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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Is James Franco Hot Enough For Shirtless Pro Clinton Video?

From: Fleshbot
Omg, that title totally makes it seem like I'm going to be a total h8er here when discussing James Franco's new shirtless Hillary Clinton endorsement in which he only wears a Hillary branded towel! Like I'm going to be shallow and a body shamer? Seriously not at all. I'm just asking if Franco is tired and dried up and no longer a sex symbol able to pull off stunts like this! Read before you "read!"

James Franco is doing something, which means it's being covered on the Gay Internet. That something is a comedic endorsement of Hillary Clinton that takes cues from the Dos Equis "The Most Interesting Man in the World" beer commercials. Since this has never been parodied people are really excited about Franco's video. This isn't his first Hillary ad, but it is the first one in which he goes shirtless, baring the body he worked on for his role in King Cobra. He states in the cheeky Hillary Clinton endorsement:

She didn’t just bring Iran to the table, she whittled the table with a single piece of oak. Her laugh is in the Smithsonian. Yoda was her apprentice.

She’s the most interesting woman in the world. I don’t always endorse candidates, but when I do, they’re extraordinary. Vote wisely, my friends.
His cockiness and the suggestive way the camera focuses on his freshly towel-wrapped junk is meant to be salacious, but does anyone feel like Franco's about 5 years too late to this party? I thought that the torch had been passed to little bro Dave Franco, but no one seems to have any complaints about James' shirtless appearance. It kind of feels like... it would have worked better if he was a heartthrob? Or is James Franco still a heartthrob with enough sex appeal to pull this off? Is James slipping mentally? His nipples look smaller than they sometimes do I guess.

Check out the full video below!

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