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Friday, November 27, 2015

Current DNA Cover Boy:November 27, 2007

The current DNA Cover Guy Vincent Gough
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Blast from The Past for November 28, 2007

William Katt
From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 I used to have the biggest crush on William Katt, with that cute face and body, the curly blonde hair. William should be a huge star, great actor, great singer. Though in many movies, Katt never got the big break he needed. He has done it all, TV, movies, stage and is still working today.

Challenge #9: Street walking

From: 10 challenges for aspiring showoffs
 Pick a street, car park, public building….you get the idea. Strip naked: by that I mean total, bare ass, head-to-toe nudity. Take a pic. Run.

Bonus points if your clothes are not even in the frame. Double bonus if there are other non-naked people in the shot.

And WNBR pics (hot though they are) don’t count! 

Canada Announces It Will Welcome Single Gay Male Refugees From Syria—But Not Straight Ones

The latest response to the refugee crisis may be the most surprising.
From: NewNowNext
As Congress rushes to block Syrian refugees from entering the United States, our neighbor to the north is instituting a policy that will allow single gay men from the war-torn country—but not heterosexual ones.

On Monday, the National Post reported Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with his cabinet to address security concerns regarding his plan to grant asylum to 25,000 Syrian refugees.
The guidelines would allow single gay men to apply for refugee status, as part of a focus on accepting women, children and families. But lone heterosexual men would be flagged as potential terrorists, at least during the first wave of migrants.

Opposition leader Tom Mulcair of the New Democratic Party says the policy needs more clarification.

“While security concerns remain of vital importance, will a young man, who lost both parents, be excluded from the refugee program?” he asked in a statement on Monday.

“Will a gay man who is escaping persecution be excluded? Will a widower who is fleeing Daesh (another name for the Islamic States) after having seen his family killed be excluded? This is not the Canadian way.”

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum is expected to announce more details about the plan today.

Macho Hunk #18

But Wait, There's More!

From: Boy Culture
Simon Dunn is already cute, but wait till you see him naked (again).

Brazilian Model Maurice Junior Loves Scrubby Bubbles In New Dutra Binho Spread

How could getting clean feel so dirty?
From: NewNowNext
 If you’re looking for things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, perhaps this spread of model Maurice Junior in the bathtub can help.

 The Brazilian beauty was photographed by Dutra Binho for editorial “Copa Hotel” in Rio de Janeiro, and the results are pretty amazing.

Junior is definitely reminding us of the infamous bathtub scene featuring Corey Haim from 1987’s The Lost Boys. Except Junior is all grown up.

His butt: Bobby Crowder from Bravo’s Apres Ski

From: OMG
 Bobby Crowder is one of the concierges from Bravo’s new show Après Ski about a bunch of hoes that work in Whistler. Check out his shenanigans below!

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