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Monday, June 20, 2016

Broadway Stars Release Cover Of “What the World Needs Now Is Love” To Benefit Orlando

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bernadette Peters, Kellie O'Hara and Audra McDonald are among those who joined "Broadway for Orlando"
From: NewNowNext
 A who’s who of Broadway gathered in New York to record a cover of “What the World Needs Now Is Love” in the wake of last Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando.

Gloria Estefan, Fran Drescher, Sara Bareilles, Whoopi Goldberg, Sean Hayes, Bernadette Peters, Rosie O’Donnell, Kristen Bell, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Kellie O’Hara, Jessie Mueller, Nathan Lane, Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald, Carole King, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Edie Winsor were just some of the names that turned out to lend their voices.

The song is available now for $1.99 on the Broadway Records website, with 100% of the proceeds going to the LGBT Center of Central Florida.

Below, a video of the star-studded recording session has been released, bringing back some “We Are the World” memories.

Boston Restaurant Addresses Bathroom Paranioa By Changing Restroom Signs To Prince Symbol

"It's a perfect, all-inclusive symbol for everyone."
From: NewNowNext
 After months of discussing how best to shift their restrooms from gendered spaces into gender-neutral ones, the owners of Myers + Chang in Boston decided to codify their restrooms with the symbol famously used by the late pop star, Prince.

The crew at the restaurant, who are all self-proclaimed Prince fans, came up with the idea shortly after the singer died this past April. They’d previously discussed labeling their restrooms as “Anyone” or “Everyone,” but said that when the restaurant’s general manager, Kristi McNeil, suggested they use the Prince symbol instead, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Alexis Weinrich, who works at the restaurant and painted the symbols on the doors, told the Boston Globe that “It’s a perfect, all-inclusive symbol for everyone, and it gives Prince a little love. We were all really sad [after his death], and this was just a light bulb moment for us.”

She admits that though most people get and appreciate the reference, the new signage has confused some of the customers who aren’t entirely sure what gender the symbol is meant to indicate, which is just how Prince would want it anyway.

Meet The Men Of Big Brother 18

 Corey Brooks

Age: 25
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Current city: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Baseball coach
Three adjectives that describe you: Extraordinary, passionate, and lovable.
 Glenn Garcia

Age: 50
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Current city: Bronx, NY
Occupation: Dog groomer/former police detective
Three adjectives that describe you: Small, big, and great.
 Jozea Flores

Age: 25
Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ
Current city: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Make-up artist
Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, outgoing, creative strategist, and a visual genius.
 Paul Abrahamian

Age: 23
Hometown: Tarzana, CA
Current city: Tarzana, CA
Occupation: Clothing designer
Three adjectives that describe you: Honest, spontaneous, and energetic.
 Paulie Calafiore

Age: 27
Hometown: Howell, NJ
Current city: Howell, NJ
Occupation: DJ
Three adjectives that describe you: Driven, passionate, and quick-witted. 
Victor Arroyo

Age: 25
Hometown: Slidell, LA
Current city: Slidell, LA
Occupation: Gym manager 
Three adjectives that describe you: Smart, sexy, and fit.

Award Show Attire

From: Over-Flow
 I think Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd's tightie whities should be required for award show presenters, well.. .maybe Ed Asner should wear pants.

Airbnb Celebrates Pride Month With Inspiring Video About Acceptance

"Let's create a world where we can all belong."
From: NewNowNext
Airbnb has released an ad for LGBT Pride Month, featuring a trans hockey player, a gay Muslim and a queer woman from the South. Each of them sharing their personal story about fearing rejection from their community by coming out.

See why we chose the colorful fingerprints of our community to celebrate #HostwithPride. #Pride2016 pic.twitter.com/7Tt3zDNgNa

The video ends with the the words: “We believe that the pride of one is created by the support of many. Let’s create a world where we can all belong.”

This comes after last year’s emotional Pride ad where Airbnb filmed gay couples described the difficulties of traveling together.

Watch the new video below:

“Angels” Block Westboro Baptist Protestors At Orlando Funerals

"We couldn't even hear WBC. All you could hear was peace and love."
From: NewNowNext
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church attempted to continue their disgusting protests at the funerals for victims of the Orlando massacre this week, but angels intervened and blocked them from spreading their hate.

Members of Orlando’s Shakespeare Theater attended Saturday’s funeral for victim Christopher Andrew Leinonen, and wore angel wings to block the anti-gay protesters and their bigoted signs.

“Angel wings are meant as a loving support to the fallen, not to create more anger or violence,” said Jim Helsinger, the theater’s artistic director.

Just like the “human chain of love” that we reported on last week, there were already other counter-protesters shielding the victim’s family and friends with rainbow banners and signs reading “OrlandoStrong” on them as they quietly sang “Amazing Grace.”

The angels reportedly then appeared without saying a word, as the crowd erupted in cheers.

The loving act seemed to work, according to one attendee on Facebook who said, “We couldn’t even hear WBC. All you could hear was peace and love.”

Google Doodle For June 20

Summer Solstice & Strawberry Moon

Today is the first day of summer! Doodler Nate Swinehart created a family of anthropomorphized rocks to commemorate the change of season. This year, the summer equinox has a companion: the strawberry moon. The pairing hasn’t happened since “The Summer of Love” in 1967, and won’t happen again until 2062. Happy summer!

Welcome Summer!

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
Last year, Studio James shared 3 sets of images from his work with the incredibly sexy Skyler. We joined Skyler for a little light reading, (HERE:) as well for a game of strip pool. (HERE:) There was a third part of the series, with Skyler out in the garden, that I thought would make the perfect welcome to summer.

Happy Birthday today June 20th

Happy 47th to actor, writer and producer Peter Paige!
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

 Although Peter is currently focused on The Fosters, here are a few favorite moments from the show that made him famous, Queer As Folk.

40 Years Ago, “All In The Family” Said All That Needs To Be Said About Intolerance

"She didn't hurt you, so why would you want to hurt her?"
From: NewNowNext
 A clip from the groundbreaking ’70s sitcom All In the Family is going viral on social media, showing the unprecedented way the show tackled issues relating to LGBT equality and intolerance nearly 40 years before same-sex couples gained the right to legally marry.

The clip, viewed over 2.5 million times since it was posted, tracks the main character Edith (played by Jean Stapleton) as she learns her deceased cousin Liz’s “roommate” Veronica is actually her longtime partner.

In a subsequent conversation with her husband, series star Archie Bunker (Carroll O’Connor), Edith incredulously explains how Liz and Veronica, both school teachers, could lose their jobs if they ever came out publicly.

When her husband responds by saying lesbians shouldn’t be allowed to be teachers, Edith says, “She didn’t hurt you, so why would you want to hurt her?”

The Emmy-winning episode “Cousin Liz” originally aired on October 9, 1977, just a day before California voters headed to the polls to vote on the Briggs Initiative, which would have barred gays and lesbians from working in the state’s public schools.

Watch the historic clip below:

“Star Trek” Actor Anton Yelchin Dead At 27

His death occured just weeks before "Star Trek Beyond" hits theaters.
From: NewNowNext
 Actor Anton Yelchin, best known for playing Chekov in the new Star Trek franchise, was killed early Sunday morning after getting pinned by his own car after it rolled down a steep driveway.

He was 27.

Yelchin was found dead at his Studio City home around 1:10am this morning, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Born in Russia, Yelchin moved to the States with his parents, professional figure skaters, when he was a baby. He started his career appearing on Showtime’s Huff and also had role in the films Terminator Salvation (2009), Charlie Bartlett (2007), and Fright Night (2011).

In an Instagram, co-star Zachary Quinto called him “one of the most open and intellectually curious people i have ever had the pleasure to know.”

Star Trek Beyond, Yelchin’s third and final Trek movie, comes to theaters July 22.

“Broadway Bares” Brings The Heat To New York City

The annual revue raises millions for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.
From: NewNowNext
California is dealing with record-breaking temperatures but on Sunday night, New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom heated up with the 2016 edition of Broadway Bares, the annual revue featuring some 150 chorus boys and girls in a sizzling burlesque revue benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

A photo posted by thedrunkenphotographer (@thedrunkenphotographer) on

A video posted by Rocco Chanel (@rocco.chanel) on

As ever, the scintillating show featuring amazing acts—including an aerial number set to Rihanna’s “Umbrella”

And a telenovela-inspired number to Gloria Estefan’s “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”

Director-choreographer Jerry Mitchell started Broadway Cares in 1992 as a response to the AIDS crisis and its devastating affect on the Broadway community.

From its humble beginnings—Mitchell and six friends stripping on a bar—the show has evolved into a blockbuster featuring dozens of Great White Way performers and celebrities.

This year’s show featured appearances by Frankie Grande and Daniel Dae Kim, currently in the King and I.

Every year, the show ends with a “rotation,” in which the performers come out en masse and accept tips from the audience to boost the fundraising total even higher.

The numbers are still being crunched but last year’s Broadway Bares generated more than $1.5 million for AIDS services. Since its debut, Broadway Bares has raised more than $14.3 million for AIDS services.
A photo posted by Megan Marod (@mmarod) on

Security was stepped up in the wake of last weekend’s mass shooting at an Orlando gay club, but producers made it clear the show must go on.

“We will safely gather this Sunday for ‪#‎BroadwayBares‬, as we have 25 times before, to celebrate the indomitable spirit and commitment of our community, which continues to believe in kindness, tolerance and acceptance of each other and our differences.”

Below, get a better look at Broadway Bares: On Demand
A video posted by Broadway Cares (@bcefa) on

A photo posted by megglemoo (@megglemoo) on

A photo posted by Benjamin Horen (@benjisays) on

Wow... Where to begin?? What a night ;)) A huge thank you to Michael Lee Scott for trusting me to join a number knowing Id have to miss 2 weeks of rehearsals while I was still on tour and for having my back throughout everything. Thank you Nick Kenkel for turning out another amazing show. Thanks to Jerry Mitchell for creating a community of individuals who have nothing but love and acceptance. I really needed that two years ago coming off West Side Story and we all needed that this week. Thanks to our amazing team Aaron Libby Robert Piper AlΓ©na Watters Matthew Alan Schmidt Nate Suggs Barrett Davis and anyone else I'm not Facebook friends with YET ;) To Judah Frank for being so gracious and giving on stage. to Trisha Doss and the entire team at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. As a team we smashed records this year and raised over $600,000 in strip-a-thon money alone bringing or total to over $1.4 million!!! So incredibly thankful to have this new family in Broadway Bares. #markmackillop #me #men #mood #singer #dancer #actor #broadwaybares #charity #sixpack #abs #aesthetics #community #love #happy #bares #bcefa #instagood #instadaily #body #fit #follow #followme
A photo posted by markmackillop (@markmackillop) on

A photo posted by Jordon Nardino (@jnardino) on

A photo posted by Jon Barrett (@barrett.jon) on

A photo posted by Wilson Cruz (@wcruz73) on

A photo posted by BrendanDILF2016 (@brendandilf_) on

A photo posted by Rocco Chanel (@rocco.chanel) on

#bomdia #instagram #family! Here's a shot of our cast "Pump It!," From #Broadwaybares! If you missed the show last night, let me tel you.......it was HOT!!! I am so happy and grateful to finally get to work with the amazing @layabarak and @iamjonathanlee !!! It is always humbling to work with such an amazing cast (@getpumpedbway), and with two of the most inspirational people I know @jammyprod and @nkenkel and one of the most #amazing organizations in the world @bcefa. Last night we raised a ton of money for Broadway Cares, however the Strip-A-Thon links will still stay active for all of you that didn't get your donations in on time! (...No judgements...) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone! ...now let me get my behind to rehearsal for this new show! 😜 http://donate.broadwaycares.org/IAmCMichael #actor #recording #artist #fitnessmodel #dancer #fitnessaddict #monday #goodmorning #bwaybares #baresTV #ripped #shredded
A photo posted by C. Michael (@777cml) on

A photo posted by Anthony Giannoccora (@sgtoleary21) on

Favorite Male Model for June 20, 2008

 Tyler Bachtel
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Has there been a hotter new model gracing the scene than Tyler Bachtel?
He certainly knows how to work it for the camera.

 Tyler Bachtel is a male fashion model.

 Bachtel was born on February 27, 1984 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States but moved to Dublin, Ohio by the age of three. Tyler is the eldest of the three. Tyler grew up with younger sisters, Lauren and Rachel. He attended Dublin Coffman High School but spent his Senior year and graduated from Dublin Scioto High School. While in high school, Tyler played baseball and soccer.

 He left Ohio in 2008 to pursue a modeling career and quickly landed jobs with companies like Calvin Klein, Ambercrombie and Fitch and Ed Hardy. Tyler have since become an internationally successful model. He also has worked with famous photographers like Bruce Weber, Greg Gorman and Tony Duran.

 Tyler moved to Los Angeles, California at the beginning of 2009 to expand his career in acting. He finished a movie with David DeCoteau named Nightfall. He also appear as himself on the Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo and on True Jackson, VP on Nickelodeon as a male fashion model.

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for June 20, 2008

Jonathan Howard - Playgirl - February 2001

Hot Heebs of the Day - June 20, 2013

From: Hot Heebs
Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 20, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

I Doubt he Sleeps Alone

From:  Brent's Auto Wall

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