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Saturday, April 12, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily
Palhoça, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Se não vai comer, não tempere!
vendo o que pode rolar... De boa, na minha... curto um lance sério, amizade, bater um papo, não estou e nem procuro fest-foda! 

Me garanto no que faço.

Branco, 1:75m, 70kg definido, barbudão, peludinho, voz e atitude de homem!

procuro semelhantes! 

Palhoca, Santa Catarina, Brazil
If you will not eat, no season!
seeing what can scroll ... In good, in my short ... a serious bid, friendship, have a chat, I'm not and try fuck-fest! assure me in what I do. Branco, 1:75 m, 70kg defined , barbudão, furry, voice and attitude of man! look similar!

31 Cold Days of Hot Guys #19:

 Patrizio Buanne
From: Deep Dish

Today's Hot Guy is 35-year-old Austrian-Italian singer Patrizio Buanne.  For more information about Mr. Buanne, go to www.patriziobuanne.de. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Below you can watch Patrizio sing "That's Amore" and "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" as well as his 2012 performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

30 Hottest Male Celebrities Steaming Up Instagram

From: Queerty
He may not be a proper celebrity, but international event promoter Eliad Cohen has a pretty sizable fan base that rivals some of the other dudes here. Follow him if you love parties, men, and life in general.

29 Movies Featuring Six Packs You Just Want To Lick

From: Buzz Feed
Paris Blues

 Ooh la la. 


Who Are The Hottest Hollywood Brothers?

From: The Backlot
 Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas

Remember when they were all demure and babbling about purity rings? Me either

Celebrate Attitude Magazine’s 20th Birthday With Its 20 Hottest Covers

From: Queerty
January 2013
The January 2013 edition is a retrospective for 2012 – a huge year for the UK with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Cover star is London Paralympic 2012 gold medal winner, Jonnie Peacock.

Yummy of the Day 4/12/2014

From: Yummy of the Day
 Roll In The Hay

25 O-Faces And Other Sexpressions Caught On Film

From: Queerty
The Happy Daddy O-Face

Caption This!

From: Queer Click
 Check out the winning caption for April 5th after the jump:

Penis Parade: Top 25 Full-Frontal Scenes in Mainstream Movies

From: Daily Loaf
The Brown Bunny 
Vincent Gallo
While this was intended to be a mainstream art film, it received the cinematic kiss of death with an X-rating for its graphic sexual content. Still, the film lives on, mostly online for an infamous scene in which Chloë Sevigny performs unsimulated fellatio on Vincent Gallo.

Bad Postcard of the week:

 Is this Indiana's 'bridge to nowhere?'
From: The Grand Rapids Press
Looking West -- Wabash River Bridge
 Today we prove that a bridge doesn't need to be as majestic as the Mighty Mackinac to be captured on a postcard.
This week’s bad postcard takes us to Covington, Ind. for this view of the not-quite-as-majestic Wabash River Bridge.

The postcard says this is the view looking west. I’m going to go way out on a limb and suggest that the view on the other side looking east is not a heck of a lot different. Maybe the telephone pole isn't there, but I can’t be sure.

This one got me thinking. Why would someone shoot this photo and think it was a appropriate souvenir of their visit to Covington? Why visit Covington at all?

I did some research. Covington is a small town on the western side of Indiana not far from the Illinois line. It’s got about 2,645 people. It’s the seat of Fountain County.

"The New Dunn Memorial Bridge Connecting Albany and Rensselaer, N.Y."
That’s all I got. There is not a lot going on there. Not even a sign saying "John Cougar Mellencamp slept here."

Oh, and weep for the bridge, because peeking in from above on Google Earth it appears that our metal bridge has been replaced by something with the charm of a highway overpass.

Now, I’m not saying that a metal bridge can’t be the subject of a pretty cool postcard. I submit as an example this beautiful card sent by a Postcrossing friend.

This is titled “The New Dunn Memorial Bridge Connecting Albany and Rensselaer, N.Y."

Of course, you know it better by its full name, The Private Parker F. Dunn Memorial Bridge, named after the Albany native who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in World War I. It’s also the southernmost toll-free road crossing of the Hudson.

It’s also gone, replaced in 1969 by another soulless glorified overpass with a part that ends abruptly after the South Mall Expressway project was halted.

On the bright side, and bunch of Peregrine falcons hang out under the bridge, and the state has a webcam that you can usually use to check out their hijinks, which has to be more entertaining than “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Actually, the camera is tuned off now because of some bridge renovations, which, too, might be more interesting than the Kardashians, but not “Jersey Shore.”

Anyway, this postcard of the departed Dunn Bridge has all kinds of nice colors and reflections, proving that just about anything can look better on a linen postcard.

"Southern Humor"
Reader contribution
Carol Ligda-Wong sent this gem called “Southern Humor.” And being Northerners, we can’t figure out what the joke is supposed to be.

Carol suggests it’s some kind of “rolling in the hay” reference. Stumped, I went to the source – and sought his permission to use the image.

Turns out that Dan Reynolds is a fine photographer from Chattanooga, Tenn., and a good sport, too.

I think the humor is just silly kind of Southern humor,” he said. “There was also one I didn't shoot that was a well with two legs and feet were sticking out of it. Southern folk art...... maybe they're looking for a needle in the haystack?

Your Hunk of the Day: Adam Baer

Adam Baer by Damian Christopher

Hunk of the Day: Saturday April 12, 2014

From: Daily Hunks


From: Manhunt Daily

A Definitive Ranking Of Boston Red Sox Facial Hair

From: Buzz Feed
 Daniel Nava
Scruff just says he has commitment issues.

Just Because...

Boudoir Photography | Sean Patrick Davey sports a bathrobe

"This shot of Sean Patrick Davey is a favorite example of sensual, but classy male boudoir photography.  The confident look in his face, the bit of tease in the open bathrobe.

Depending on the guy, I adjust the composition accordingly.  Sean eventually decided that he was comfortable showing his butt in photos – and that’s where he’s drawn the line on nudity.

So this photo could have been turned into a short series – is there underwear beneath the robe?  Or nothing?  Would the expression become more playful and naughty?  Or tease you with hopes left unfulfilled?

And those are the discussions that we have while planning for a shoot." -- Marlen Boro

A Brief History of 'Same Love'

From: OUT
Same Love is Released July 18, 2012
The song is released on July 18, 2012, preceding the October 9 album release of The Heist. The duo, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, wrote and produced the song specifically to support same-sex marriage and approval of a February 2012 bill in Washington State (Macklemore is from Seattle) that would legalize marriage equality. The bill passes via Washington Referendum 74 and is officially certified on December 5 and becomes a rallying cry.

Why You Should Be Totally Obsessed With British TV Hunk Dan Osborne

From: Buzz Feed
Dan was a finalist on the British celebrity diving show Splash where he wears these very tiny diving trunks and stands around looking very wet in between diving a little bit

Scott Sell and Tom Goss in Out To Kill

From: Deep Dish
Guest House Films has released a trailer for Out To Kill, a sexy gay murder mystery from award-winning filmmaker Rob Williams (Make the Yuletide Gay).

When gay private investigator Jim Noble (played by Scott Sell) moves into a beautiful loft complex in Tampa, he never expects to find his first case literally right outside his door - the corpse of one of his neighbors, singer Justin Jaymes (played by singer Tom Goss in his film debut), floating in the pool right in the middle of the building's courtyard. When he's hired to solve the crime, Jim quickly learns that everyone in the complex has secrets, and that someone was willing to kill to keep their secrets hidden.

For more information, you can follow Out To Kill on Facebook.

Favorite Sports Guy of The Day: April 12, 2008

Mark Foster
From: Favorite hunks & Other Things
 Essex swimmer Mark Foster is one hot man. At 37, Mark recently won the 50 meters freestyle event at the British trials in Sheffield and in the process qualified to go to the Beijing Olympics. Congrats Mark!!!

 Mark Andrew Foster (born 12 May 1970 in Billericay, Essex, UK) is a retired British swimmer, specializing in butterfly and freestyle at 50 meters.

 He is a specialist short course (25 meter pool) swimmer. In terms of medals and longevity (1986–2008), Foster is amongst the most successful British swimmers of all-time. He was the fastest swimmer in the country by age 15. He made a comeback at the national championships in July 2007 winning both events he competed in after barely training. He achieved the fifth best time in 2007 in the world at 50 meters freestyle and retired for the second time after the 2008 Olympics. He has six World Championship titles, two Commonwealth titles and ten European titles to his name.

Hot or Not? You decide...

Favorite Pic of The Day for April 12, 2008

From: Favorite Hunks & Other Things

Men at Work...

Just Because...

I love fur!

2013 Hot 100

From: The Backlot

BORN: November 17, 1971 (age 41) in Detroit, Michigan
HEIGHT: 6’3 (1.91 m)
PARTNER: Briana Ramsey (spouse)

As the quietly snarky Diggle on the CW’s Arrow, he provided some much needed lightness to the grim narrative. Then he took off his shirt and we all fell instantly in lust.

FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER: @david_ramsey

Guide To Hot Half-Naked Rugby Men

From: Queerty
 There are lots of gay rugby teams around the world. 
The first gay rugby team, London’s Kings Cross Steelers, turn 20 next year. They've got a pretty sexy video made up of stills from their calendar:

Every two years, The Bingham Cup, affectionally known as the Gay Rugby World Cup takes place in a host city – this year it’s taking place in Sydney:
Here’s the promo video:

Tight End Saturdays

Just Because...


From: Manhunt Daily
Federal Way, Washington, USA
Hey guys...
Say hi and we'll start from there. 
Will only respond if your under 40, like masculine guys, shorter guys as well. HIV- here please be same. 
Anything from mild to wild, exploring what I like to do so lets see if you want to as well. Seem to be liking being tied up, having my hole played with. But just normal good old fashion sex is great. 
Love to bottom and letting a top have his way.
Will top for the right guy.

I've got a type, let's see if you fit it.

Wicked Hot Hairy Daddy!

Just Because...

Men at Work...

Question of the Day...

Have you ever or would you ever hire a rent boy/escort/hook-ah?
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