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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


From: Manhunt Daily
 Before I got married I was a bad boy. I liked getting fucked up and doing fucked up things. One of the best/worst things I ever did was to convince a bisexual acquaintance to take one more cock on the night before he was to marry a total bitch.

 I had known this guy, let’s call him Steve, for some years and at this time he and I had been partying together a lot as a sort of last hoorah before he wed some skank he met the year previous. If you couldn’t already tell I did not like his fiancé so back then I did everything I could to break them up. This guy was making a mistake! He was born to suck cock. He just didn’t realize it yet.

 My plan was to introduce him to another friend who was and continues to be one of the most boy hungry people I ever met. Not that I didn’t steal this but we’ll call him Buck because he liked to fuck. Buck knew my plan and was totally down. All I had to do was keep the party going for long enough

 I set it up by making sure we got good and fucked up then I just let my insatiable associate work his magic. By the end of the first night you could cut the sexual tension between Buck and Steve with a knife. By the second night Buck was sitting in Steve’s lap and by the third I walked into my kitchen to find Steve on all fours and Buck giving me one big thumbs up!

 This is the best part. I was Steve’s best man and Buck was my date to the wedding! I laugh even now remembering how nervous Steve was glancing between me and Buck. We just kept smirking and winking at him. The marriage fell apart after the 3rd month and I am very proud of that fact.

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