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Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24th is Cousins Day

National Cousin’s Day is celebrated each year on July 24.  This day is a day to let all of your cousins, those both near and far, how much you appreciate them.

Cousins often spend much time together at family reunions, holidays, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and many other countless family get together’s.  They entertain each other, play and bond while adults are busy with other things.  It does happen that cousins grow up together being the best of friends.  

Today, call your cousins, send a card, send an email, text them, somehow find a way to let them know that you are thinking about them and that they are special to you!  Happy Cousin’s Day!

July 24th is National Tequila Day

There are many national holidays. Some are very serious and somber, some are silly and wacky and some are just plain delicious. National Tequila Day (July 24th) is the latter. It’s a day where we as a people can all come together and celebrate all that is Tequila.

Tequila, for those unaware, is a distilled spirit that is made from the blue agave plant. It’s usually made at 40% alcohol (80 proof), but can also be found up to 55% alcohol (110 proof). Just like the notion that real champagne can only be made in the Champagne region of France, according to Mexican law, genuine tequila must be produced in the area around the city of Tequila in the MexicanState of Jalisco. Similar to how the grapes for champagne can only be grown in the area of the same name, the volcanic soil found in Jalisco is perfectly suited to grow Blue Agave. Tequila can also be produced in a very limited amount basis in the stats of Guanajuato, MichoacΓ‘n, Tamaulipas and Nayari

July 24th is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is an official holiday celebrated on July 24 in the U.S. state of Utah, with some celebrations in regions of surrounding states originally settled by Mormon pioneers. It commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847, where the Latter-day Saints settled after being forced from Nauvoo, Illinois, and other locations in the eastern United States. Parades, fireworks, rodeos, and other festivities help commemorate the event. Similar to July 4, most governmental offices and many businesses are closed on Pioneer Day.

In addition to being an official holiday in Utah, Pioneer Day is considered a special occasion by many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). On Pioneer Day, some Latter-day Saints walk portions of the Mormon Trail or reenact entering the Salt Lake Valley by handcart. Latter-day Saints throughout the United States and around the world may celebrate July 24 in remembrance of the LDS Church's pioneer era, with songs, dances, potlucks, and pioneer related activities.

While the holiday has strong links to the LDS Church, it is a celebration of everyone, regardless of faith and nationality, who emigrated to the Salt Lake Valley during the pioneer era, which is generally considered to have ended with the 1869 arrival of the transcontinental railroad. Notable non-LDS American pioneers from this period include Episcopal Bishop Daniel S. Tuttle, who was responsible for Utah's first non-Mormon schools (Rowland Hall-St. Mark's) and first public hospital (St. Mark's) in the late 1800s. The Intertribal Powwow at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City honors the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the area's Native Americans, helping Utahns to gain a deeper understanding of the region's history.

The holiday generates a great deal of road traffic; Utah Department of Public Safety statistics demonstrate that Pioneer Day has the second highest holiday traffic fatality rate in Utah, with the earlier July 4 Independence Day having the highest rate.

July 24th is Tell An Old Joke Day

Every July 24 is Tell An Old Joke Day. There are several holidays each year dedicated to humor or laughter. The first Sunday in May is World Laughter Day. January 24 is Global Belly Laugh Day. November 20 is Absurdity Day. August 11th is Presidential Joke Day. All of April is designated a National Humor Month. While I have been able to locate all these holidays and celebrations in various locations, I have not been able to find a history behind them. I have to ask, who cares how they started? Creating opportunities to add celebration and humor to our lives is a good thing.

A woman with a duck on her head walks into a doctor's office. The duck says, "Doc, can you get this woman off my butt?"

Some people might dismiss Tell An Old Joke Day when it rolls around. After all, old jokes are more likely to elicit groans than laughter. Please keep in mind that a groan is really nothing more than a low frequency laugh. Remember also that what may be an old joke to you, may be a new joke to someone else.

How do you make an egg laugh? Tell it a yolk.

Laughter is contagious. Only yawns are more contagious. People who are around others sneezing, coughing, sniffling or running a fever may have immunity to the particular condition. Spend time around people who are engaged in a good belly laugh, and it is difficult not to laugh along. Even if you do not know what the other person is laughing at, it is likely you will begin to laugh yourself. That's a good thing. Shared laughter creates a sense of intimacy and joy. Shared laughter helps bind groups together. That is one of the reasons groups, over time, will develop their own private jokes.

Doctor these pills you gave me for BO...They keep slipping out from under my arms!

Laughing has positive physical effects. It releases endorphins that help to diminish pain and to provide protection for excessive stress. Laughter to help to boost immunity. Genuine laughter can increase calories used by up to 20%. Forced laughter is regulated by a different part of the brain and so may have different results in terms of calories usage.

Q: Why was the math book sad? 
A: He had lots of problems.

Laughter adds zest to life. Genuine laughter helps us to let go of fears and anxieties. In the Harry Potter books there is a creature known as a boggart which will shape-shift to show someone their greatest fear. Is it any wonder that the way to defeat such a creature is by making it seem ridiculous and laughing at it. If we can find a way to laugh at a thing, we can often overcome our fear. Perhaps that is why minorities who have suffered persecution have contributed so much to the field of comedy. It allows them to overcome those who oppress them by laughing at them.

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, while dish washing liquid is made with real lemons?

What makes us laugh varies from person to person. I had an great aunt who loved dirty jokes. Being a teenager, I knew a fair number of them. She could not find the joke funny from me; I should not have known about those things. It was alright, however, for me to whisper the joke to my mother who would repeat it to my aunt. My mother was old enough to tell those jokes.

Q: What do you call a French man in sandals? 
A: Philippe Philoppe

Likewise, jokes go in and out of style. When I was growing up, ethnic jokes were acceptable - Italian, Irish, Polish and Mexican. Racial jokes were not acceptable. Religious jokes were acceptable sometimes. Of course, by then and now, it is more acceptable to tell a joke on a group to which you belong. Thus, I have always been able to tell Jewish jokes, but had to ask an Italian friend of mine if it was okay to tell him an Italian joke. He told me it was okay if he could tell me a Jewish joke first. I told him he could. He told me the next joke.

Q: What's bland and blue and floats down river? 
A: A Jew who tells Italian jokes.

Today, racial, ethnic and religious jokes are only funny when told by someone who belongs to the group. There are, of course, rare exceptions like Don Rickles who can tell jokes about everyone without offending.

Indecision is the key to flexibility.

One of the things we are losing in our society these days is shared laughter. One of the pleasures in attending a live stage show or a movie is having a crowd around with whom to laugh. Being around others who are laughing gives us the freedom to laugh. One of the reasons for laugh tracks on television is to cue you when to laugh. People are more likely to laugh out loud with the laugh track than without. They feel they are joining with others. In today's society we do not share laughter as often. Where once the network television shows were discussed and laughed about over the water cooler at work, today our entertainment is fragmented. We do not share our experiences as we once did.

Q: What did the boy sheep say to the girl sheep on Valentine's Day? 
A: I Love Ewe!

Tell An Old Joke Day is July 24. I hope as you have read this, you have enjoyed the old jokes I have included. Perhaps they will help you to celebrate the day. If you did not find a joke you want to tell here, head to the public library. You will find tons of joke books there. Keep in mind that joke-telling is a skill. You will get better the more you practice. Don't save your jokes for one special day. Celebrate laughter all year round.
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