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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sticky Day Jobs: Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker
From:  Queer Click
 Let's be diplomatic: Chris Crocker has done a very good job of making something out of next to nothing. He's not one to crawl into a hole and never come out again, even though that's what most of us would probably do if a spazzed-out video of ourselves hiding under a bedsheet and freaking over Britney Spears went viral on the internet. But not Chris. After a brief stint in gay porn, where he reinvented himself as a surprisingly good looking twink, the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE star (talk about a word thrown around loosely these days) is now the latest model for American Apparel!

"I find my gig with American Apparel to be a perfect fit. I relate with their subversiveness and boundary pushing. It only makes sense, and it's an honor," the 25 year old told the Huffington Post. The clothing company extended the love: "After watching Chris's videos and the documentary we just found ourselves enjoying his spirit and look."

We presume they didn't mean this video at Maverick Men where Chris bottomed like a whore and then topped his boyfriend Justin Goble. Maybe they saw this video:

Here we have some preview shots from the American Apparel shoots:

Not that we'd dare make a joke. Chris is not a joke. He's not. And don't take our word for it:

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