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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


From: Manhunt Daily

Trust me when I say that James looks even better with his clothes off. After entering our lives in April, this salt and pepper stallion returned to photographer Gabriel Gastelum for a flashier, sexier shoot a few months later. Pubes may or may not have been involved. (Hint! They were.)

 James is no stranger to the pages of Manhunt Daily. Most recently, you saw his big brown puppy dog eyes at the bottom of our post about Chris Salvatore and Zachary Crane‘s swimwear shoot. If you were smart enough to click through, the link led you to even more pictures of his salt-and-pepper goodness, and you probably DIED of an erotically-induced heart attack because this man’s incapable of taking a bad shot.

I’m one-hundred percent serious about that! Even James’ “imperfections” are perfect. Okay, so, it might be weird for me to bring this up, but I fucking love the gap in his teeth. His smile’s infectious, and I get the impression that his laughter is too. Beyond that, I’m intrigued that he’s one of the designers behind Slamenskraam, a swimwear and clothing company that specializes in glittery, off-the-wall swimwear and clothing. You can see him modeling their SLAASH BRIEF in the shoot below. Predictably, he looks amazing in it.













Head over here to see even more from this shoot.

For The Love Of Watersports:11 Openly Gay Swimmers And Divers

From: Queerty
Daniel Kowalski

Besides having the longest arms in the history of the world, Kowalski is notable for being the first man in almost a century to win medals in all of the 200-m, 400-m and 1500-m freestyle events at the 1996 Olympics. Inspired by Welsh rugby hunk Gareth Thomas, the Aussie Kowalski came out in 2010.


From: Manhunt Daily
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
easy pleasy but not so sleazy
Fun now til someone comes along and I have a reason to delete this site! 
Open minded likes to travel, experience a wide culture across the board! Make my pilgrimage to Darlinghurst several times a year! 

Real men have real profiles. Save time and head ache for all of us! genuine guys pls 

Classic Television - Prime Time

Where's Huddles?
Original Run
July 1, 1970 - September 2, 1970
Original Network
Starring Voices Of:
Cliff Norton
 Mel Blanc
Paul Lynde
Jean Vander Pyl
Herb Jeffries
Marie Wilson
Alan Reed
Dick Enberg
Don Messick
Where's Huddles? is a Hanna-Barbera animated television program which premiered on CBS on July 1, 1970 and ran for ten episodes as a summer replacement show (for The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour) until September 2 (repeats were shown on the network's Sunday afternoon schedule in the summer of 1971). It was similar in style to the studio's considerably more successful The Flintstones, and it used several of the same essential plots and voice actors. Also, like The Flintstones, and unlike many other animated series, Where's Huddles? aired in the evening during prime time, had a laugh track, and had somewhat adult themes. All ten episodes were produced and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
The show's premise involved a professional football quarterback named Ed Huddles (voiced by Cliff Norton) and his neighbor, the team's center Bubba McCoy (voiced by Mel Blanc). They played for a team called The Rhinos. Other characters included Ed's wife Marge Huddles (voiced by Jean Vander Pyl, also the voice of Wilma Flintstone), their rather jovial if acerbic neighbor Claude Pertwee (voiced by Paul Lynde) who tended to refer to Ed and Bubba as "savages" {Pertwee's only friend is a spoiled cat named "Beverley"}; their teammate Freight Train (voiced by Herb Jeffries), and their daughter Pom-Pom. Bubba's wife Penny McCoy was played by comedic actress Marie Wilson in her final role before her death from cancer in 1972.
The Rhinos' football announcer was voiced by actual sportscaster Dick Enberg, who at the time was the voice of the Los Angeles Rams. Alan Reed had a recurring role as Mad Dog Maloney, the Rhinos' coach. The Huddles had a dog named Fumbles, voiced by Don Messick, who also provided the voices for cartoon dogs Scooby-Doo, Astro, and Muttley. Fumbles, much like Muttley, would often laugh at someone's misfortune, but whereas Muttley's laugh was wheezy in nature, Fumbles' laugh was more guttural.
Unlike other Hanna-Barbera roles he was playing at the time, Paul Lynde was actually credited for his role in this series as Claude Pertwee. His other roles in Hanna-Barbera productions, such as Mildew Wolf and the 'Hooded Claw', had been uncredited.
In addition to the Huddles television series, there was also a comic book (with art by Roger Armstrong) which ran for three issues from Gold Key/Whitman Comics in 1971.
Where's Huddles? 01 The Old Swimming Hole

January 1st is the Rose Bowl Game

The Rose Bowl (officially known since 2011 as the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio for sponsorship purposes) is an annual American college football bowl game, usually played on January 1 (New Year's Day) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.[1] When New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, the game is played on Monday, January 2 (14 times now). The Rose Bowl is nicknamed "The Granddaddy of Them All" because it is the oldest bowl game. It was first played in 1902, and has been played annually since 1916. Since 1945, it has been the highest attended college football bowl game. It is a part of the Tournament of Roses "America's New Year Celebration", which also includes the historic Tournament of Roses Parade. Except in the years when the Rose Bowl Game served as the BCS National Championship Game, it has continued to be played in the afternoon. In 2014, the Rose Bowl Game will celebrate its 100th game.
In 2002 and 2006 (2001 and 2005 football seasons), the Rose Bowl game was also the BCS National Championship Game. In the current BCS alignment, the Rose Bowl hosts the Big Ten and Pacific-12 conference champions unless they are involved in the national championship game. Beginning with the 2012 Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl game representative teams from the Big Ten and Pacific-12 conferences are determined by Big Ten Football Championship Game and Pacific-12 Football Championship Game, respectively.

Young And Hung


From: Manhunt Daily

We interviewed 70,000 people for Accidental Bear‘s Queer Music Tour, but Rica Shay was the only person who talked a lot about his butt. (We refuse to believe BoulangeriΓ© Knowles‘ fictional account of her time spent with Big Dipper.) Despite my best efforts to keep the conversation focused on his music, he just kept demanding that we talk about his butt! It was like he really wanted me to give him a rimjob or something.
Rica Shay has a great butt. Honestly, it was difficult to interview him about his involvement in the Accidental Bear Queer Music Tour without asking filthy questions about which positions he likes to get fucked in or how he likes his rimjobs… Yet I somehow managed to keep it in my pants and focus on his music! Sort of.

If you live in or anywhere near San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle or New York City, you can see this lovely gentleman’s butt in person while supporting the cause of LGBTQ mental health services and suicide prevention. You can also hear him rap, because I suppose that is something he does that doesn’t have anything to do with his butt (as far as I know). Should you have any interest in witnessing this, you can find out how to purchase tickets here.

OR you could shake your ass to “You Lookin” or “Model” for the Manhunt Daily twerking contest and win a pair of tickets for FREE! Of course, while you’re brainstorming your best dance moves, you might as well take a moment to read what Rica Shay had to say to us. He’s a sweet dude, and it was a joy to speak with him.
So I’ve got to admit that I hadn't heard of your work until Big Dipper’s “Summertime Realness“. How long have you been rapping for?

I’ve been writing poetry since I was nine years old, but only started rapping in January of 2012. Hip-hop has always been my favorite genres. My mom used to play all the hip hop stations for me when I was little. Missy Elliot and Outkast were my favorite artists growing up. I always appreciated how over the top they were.

Solid choices. I can definitely hear a Missy influence in your tracks, especially how you toe the line between the masculine and the feminine.

I’m all about letting the two naturally combine.

Oh? I feel like that’s something a lot of guys don’t really embrace.

I agree. I think it has something to do with the way “gays” have been portrayed in the media. It’s easier for a straight person to look at a gay couple and say he’s the boy and he’s girl. When in reality they’re both men.

Speaking of men, I had an interesting moment last week where my boss Googled you and your penis showed up right away… Have you done a lot of modeling, dancing or other creative work prior to music?

Yes, my naked body is all over the internet. I’ve done a lot of modeling and performance art. I’ve always been in touch with my sexuality and choose to express it. I studied film in college as well, did a little drag.

How did you get mixed up with Mike and the Accidental Bear tour?

Mike booked me to perform for an event last year in San Fransisco. He ended up coming to three of my shows that week to see me perform. He’s a sweetheart and super supportive of queer artists. When he booked the tour, he told me he wants high energy performers and said I would be a perfect fit.

Tell me a bit about your performances! What can people expect if they come to the show?

I’ve been working hard on lining up dancers in every city. There will be a lot of choreographed moments combined with some freestyle freak outs. I’ll have some muscle boys acting as chairs for certain numbers.It’s always good for a diva to catch his breath in the middle of a set.

I’ll be switching up the looks for each city and venue. Sometimes I perform in cut off jeans and a tank top, and sometimes I’m covered in sequins like Liberace. It all depends on my mood.

Which of your fellow performers are you most excited about seeing?

Big Dipper!

Had you ever seen him live before?

Yes, he’s great live, and he’s a big boy that knows how to move. It’s so cute performing “Summertime Realness” together.

And that ASS of his. But I digress…

Hahahahaha. Gotta love a hairy booty!

From the few pics I saw, you seem to keep yours quite hairy too.

Yes, I’m always confused to which gay subculure I fall into (bear, cub, otter). But I am pretty furry. I say I’m a “Teddy Bear Cub”.

That’s a cute name! Do you feel like, amongst the bear crowd, you get a lot of attention?

A little bit. No, I actually love hanging around the bear crowd. I always have fun around them.

I have to apologize if this is a little too “girl talk”, but…

No, people love to hear girl talk.

Are you single at the moment? If not, what sort of qualities do you look for in a guy?

I am single. I’m not looking for love but I’m not hiding from it either. When it comes to character traits, I just want someone who is sweet and silly. As far as physical traits go, I’m pretty all over the board, but I do melt when I see a furry body and a beard.

How about behind closed doors?

I think the best sex is when you combine pain and pleasure. I used to think the whole “puppy play” thing was weird, but now, I’m all about it. My tail is wagging just thinking about it.

Now you've got me intrigued! What sort of puppy play dynamic do you enjoy?

All I’ll say is that I like to be the pup.

Ah, I see. I’m currently watching a Vine Jonny McGovern posted of you shaking your ass. That’s not a question, I just thought you should know.

Hahahahahahahaha. I tweeted it the next day. I’ve been doing squats at the gym.

I can tell! Now, as much as I’d like to keep talking about your ass…


We should probably wrap this up and get back to music.

I agree.

Which of your songs was the most fun to record?

I’ve yet to release my favorites, but “Chill Tip” and “Prince Of The Party” were the most fun to record and the most fun to perform. I’m working on an album titled The Midnight Caterpillar, as well as a mixtape on the side.

That’s a promising title. What’s your favorite line you've ever written?

Well, it’s not from either of those tracks, but one of my favorite lines I wrote is, “Searching for the answers I tried to ask the oracle but I knew all along that the questions were rhetorical”.

That sounds like some straight-up Yeezus shit. On that note, are there any recent hip-hop releases that you’re excited about?

Thank you. I’ve been working on a lot of songs that are deeper and tell a little more about myself internally.

Mykki Blanco, Iggy Azalea, LE1F and Azealia Banks are my new favorite hip hop artists.

A lot of their stuff is darker, grittier than what we've come to expect from queer hip-hop. Have you recorded anything along those lines?

Yes, I’m a big fan of dark and gritty. I’ve been leaning towards the grimy stuff for The Midnight Caterpillar.

I look forward to hearing that.

I can’t wait to release it. I’m being very picky as to which songs will make the cut.

Well, hopefully, people who come to the show can hear some of the new ones!

Oh, they’ll get a taste.

Once they get a glimpse of you in person, I’m sure they’ll want more than just a little taste…

Stop making me blush.

I’m just saying! They’re gonna want to motorboat your butt cheeks…

Well, they better have a beard and no stubble.

…But there I go talking about your butt again!

It happens.

HA! Well, to close this all out, I’ll give you one last opportunity to tell people why they should come to the show.

This show is going to showcase a wide range of queer talent. Talent you don’t see on a day-to-day basis. I, myself, always strive to get the crowd hyped and, as the opener of the show, I feel a lot of pressure to kick it off with a bang. Which is exactly what I plan on doing.

Vintage Musicans

The multiracial musical quartet above demonstrate their performing arts abilities and their proud comfort with their nudity. This photograph was made just as color photography was coming into vogue. That fact, and the haircuts, put it early-to-mid 1960s. The sunglasses worn by the black man of this quintet supports this judgment; just before the wire-rim style popularized by The Beatles. One hand and guitar belonging to the fifth member of this group is visible on the right side of this image. 


From: Manhunt Daily
We wrote
Kevin’s got a great sense of humor and doesn't seem to take his own hotness very seriously. It might be unfair to call him an ‘amateur‘ since he’s done some traditional modeling work in the past, but until this dick and this ass are in a gay porn flick, I’m going to stick with that title for him.”

Doug McKeon as Jonathan in Mischeif

From:  Favorite Hunks & Other Things
 Doug McKeon was/is a cutie, and so great in On Golden Pond. Doug is still acting as well as writing and directing.

Doug McKeon was born on June 10, 1966 in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, USA. He is an actor and director, known for On Golden Pond (1981), Mischief (1985) and The Empty Mirror (1996).

 As a young boy, did commercials for Bubble Yum bubble gum.






From: Manhunt Daily
After the big-ass ball drops , these jizz-soaked pages will cease feeling like an endless clip show thanks to our ongoing series of Best of Manhunt Daily posts. Right now, though? I’m going to make a pointless list full of popular posts we wrote between 2010-2012! Overall, there seems to be a remarkable dissonance between the people you all claim to despise and the people who got you stroking. (You’ll see what I mean once you get to the top ten.)

Predictably, our Celebrity Skin series makes up for half of the top twenty, with Mark Ruffalo and Daniel Craig‘s dicks, in particular, getting major attention due to traffic from high-profile mainstream sites BuzzFeed and The Village Voice. Beyond that, the bottom eighty gets a little more scattered and hard to pin down, but chances are, you’ll find something you like within this mess.


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