solitaire” is also notable for introducing prolific songwriter Diane Warren, who re-wrote the original French lyrics.

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed

From: Buzz Feed
Can I Stream It?
Once you pick a movie, find out where you can stream it with this handy tool.

Ends Of The World

From: Boy Culture
Seeing this, I keep hearing a triangle being struck and a middle-aged woman shouting,
 "Suppertime!" from a porch.

Favorite New Face on Thursday Nights:

Ditch Davey in The Black Box
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I didn't expect much from ABC's new The Black Box, the premise seemed muddled and with all the shows being yanked the past few weeks, I was reluctant to invest in another drama, especially one so emotionally driven. My love for Vanessa Redgrave however, had me DVR the show and last week I finally watched the first three episodes. I love it. Although I almost stopped during the first half hour of the pilot, (too many dreams and misleading scenes) the show settled in with focused narrative and I became engrossed with life of Dr. Catherine Black. I had never heard of Kelly Reilly before, but her portrayal of the bi-polar, and emotionally broken Catherine is both fascinating, annoying as well as highly watchable and an acting tour de force for the shows lead actress.

Ditch and The Black Box co-stars Kelly Reilly and David Ajala
 Also making the hour speed by is the incredibly sexy face, and body, of actor Ditch Davey. The Australian born Davey was originally named Kristian Lind, but legally changed his name to Ditch at 18. Turns on Australian shows Blue Heelers and Sea Patrol led Davey to his most well known as Nemetes on Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Ditch and his beautiful wife Sophia
 I am not hopeful ABC will stick with The Black Box, the pilot's ratings were so so in its Scandal time slot, and have dropped with it's subsequent episodes. I would still encourage you to check it out, the show is only 3 shows in for it's 13 episode season so there is still time for viewers to find it. The shows complicated characters however may make it off putting and maybe 13 hours is enough to tell the story. 13 was certainly was the case with Under The Dome which is being dragged out for a second season. At least check out it for Mr. Davey who I predict will land on his feet nicely after his exposure on the show.

 Ditch Davey (born 30 July 1975, in Melbourne) is an Australian actor.

 He was born Kristian Lind, but legally changed his name to Ditch when he was 18. Ditch came about because his older sister could not pronounce Christian, so instead she ended up calling him 'Ditchin'. As the years went on 'Ditch' became a nickname so on his eighteenth birthday Ditch Davey was who he became when he also took his stepfather's surname.

Ditch in Spartacus: War of the Damned
 Ditch graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 1998.

Ditch in Spartacus: War of the Damned
 Not long after leaving WAAPA and the state of Western Australia, he got his first acting job on a Wrigley's Eclipse chewing gum ad. After this, he was seen on Australian dramas such as All Saints, Above the Law, Water Rats, and the telemovie Do or Die

Ditch in TJ Scott's In The Tub Series
 In 2001 he auditioned for the role of Evan Jones on Blue Heelers. He got the role and quit his job as a part-time barman in Sydney, moved from Sydney to Melbourne, and cut his long blonde hair and dyed it brown. His first episode was "Dragged".

In 2002, Ditch won the Logie Award for Most Popular New Male Talent.

Ditch in TJ Scott's In The Tub Series
In 2006, Blue Heelers was axed after a 12-year-run. Davey hosted Channel Seven's Police Files - Unlocked before leaving to work on Sea Patrol. In the 2008 series, Ditch played SAS officer Jim Roth on a semi-regular basis. He also portrayed Romeo in the 2012 Australian Science-Fiction Film "Crawlspace". He also had a supporting role in the final season of "Spartacus: War of the Damned".

Your Hunk of the Day: Aaron Van Driessche

Aaron Van Driessche via Modelspotting 
Model and (if YouTube is to be believed) occasional MMA fighter Aaron Van Driessche is your Hunk of the Day, seen here is a fantastic photo set from Tom Cullis.

Just Because...

I Want His Thighs to Vice Grip My Face!From: Wicked Gay


 Starry Starry Ass
From:  Sticky

Ends Of The World:

Suiting Up
From: Boy Culture

Erotica - The A Game - by Chase Swaager

From: Queer Click
Tonight I was feeling on my A game. I even had made a bet with another bartender about taking down a 9. I would realistically fuck anything if I had to, but I was searching for some fine wine tonight. I needed that tight stomach, but of course with an even tighter ass. Maybe some colour, I wasn't sure who I was going to take down yet. It had to be fresh meat though, and that could be a challenge.

I spot my target from across the room. I hadn't seen him around before, he looked fresh. I switch into auto pilot, shaking a Martini as I stared over at him. He looked over at me, I smiled and looked away. He'd be over here soon enough, I thought to myself as I winked and accepted the number of a half decent bear. The night had been picking up, the bar itself was almost at capcity. I looked back up to find my twink, but he was nowhere to be found, maybe out for a smoke. I decided to go for a pee quick before the night rush.

You're body against mine, that's what my mind often wandered to. In between blinks, I picture us under the sheets. The stillness in the air, the comfort of Sundays spent with you. Warm cozy under the soft duvet, your softer skin sliding against mine. We fit togetherblike puzzle pieces, except we had lost many pieces over the years. Important pieces too, like your head, and my heart. Pieces that kept the cold out of us, kept the jealousy, the rage away.

The loud smack of a plastic toliet seat hitting the hard porcelain woke me up from my daydreams. I stupidly looked down at my steady line of urine. The bathroom was usually busier at this time, crammed full of horny men and the overflow of drag queens looking for a mirror. I closed my eyes, rolled my shoulders back, relaxed, as I shook the last drops of pee from my penis. I had always thought I had a nice cock. I kept my pubes quite short, the same as my facial hair. When I was flacid, my dick still looked hot as fuck. Hard it was a beautiful 9 inches, uncut of course. My balls, dangling and full of sperm, just screamed for someone to suck on them. I loved when boys did that, put one in their mouth and just suck. I started to get hard when I realized what I was doing. I zipped up and went to open the door, struggling with the lock since all the blood in my body was rushing to my groin. As I pulled on the door, it felt like someone was pushing it. Confused, I stepped back, then saw my targets head pop around the door.

Before I knew it, my zipper was back down. My dick in his hand, he smiled up at me, now on his knees. I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to touch the tip of my member, gently trusting my hips towards him. He pulled down my pants and boxers while slowly stroking my cock. I could feel his hot breath teasing me, I couldn't handle it. I opened my eyes and grabbed his head, shoving my head then shaft deep into his eager mouth. I gasped then moaned as he reached for my balls, pulling them so nicely as he swallowed me. He gagged as he begged for air, only stopping for a second as he moved to my nuts. I grinned like a fool, excited for the pleasure I was about to experience. He tongued them at first, licking them like a hungry dog. He moved to the back of them, balancing them on his face. A couple licks towards my ass tickled me, much to the twink delight. I held onto the stall walls for support as he chomped my balls between his lips, while he tugged on my throbbing member. Somehow, I had picked a 9 tonight. He opened his mouth even wider, making room for both of my babymakers. I couldn't handle it. I felt myself cumming already. My legs started to shake, my hips thrusted back and forth. My head fell completely back as I shot thick white all over the stall door. I was floating, in heaven. The twink jerked me faster, I moaned so loud everyone in that bathroom must have known what was happening. Fuck, China probably heard me, that loud. I felt myself coming back, crashing from my natural high. My breathing slowed, deep breaths into my chest. I looked down at my target.

"Good job," I said with a smile as I played with his hair. He stood up, only a few inches shorter than me. He looked up at me, moved in for the kiss. I turned my face, I never kissed my hook ups. They were nothing to me, just a release. I could feel his disappointment, his body so close to mine. Without a word, he turned around and exited the stall. I grabbed some toliet paper, wiping off the cum on the tip of my cock. Pulling up my pants and zipping up for the second time this bathroom trip, I started to wash my hands. I stared at myself in the mirror, smiling ear to ear. God, I loved my job and I think twinks even more

Ad Men:

 Matthew McConaughey For D&G

Entirely For Fun: Jacob Authier by YogaBear Studio

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
26 year old Jacob Authier describes himself as 'a bohemian gentleman with gypsy tendencies'. Bohemians are often described using terms such as artistic, unorthodox, wanderers, adventurers and of course associated with free love. Bohemians are also elemental (fundamental or essential, inborn). Elemental is also a core theme of the work of David Gray from YogaBear Studio. David's first book focused on this theme and was titled Elementals: Celebrating the elemental spirit of man.

For David Gray, elemental simply means natural. Men who are not overly primped and chiseled, hair is a must both on the body and the face. What was fascinating to me in going through David's impressive portfolio is how different each man looks when shooting them as they naturally appear. Sometimes models today are so manscaped, with identical hair lengths and cuts they often look so similar with the special qualities that make them unique photoshopped away. When selecting models and artists to feature on FH I try to look for things unique and different. It is for this reason I am happy to feature David's work. There are men on David's site I normally would not think of as attractive who become, though his lens, beautiful and intensely sexy.

 'I found Jacob Authier on Model Mayhem--he had some very dynamic photos on his profile. We met at San Onofre beach for the shoot, back when it was still a nude beach, and spent an hour or two taking photos. It was a great collaboration--he had some great ideas about poses, and the beach, of course, is an amazing location to show him off.'

David says he takes photos entirely for fun, and enjoys working with all sorts of men.
'Most of my work is classic portrait and physique photography, but I'm also working on several special projects, including a series of naked yoga images and an series exploring masculine stereotypes.'

You can check out much more of David's work by checking out his official site filled with hundreds of his shoots and images HERE:


From: Manhunt Daily
Do you like blowjobs? How about inappropriate street art featuring a dude with a cock in his mouth? I like both of these things, which might explain why I was drawn to Tinker Talior‘s stencil-based pieces. From sex to fashion, this guy has a talent for creating simple yet eye-catching images.

 The last piece in this set seems to be his most recent creation. Hopefully, he’ll continue along with the gay sex theme, because I’d like to see how it’d progress over time. Then again, I do really like that lady in red. Whatever the case may be, this guy just needs to keep making more art!





2013 Hot 100

From: The Backlot

BORN: October 11, 1977 (age 35) Spring, TX
HEIGHT: 6′ 0″ (1.82 m)
PARTNER: Simon Halls

The White Collar scorcher might have just been a cable pin up, but he insisted on revealing more of himself in the male stripper feature Magic Mike. Poor us!

Next up for Bomer, the Jack Plotnick directed sci fi comedy Space Station 76 as well a lead role in HBO’s much anticipated adaptation of The Normal Heart.

Saturday May 24, 2014 Hunk of the Day

From: Daily Hunks

Crematorium by Alexander Kargaltsev

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Former Ukraine. In the south of Putin's Crimea, a giant factory with chimneys is built: a Crematorium for gays. Four couples are picked to test a new machine to turn them straight. Torture, interrogation, death and cleansing in the fiery furnace await them.

Earlier this month I profiled Asylum, featuring the art and images from visual artist Alexander Kargaltsev. Kargaltsev's new work and exhibit, Crematorium, is set to take the stage May 31st at Shetler Studios & Theatres Inc in New York. Persecution remains a passionate core of Kargaltse's work with Crematorium a powerful protest of Vladimir Putin’s antigay legislation in Russia and occupied Crimea. Check it out if you're in the NY area, maybe see if you can drag Kimberly and Beck and Amy Kushnir along with you. Persecution is not confined to countries outside US borders.
Take a peak at the teaser video below.

Alexander Kargaltsev

Classic Television - Weekends

Stand Up and Cheer
Original channel
Original run
September 13, 1971 – January 28, 1974
Presented by
Johnny Mann
Stand Up and Cheer (also known as Johnny Mann's Stand Up and Cheer) is an American variety show that aired in syndication for three consecutive seasons (sponsored nationally by Chevrolet), beginning in 1971, hosted by Johnny Mann, with many musical numbers sung by "The Johnny Mann Singers".

Although the program occasionally featured comedy skits, most of the segments in the half-hour show involved patriotic musicals, singing, or dancing.

Channing Tatum - GQ - June 2014

From: GQ
 Here are a few things you will soon learn about Channing Tatum: He used to have an invisible friend. He wishes people had tails so you could read their emotions. He really likes cake, and beer, and bourbon, and he admits he likes all three a little too much. He enjoys painting, sculpting, and something called fapping. And he's in the middle of one of the great runs in Hollywood history—seriously, look it up—because he's the kind of guy who never stops looking for the next big score

 Let's consider the improbable premise that the most revelatory performance of Channing Tatum's ever escalating movie career is one that he filmed over two drunken nights in New Orleans in 2012. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were already deep into shooting their grotesque apocalyptic comedy, This Is the End, when Rogen contacted Tatum and asked whether he would consider a cameo appearance.

 "All he had to say was 'Danny McBride,' 'leash,' and 'a Mexican wrestling mask,' " says Tatum. "It was just the most wrong idea I'd ever heard. 'You're Danny McBride's sex slave, you're like his gimp.' And I was like, 'All right, I'm in.' "

 If there was a way to carry off this role with a certain self-protective poise, Tatum magnificently failed to find it. "Only a true insane person would try and play a gimp that's on a leash with reserve and dignity, in my opinion," he reasons. "If you put on a jockstrap and a Mexican wrestling mask and you think reserve and dignity is anything in your near future…" Tatum shakes his head and explains the mind-set he applied to the role: "Be as crazy as I could possibly be, and have fun. If it felt weird, I would have stopped. It felt weird in a good way." He sees this as an example of a more general principle: "I get one shot at life, and I can say that I've lived a crazy one, and I've pushed the limit almost at every turn, and I'm super proud of that."

 This Is the End's Jonah Hill—also Tatum's co-star in 21 Jump Street and its imminent sequel—doesn't appear in the gimp scene, but he was there on set overnight, drinking with Tatum between takes, getting trashed. "You have someone that is beloved by mainstream America playing the most degrading, insane part in an insane film," Hill observes. "When you have a major movie star who really doesn't give a shit about their image and is willing to just do ballsy, creative things, I think people eat it up."

 So that is one lesson to be taken here—about a kind of immensely likable devil-may-care fearlessness.

 But it is not the only one. In the scenes that appear in the finished movie, Tatum is shown being tugged in the dirt by McBride on a leash, cowering while McBride boasts about butt-fucking him, then pawing at McBride's genitalia before McBride makes him do tricks like a dog. But these were not the only scenes filmed. There was a further sequence, in which Tatum hacks off James Franco's left foot with some kind of ax and then laps eagerly at the blood spurting from Franco's severed stump, catching as much in his mouth as possible as it sprays over his face. For Tatum, fond memories: "I mean, when can I say I've drank the blood of James Franco? Why wouldn't I go and do that?"

 But Tatum has no idea, until I tell him so, that this part of his night's work ended up on the cutting-room floor. And the precise reason why it was cut is explained by Seth Rogen on the DVD commentary track. It turned out that audiences, who had withstood so much depravity in the previous ninety-two minutes, simply couldn't take it, and the reason seemed to relate less to the act itself than to the man who was doing it. As Rogen explains, unveiling a little-known rule of modern Hollywood, and the weird but beloved place that Tatum has established for himself within it:

"Audiences just don't want to see Channing Tatum do that.… They want to see him do almost everything except eat James Franco's foot."

I put it to Tatum that this, apparently, is the line: The public is happy to accept him being butt-fucked as a gimp, but not cutting off James Franco's leg and drinking his blood.

"Yeah," Tatum says, beaming, as though each separate part of this is its own good news. "Society's amazing."

Read the rest of the article HERE
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