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Monday, November 23, 2015

43 Of The Hottest Sets Of Rugby Thighs In The World

From: BuzzFeed
 Handre Pollard
South Africa


40 Things Every Gay Man Should Do Before Turning 40

From: Queerty
 Fall in love.

33 Guys Who Have Gone Naked For PETA

From: BuzzFeed
MMA Fighter K.J. Noons

25 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

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#Instastuds: 10 Red-Hot Redheads You Should Be Following On Instagram

From: Gaily Grind

It is Gay Thanksgiving

Academy Award for Best Actress

Marlee Matlin 
Sarah Norman
Children of a Lesser God
Marlee Beth Matlin (born August 24, 1965) is an American actress. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Children of a Lesser God (1986), and is both the only deaf performer to win the award, and, at 21, the youngest to date. Her work in film and television has resulted in a Golden Globe award, with two additional nominations, and four Emmy nominations. Deaf since she was 18 months old, she is also a prominent member of the National Association of the Deaf. Her longtime interpreter is Jack Jason.

ManCrushMonday: Bryant Wood

From: Dude Tube
The 22nd season of America's Next Top Model is in full swing and continues to deliver lots and lots of eye candy. Last week I shared hunk contestant Nyle DiMarco and I thought we could spend this week with beefcake Bryant Wood. Before hitting our TV screens Bryant was a popular underwear model with an impressive (and revealing) portfolio. You can keep up with Bryant at his Instagram & Twitter.

Today in History...

November 23,  534 BC – 

Thespis of Icaria becomes the first recorded actor to portray a character onstage.

Men Over 50

Ted, Age 54, Fitness Instructor
From: Tommy+Alan

Diaries of a teenage exhibitionist |

From: Take It Off. Yes, All Of It. Now

Two weeks later I was out in our storage shed looking for something when I heard a voice. It was Mark, peering over the fence. “Hey, guess what? I have something you need to see. Come round.”
Without waiting for me to reply, he disappeared. Well at least I now had an excuse to go over there. When I got around the block, Mark was standing in his driveway beside what was obviously a brand new BMW soft top. “So what do you think?" 
"What happened to the Mercedes?” I asked. I had loved that car. 
“I just thought it was time to move to the next level,” he replied, squaring me with an uncomfortably piercing look for a moment before he asked “You thirsty?”
While he was putting out some glasses in the kitchen a few minutes later he turned and said “So AndrΓ©, I have to ask you, have you given any thought to last time? How it made you feel?" 
I could feel my face starting to turn red. 
"How do you mean?" 
"You know, how do you feel about your body now? Did it help?" 
I couldn’t very well tell him that the principle result was that I was constantly horny and rushed home from school every day to wank off. 
"I… Er…" 
"You just need to lose your shyness, get used to people seeing your body. You have a great body and it should be seen. You should be comfortable in your own skin you know, you’re going to be wearing it for a while. So, water or juice?" 
"Juice please." 
He poured a mouthful of juice in the glass and handed it to me. 
"Is that all I get?" 
He laughed "You can have more, but it will cost you." 
"Cost me?" 
"A t shirt is the going rate." 
I took the mouthful of juice, swallowing hard. 
” T shirt?“ 
"What are you, a parrot? Come on, hand it over” he said, pointing at my chest. 
I laughed and shook my head. 
“See it as the next stage in your training. And remember, I’ve seen it before now so it’s no big deal. Besides, no shirt no juice. Hurry it up, take it off!”
I surprised myself by suddenly pulling my shirt off and handing it to him. 
“Was that so hard? Looks great, you should walk around shirtless more often, give everyone a thrill.” He said, as he poured another mouthful of juice in my glass. My heart was already racing, wondering where he was going with this game. I emptied the glass and placed it gently back in front of him. He looked me in eye. “Still thirsty?” Unable to speak, I nodded. 
“OK. You better give me those socks and sneakers then.” I slid the shoes off, feeling him watch as I peeled off my socks. Mark took each item and laid it on the kitchen bench like a trophy before pouring another ridiculously tiny amount in my glass. I drained it and once more placed the empty glass in front of him. 
“More?” Without waiting for me to reply he poured again. “So what are you waiting for? Get those pants off.”
Something about that statement and the way he said it affected me very deeply. Up till now I’d just been scared and increasingly excited. Now the understanding began to grow on me that this was much more fundamental and that this strange little game was exciting me like nothing ever had before. I slowly undid my belt, and unbuttoned my jeans, fascinated at how his eyes followed my every move. When I dropped my hands, 
Mark gave me a look. “Did I say just open? No, I said off. Come on, get them completely off." 
His tone of voice had changed, the jokiness gone. This wasn’t asking, it was telling. I felt as if I no longer had a choice, and that feeling made me go weak at the knees. As I slowly pulled my jeans down, I was painfully aware of how my skinny ass looked in the black and white striped briefs I had bought a few weeks before. I pulled my pants over my ankles and handed them to him, and he studied me as he folded them neatly and put them beside the rest of my clothes. 
"Another nice pair of undies. You really are quite a big boy, aren’t you?” he said, pointing at the very obvious bulge in the front of my briefs. 
“It’s the stripes..” I stammered. 
"They make things look bigger,” I added lamely. 
“Do they now?” he muttered as he filled the empty glass and pushed it across at me. “You’d better have some more then,” he said with a smirk. 
Knowing I had to see this through, I nodded silently. 
“Good boy. Not that I’d have taken no for an answer. So, slide that underwear off for me." 
My heart was pounding but there was no way back now. I kept my eyes on the floor and slowly pulled my underwear down to expose my pubes and the base of my cock. I glanced up for a second and Mark looked me in the eye. 
"Come on, pull them all the way down and take them off. Now.” I closed my eyes, swallowed, feeling my hardon rise to its release, jumping as the briefs slid down to the floor. 
“Lift your feet.” I opened my eyes to see Mark kneeling at my feet, pulling at the underwear around my ankles. Compliantly, I lifted each foot so he was able to pull the briefs the rest of the way off. Still kneeling, he looked me in the eye for a moment before letting his eyes drop to travel very slowly down the length of my body. It was a bizarre sensation to stand there in his kitchen totally naked, with his face no more than 30 centimeters from my now more than erect cock. Finally, he stood up, adding the now neatly folded underwear to the rest. “So how does that feel?" 
A little overwhelmed, I struggled to put it into words. "Strange… I… it feels a little scary, but…free." 
"Sure it does. You’ve been covering up for so long when there was no need to” He nodded toward my crotch and laughed “And part of you seems to really enjoy the attention. I think AndrΓ© might even secretly be a bit of an exhibitionist." 
"You mean a guy who hangs around the park in a raincoat? Hardly,” I snorted. 
“No. There are other kinds of exhibitionists. People who just enjoy being watched while they undress, or who get a kick out of stripping off outdoors or places you wouldn’t normally do it. Some even like to masturbate or have sex in front of an audience. It’s pretty harmless. And you seem to enjoy it regardless of what you tell yourself about being shy about your body. Am I right?" 
"I never thought about it.” I lied. How the hell did he know that stuff he’d just told me was so exactly right? Was so damn…. horny? 
“I did sort of.. You know, play out in the back yard one night last summer." 
"I just suddenly got this voice in my head telling me to go outside and take my clothes off" 
"All of them?" 
I nodded. 
"Daring. And did you like it?" 
I admitted being naked outside had felt pretty amazing. 
"Is that all you did then, strip off?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. 
I felt my face flush. “Well I eh … You know…" 
He smiled conspiratorially. "All the way?” I nodded again sheepishly. 
“You must have been turned on by it then. Nothing to be ashamed of when you look like you do. We’ll have to find some places for you where you can be naked outdoors. In fact come upstairs for a minute.”
I followed him up the stairs to the side of the house. It felt damn strange walking around his house naked, my cock bouncing in front of me, but it also felt dangerous and sexy and I had to admit I liked it. Me, an exhibitionist? Not a word I ever imagined using to describe myself. Mark led me into a small bedroom. Pulling the curtains open he opened the sliding glass door behind them to reveal a deck outside. 
“Go on out” he said. 
“What about the people next door?" 
"Oh that’s just Laura’s place. She’s away at the moment anyway." 
"Sure?” I asked nervously. 
“Positive. Look, the trees mostly hide your parent’s place so the only house overlooking this deck is Laura’s and I took her to the airport myself. Live a little dangerously, go!” and with that he slapped my backside with the palm of his hand sending me scurrying through the door. The autumn sun was surprisingly warm on the sheltered deck and felt great on my skin. The sensation felt somehow different to being on the beach, though the fact I was standing there buck naked probably accounted for that. I looked around to check there really was no risk of being seen, and though the cover wasn’t quite as good as he’d said, the trees at the back more or less hid our house and backyard. The windows at the side of the house next door were all closed and blinded. I was still feeling very nervous as Mark lowered himself on to a chair, once again putting him at eye level with my still mostly erect dick. 
“You still seem to be enjoying it then,” he smirked at me. I was suddenly overcome by embarrassment about what I was doing and moved my hands to cover myself. 
“Don’t,” he said, reaching across and pulling my hands away. “Don’t ever be ashamed of your body" 
He stood, and still holding my hands in his, guided and folded them gently behind my head. 
"You’re beautiful.” His hands rested on my shoulders for a moment before sliding down over my chest. I shivered, closing my eyes with a sigh as his fingers grazed across my nipples. 
“You like that, my little exhibitionist?" 
I couldn’t speak, just kept my eyes tightly shut as I nodded. 
"AndrΓ© likes this eh?” he said quietly. I felt his fingertips circle the tops of my nipples again, more softly than before. “And here you are, outside, in broad daylight, totally naked.” I let out a moan at that and in response he closed the tips of his fingers and pinched gently. It was like an electric shock went through my body and I felt myself buck beneath his hands. 
“Hmm,” he said quietly, “AndrΓ© obviously really does like this,” as he pinched them once more. 
I felt his hands run down across my stomach, hovering on my belly and tracing the line of hair from my navel to the point where it expanded at my groin. With 2 fingertips he continued down, and I gasped again as they tickled around the underside of my balls before making their way back up to rest for a moment at the base of my now once more fully erect cock. Despite the sun I was shivering harder now. I felt his fingertips, one barely touching the underside of my cock and the other on top, moving slowly, slowly along the length until on reaching the tip, he brought his thumb into play and I felt my foreskin being peeled gently back. Once. Twice. A third time. I let out another low moan and began to shiver feverishly. My eyes sprang open and to my deep embarrassment I saw I had leaked onto the deck. 
“Oh fuck… " 
Mark’s expression was inscrutable as he guided me back toward the door. "Come on, you’re cold. Let’s go inside and get you dressed.”

Justin Bieber

November 23, 2012

Back in the gym

November 23rd is National Espresso Day:

Espresso – that thick, bold Italian-style coffee – got its name thanks to the technology used to make the dark, rich brew, which is “pressed out” and tailor made ‘pronto’ for its consumer.
Espresso, which is also the base ingredient for other popular coffee beverages such as cappuccino, cafΓ© latte and macchiato, has come a long way since its invention in Italy sometime around the 1900s.
So let’s toast the rise of this complex and concentrated concoction with -- what else? – a shot of espresso as we mark 
National Espresso Day on November 23

November 23rd is International Day To End Impunity

The International Day to End Impunity (IDEI) is marked annually on 23 November by advocates for free expression. The day is meant to raise awareness of, and demand justice for, artists, journalists, musicians, writers and free expression advocates around the world who are persecuted for exercising their right to free expression.

23 November is the anniversary of the 2009 Ampatuan massacre (also known as the Maguindanao massacre) in the Philippines, when 57 individuals were murdered, including 32 journalists and media workers. The massacre is the single deadliest attack against journalists to have taken place.

November 23rd is Doctor Who Day

On Nov. 23, 1963, the BBC aired the very first episode of a brand-new science fiction series about a mysterious man in a time machine called a TARDIS (which looked exactly like a British police box), who could travel to whatever time or whichever planet he chose.

The first episode of “Doctor Who” marked an inauspicious beginning for what would become a landmark of sci fi. The first episode was deemed unusable and had to be completely reshot, with changes in script, performance, costume and effects, delaying the series’ premiere by a week. When it finally aired, it, along with almost everything else, was overshadowed by news of the assassination of President Kennedy. But eventually an audience turned up, (the introduction of the Doctor’s mortal enemies the Daleks helped), and continual fan support has made “Doctor Who” the longest-running science fiction TV show in the world.

Writer Neil Gaiman took a moment to honor the series Wednesday on Twitter, writing, “48 years ago, Doctor Who started. I couldn’t be who I am today without the things the tv series, annuals, etc did to my mind. Thank you BBC.”

That first episode, “An Unearthly Child,” has long inspired awe and respect among the Doctor’s fans. In fact, following in the steps of the original BBC production crew, the first episode has been reworked multiple times by fans. 

November 23rd is International Image Consultant Day

The first ever "International Image Consultant Day” took place on November 23, 2013. The day sponsored by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is recognized in the McGraw Hill publication "Chase’s Calendar of Events”, known as the global media guide since 1957.

The purpose is to globally recognize the wide range of services image professionals provide and the impact of communication as an essential skill. This day will be celebrated annually by image industry professionals, educational institutions with image consulting degrees and certification programs, and the public world-wide. On an international basis, image professionals provide practical solutions in personal presence for both individuals and businesses that result in confident visual impact, behavior, communication and etiquette.

International Image Consultant Day was first initiated November 23, 2012 by AICI members, Manolo Trujillo and Hildeberto Martinez in Mexico, where many universities offer degrees in the image field. In February 2013 it was determined to launch this initiative and honor it by using the date first selected by Trujillo and Martinez, by an official vote of 2012-2013 AICI International Board of Directors. The official proclamation was presented by Kimberly Law AICI International President, of Vancouver, Canada; Jane Seaman, President-Elect, of Houston, USA; Cindy Ann Peterson, Secretary, of Washington DC, USA; and Zayna Mosam, VP Marketing, of Toronto Canada, at the AICI Global conference on May 19, 2013 in Glendale, Arizona, USA. The proclamation was signed by the International Board of Directors, Hildberto Martinez and conference attendees.

Peterson, exclaimed during the formal reading, "November 23 is the day to honor the science and acumen of all fields in the Image Industry. Image Consultants inspire and encourage professional confidence by serving others in the disciplines of Image Consulting and promote the highest professional standards in the fields of appearance, behavior and communication."

November 23 is a day to celebrate and recognize image professionals globally who touch the lives of so many every day. Image professionals empower confidence for those moments of transition in life. They bring to the surface a reflection of what's within. These professionals educate and communicate that real beauty is within everyone. "I invite and encourage image professionals globally to share with the world your stories, success, skills and achievements on November 23.” says Jane Seaman, AICI International President.

November 23rd is Fibonacci Day

Leonardo of Pisa, better known as Fibonacci, is responsible for the Fibonacci Sequence (or Fibonacci numbers) – a pattern of counting where each number is the sum of the previous two. As well as being prevalent in nature, this kind of system is used widely in computer data storage and processing, and Fibonacci Day recognizes the importance and value of Fibonacci’s contributions to mathematics.

5 Trans Activists Who Transformed The World

From: NewNowNext

 Michael Dillon

Born in 1915 to an aristocratic family, Michael Dillon was an Oxford-educated doctor and the first trans man to undergo phalloplasty.

In the 1930s he began receiving testosterone treatments from a sympathetic physician, who also enabled Dillon to change his birth certificate and enroll in medical school at Trinity College under his new legal name, Laurence Michael Dillon.

In 1946 Dillon published Self: A Study in Endocrinology and Ethics, an early book about transsexuality, which he considered a medical condition.

“Where the mind cannot be made to fit the body,” he wrote, “the body should be made to fit, approximately at any rate, to the mind.” Between 1946 and 1949 he underwent a series of procedures to complete his transition.

Dillon didn’t discuss his own experiences in Self, but they came to light in 1958 during a routine background check. Facing unwanted attention, he fled to India and spent years studying Buddhism.

Before his death at age 47 in 1962, Dillon published several books, including Growing Up into Buddhism, a primer for British youth.
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