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Saturday, May 13, 2017

2 Broke Girls, The Real O’Neals Cancelled

Seasons not renewed
From: Gay Pop Buzz
According to a report in Deadline, Two Broke Girls has officially been cancelled by CBS Television. The once popular show was a favorite of many within the LGBT spectrum because of the show’s gay friendly vibe.

But in recent years, the popularity of the series went into decline. Here’s some inside baseball, as reported in Variety:

“The series starred Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as waitresses at in a Brooklyn diner who one day dream of opening their own business. The only thing standing in their way is the fact they are dead broke. The series also starred Matthew Moy, Jonathan Kite, Garrett Morris, and Jennifer Coolidge.
The series was co-created by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings, with King and Michelle Nader executive producing. Warner Bros. Television and MPK Productions produced.
The series posted solid ratings throughout its run. Season 6 averaged a 1.3 rating in adults 18-49 and 5.6 million viewers per episode, airing mostly on Monday nights. It briefly moved to Wednesdays and Thursdays during its fifth season.”

Apparently, there had been hope the show would survive. But Deadline shared that things started turning south for the show after a series of new offerings in conjunction with Warner Brothers started to appear.

The main stars of the show, Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline) both took to Twitter in response to the cancellation and expressed thanks to fans watching.

News of 2 Broke Girls comes at the same time that The Real O’Neals got the ax from ABC Television. Deadline reported that the comedy show delivered disappointing ratings in its second season.

One of the actors on the program, Noah Galvin, was embroiled in a controversy last year after attacking Colton Haynes in an interview. On social media, some believe the unpleasant comments, something Galvin later apologized for, soured LGBT viewers on the show.

Others, however, feel the program fell victim to uninteresting scripts that didn’t appeal to wider viewing audiences.

Adam (Beast) and Hercules!

Yep, that was definitely Melissa McCarthy in Spicey drag weaving through Midtown on a podium

From: NewNowNext
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… an embarrassment to our democracy.

Yes, Sean Spicer may be a squirmy mouthpiece to the abomination that is the Executive Branch, but at least we still have Melissa McCarthy on SNL.

And if you happened to be wandering around midtown Manhattan Friday morning, you might have been lucky enough to spot the actress in full Spicey drag, swerving through traffic on her trusted steed podium.

Here’s what the bizarre — yet no-more-bizarre than what’s actually happening in Washington — scene looked like:

McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, so expect a whole lot of tomfoolery at the Trump administration’s expense. We’re guessing there will be some shrubberies mixed in there, too.


“Whatcha Packin'”: Michelle Visage Sits Down With This Week’s Eliminated Queen

“I should’ve just really went in there hard.”
From:  NewNowNext
 So young, so pretty, so gone.

 In the latest episode of Whatcha Packin’, thick-skinned squirrel friend Michelle Visage talks to this week’s chopped RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Farrah Moan, about his season 9 journey—and the old-school rainbow runway look you didn’t get to see.

The 23-year-old Las Vegas-based queen, who made it on the show after his very first audition, also discusses being a little fish thrown in a big pond. “It was a lot,” he says, “but it definitely showed me how much I’m really able to accomplish when I set my mind to something.”

What would Farrah do differently if given a do-over? “I would’ve not been so scared to break rules that I thought were strict rules,” he says, referencing his unrevealed Lady Gaga look. “I should’ve just really went in there hard.”

Watch the full interview below.

“The Real O’Neals” Canceled After Two Seasons

The sitcom was unable to boost its low ratings, despite collecting a group of rabid fans
From: NewNowNext
 After much speculation, The Real O’Neals has officially been canceled by ABC after two seasons.

Although the family sitcom garnered a solid fan base, especially within the LGBT community, it ranked as ABC’s least-watched comedy by the time it wrapped up its final season in March.

Meanwhile, actor Matt Shively, who played Kenny’s brother Jimmy, had been cast in NBC’s since-scrapped comedy pilot Spaced Out, adding to the rumors that the sitcom may soon be coming to a close.

Noah Galvin starred as gay teen Kenny on the series, but his candid interview with Vulture last year almost brought the show to an even earlier demise.

The young star whipped up controversy with the interview that slammed Colton Haynes’ method of coming out of the closet and called Eric Stonestreet’s representation of a gay man on Modern Family “a caricature of a caricature.”

ABC reportedly considered axing the show after the media firestorm that resulted from the interview, but ultimately gave us one more season to watch the unique family with a young gay lead on television. It may be over, but we’re grateful for the time we got to spend with the O’Neals.

24 Obscure Kinks and Fetishes of Gay Men

From: The Advocate
 Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

He tells me to unbuckle my belt and slide my pants down. "Bend over, son." I obey.

"Christ received 39 lashes. We'll start you at 13. Count them out, one by one. If you miss one, we start over." He starts to spank me with his hand - hard. I count them. "One." Spank. "Two." Spank. "Three." I feel my ass heating up, the sting of each blow. I picture my skin reddening beneath his hand in the dim light of the church.

This may strike an uneasy chord with some folks - the intersection of desire and faith usually does - but it's a common role-play scenario fore folks with fetishes for religious imagery and ritual. This and other less-know fetishes don't get talked about enough. Shame keeps them behind closed doors.

Opinions among sociologists differ over at which point on our evolutionary timeline we learned to wield shame as such a powerful tool. No one denies the potency of shame in politics, religion, economics and every social institution you can think of. We feel shame the strongest in our sex lives. Most of grow up believing that desire operates according to certain triggers and rules - that arousal is formulaic and simple - and those those whose interests fall outside these boundaries are "abnormal" and "wrong."

“Rent” Will Be Fox’s Next Live TV Musical Event

But will it light your candle?
From: NewNowNext
 Rent-heads rejoice! Fox has chosen Rent as its next live musical, EW reports. No air date has been set, but hopefully it’s less than 525,600 minutes away.

Grease Live! producer Marc Platt will produce the special event alongside the estate of Jonathan Larson, Rent’s late writer and composer.

 “The title is so iconic, the music is so beloved, and the themes are as meaningful today as they were when the show first premiered on Broadway,” said Fox executives Dana Walden and Gary Newman in a statement. “With Marc overseeing this project, we are sure it will have a profound impact on the legions of fans who know and love this musical.”

A rock opera inspired by Puccini’s La BohΓ¨me and set in New York City’s East Village, the groundbreaking LGBT-inclusive musical tells the story of a group of artists struggling to follow their dreams in the shadow of AIDS.

Rent opened on Broadway in 1996 and closed in 2008 after 5,123 performances. The Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, which has been produced around the world, was adapted into a 2005 film starring most of the original Broadway cast, including Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel, and Wilson Jermaine Heredia.

Neil Patrick Harris, who appeared in the Broadway production, notably directed a star-studded Hollywood Bowl staging in 2010. An off-Broadway revival followed the next year.

Fox also announced that it will produce a live TV version of A Christmas Story. Also produced by Platt, the telecast will be adapted from both the 1983 holiday film and the Broadway musical of the same name by Oscar-winning La La Land composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who will compose new songs for the event.

“Out for the Run”: Documenting Four Decades Of LGBT Runners

Photographer Da Ping Luo's captures the history of Front Runners, from the AIDS epidemic through the Trump administration
From: NewNowNext
 Photographer Da Ping Luo’s series, “Out for the Run,” might make you feel lazy: It’s a chronicle of Front Runners New York, an LGBT running club that’s been pounding the streets of New York City for almost 40 years.

 Established in 1979, Front Runners is both a fitness group and a social club, offering training, races, and weekly “fun runs.” The group takes its name from Patricia Nell Warren’s novel The Front Runner, the tragic story of a gay Olympian who struggles for acceptance.

 Fresh off display at New York’s Leslie-Lohman Museum, “Out for the Run” features more than 100 of Luo’s photos of contemporary Front Runners members, as well as archival images and memorabilia commemorating the club’s history.

“Photography plays such an important role in putting the club out there,” Luo tells NewNowNext. “We’re all trying to see a place where we belong.”

 Luo joined Front Runners in 2009, seeking refuge from a marketing job that did little to help him get back in shape. But he was also looking to make new friends. “It’s super supportive. I’m not sure I finished the [first] work out,” he remembers, “but they waited for me.”

 Front Runners was only a few years old when the AIDS epidemic hit the LGBT community, and the group was devastated. “A lot of Front Runners just disappeared,” explains Luo. “[The group] put together fundraisers and scholarships, and they paid for a lot of expenses. We now have awards named after [Front Runners who passed].”

 Though Front Runners first marketed itself for gays and lesbians, it’s open to all: “It’s definitely trans-inclusive, says Luo. “I have a friend who, if it wasn’t for Front Runners, he would not be who he is today. We ran a fundraiser for his top surgery and he met his partner at Front Runners. We even have straight members. It’s a gay running club, but we do not exclude.”

Luo is working on an “Out for the Run” documentary, slated to debut at the Gay Games in Paris in 2018. He hopes to touch on the group’s history, but also why it’s still essential today. “Two years ago, when marriage equality was the thing, we thought we were moving forward,” he says. “Now with Trump in office, I feel we’re moving backward. I plan to do additional filming to [address that shift]. I want to ask, ’Where is the LGBT sports community going and what is Front Runners’ place?'”

View more images from “Out for the Run” here.

“Gays Deserve to Die” Pens California High School Teacher to Student Paper

The “sinfulness of homosexuality” citedFrom: Gay Pop Buzz
San Luis Obispo High School journalism students put out a May edition of the student paper, Expressions, featuring LGBTQ issues.
Special education teacher Michael Stack wrote a letter in response
that has led to outrage on campus
What an utterly sad and disgusting thing a San Louis Obispo, California teacher appears to have done. As reported in their local paper, a high school special education instructor named Michael Stack penned a letter to the student newspaper and made extreme anti-LGBT comments.

What follows is from San Louis Obispo’s Tribune:

“In his letter to the editor, which the student newspaper staff decided to publish in consultation with its teacher adviser, Stack cited an excerpt from the Book of Romans referring to the sinfulness of homosexuality. He wrote that the passage describes “a deception that has happened in the past, and is happening again right now, not only at SLOHS, but throughout the world.”

The passage states that women and men who engage in homosexual acts were abandoned by God and their lives “became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip.”

“They know God’s justice required that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway,” the passage continues.”

Apparently, in his resignation letter, Stack wrote that he’s “not ashamed of the Gospel” and tried to reply to six comments that appeared on the student newspaper’s website. His replies didn’t appear on the site.

Stack’s letter received widespread community criticism that it was inappropriate for a teacher at a public school to espouse religious beliefs. Some community members in online forums supported his right to express his views outside of the classroom setting in the form of a letter.

Stack’s letter was published online Tuesday in response to the May issue of the student newspaper, Expressions, which contained three articles focusing on LGBTQ issues. The cover photo of that edition featured two women kissing.

Indeed, the time in which we live.

MAN CANDY: Irish Actor Martin McCann Bares all in ‘The Survivalist’

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
Martin McCann has come a long way from Belfast. The Irish actor was spotted in a stage show of Clockwork Orange before being jetted to LA to audition for Spielberg, and later cast in HBO’s ‘Pacific’. Now he’s flashing his wang in Bafta-nominated The Survivalist.

 If y’all actually interested in the movie, here’s a snip from IMDB:
The Survivalist lives off a small plot of land hidden deep in forest protecting his crop from intruders with his shotgun and improvised traps. But the long years alone have taken their toll on him and he is beginning to lose his grip on reality. 

 But looks like he’s still got a good grip in his knob…

’13 Reasons Why’ Actors Fuel Romance Rumors with Gay Kiss in Short Film

From: Cocktails and Cocktalk
 Speculation surrounding a romance between ’13 Reasons Why’ actors Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn have been getting tossed around for a while now. The pair had shared a number of cute snaps on Instagram, which had the internet marrying them before it had even been confirmed. They would make an adorable couple, and having seen them as school kids, we always ship young love.

It was later then denied by a rep for Heizer, calling it a “false report”. Adding, “Miles and Brandon are friends from the show but are not dating.”

But like two straight girls, baiting up the attention of horny misogynistic assholes, the pair locked lips in a short feature, Home Movies. The short, directed by Kevin Rios, was screened at the Outfest Fusion Film Festival, and depicts the two lovers. The video is now going viral… We can’t imagine why:

Saturday Sport: Aussie Rules, Iuventus, and Novak Djokovic's in briefs

From: Speed o Rex
Gigi and CR7
 In International Soccer
Competition completed this week determined next month's Champions League Final, to take place at Millenium Stadium, in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom,  on June 3.  To reach the finals, Turin Iuventus, led by captain Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon, bested Monaco, and Real Madrid, led by Cristiano Ronaldo bested Atletico de Madrid, in the same playoff for four years in a row.  Real Madrid repeats their appearance in the finals, and are the defending champions.  They last played Iuventus for the overall title in 1998.   In the Champions League no team has successfully defended a title from one year to the next, but these teams are equally matched.  Madrid have a better attack.  Juventus, who knocked them out in 2015, have a better defense, and several top level players on the attack.   The buildup to this game will include challenging games for both teams.  Iuventus faces Lazio for the Coppa Italia this coming week.  Real Madrid are currently in second place in La Liga standings and hoping for a miracle, in the next to the last weekend of league play. 

Novak Djokovic
 In Spain
International Tennis
Rafael Nadal will aim to keep his unbeaten start to the clay season going when he meets Novak Djokovic for a 50th time in the Madrid Masters semi-finals on Saturday.  Nadal is now 13-0 on clay this year as he swept aside Belgian ninth seed David Goffin 7-6 (7/3), 6-2 much to the delight a boisterous home crowd under the roof on the Manolo Santana center court.  Nadal eased past Goffin in their only previous meeting on his way to winning the Monte Carlo Masters 6-3, 6-1 last month before also lifting a 10th Barcelona Open.  Djokovic has a slight lead in the head to head match up of these two tennis stars. 

Geelong Cats
 In Aussie Rules Football
It is losers, and winners and losers night...  The Essendon Bombers takes on the Geelong Cats this evening, and the Adelaide Crows take on the Melbourne Demons.  The Cats have dominated Essendon in recent seasons, winning their last six meetings, but Geelong will enter this contest smarting following back-to-back losses to Collingwood and Gold Coast, two teams the Cats were expected to overcome after winning their first five games of the season. The Cats were well below their best against the Suns last weekend but come up against an out of sorts Essendon line-up, which has lost four of its past five games. The Cats are expected to win. 

Adelaide is also a strong favorite in their game this evening against Melbourne at the Adelaide Oval.  Both clubs will be desperate to make amends for disappointing losses last weekend. The Crows – unbeaten after the first six rounds – unbelievably conceded 10 unanswered goals in the first quarter to North Melbourne at Hobart. Meanwhile, the Demons dropped a game many expected them to win in a three-point defeat to a struggling Hawthorn side. The Crows are hard to beat at the Adelaide Oval. However, the Kangaroos may have unveiled the blueprint to slowing down the Crows that all other teams will now aim to replicate. The Demons will need to follow their lead and restrict the Crows' ball movement and keep their dangerous forwards under control.  The match may be more of a challenged than either side expected.  

In Italy
The Giro d'Italia continues with Stage 8.  More Tomorrow

Miley returns with new country sound on "MALIBU"

From: OMG
Miley is back, and she’s done with sticking out her tongue, trading it for a more mature approach and sound – country music! Check out MALIBU below!

How Edgy: Five Satisfying Scenes Of Self Love

From: OMG
Yiannis Papadopoulos 
Boy Eating the Bird’s Food 

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading

From: Deep Dish
Patti LuPone: A Memoir 
Patti LuPone 
Digby Diehl

Angela Lansbury says it best: "Patti LuPone, with honesty and humor, gives a brave and candid account of an astonishingly unique and brilliant performer's journey to reach Broadway stardom" (and in case you're wondering, Patti does devote two entire chapters to the worst experience she's ever had in the theater - Sunset Boulevard). 

Dish of the Day #1896: Broadway Bares Week

Today's Dish is Adam Perry, who has appeared on Broadway in Wicked, A Chorus Line, Promises, Promises, Anything Goes, Nice Work If You Can Get It and Rocky.
From: Deep Dish

History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn Stars

From:  Boy Culture
Why can't he be Alec's brother instead of...any of the others?
Scott Baldwin 

I always thought this '90s hottie looked like a nice Jewish boy you'd meet at a respectable gay birthday party at a Mexican restaurant, one you'd flirt with, exchange e-mails with (okay, phone numbers back then) and eventually properly date. I may not have been far off, considering what he told Mickey Skee in Bad Boys on Video: Interviews with Gay Adult Stars about his start in the biz:

"I was a virgin. The first time I sucked was on film. The first time I got  fucked was on film."

At any rate, he must've rehearsed a lot off-camera, because by the time he was helping to make several '90s classics, he knew what he was doing. Cute as a dimple on a baby's knee.


From: Wicked
As our country continues to fall apart, President Orange You Wish I Wasn’t President sent press hag Kellyanne Conway to CNN to rationalize the firing of F.B.I. director James Comey. Kellyanne unleashed her usual torrent of delusional bullshit. And this time? CNN anchor Anderson Cooper wasn’t having it. He made very little effort to hide his disgust with her beat, complicit ass. Watch below.

An American Horror Story AKA Trump’s first 100 days as President in full by VIC BERGER

From: OMG
Get ready for a half-hour long episode review (which GOD created!) of all the Twlighlight Zone-esque shit that’s gone down since The Bloated Oompa Loompa has become President!

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