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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Your Week in Beefcake:

 Syfy’s “Dominion” Delivers the Goods and Brandon Routh Loses His Shirt on “Enlisted
From: The Backlot
 It’s been another good week for TV beefcake. This week saw TV Land’s new comedy Jennifer Falls join the fun while American Ninja Warrior played catchup after the near-freezing temperatures of the St. Louis qualifying round and Syfy debuted Dominion, which showed a different side of the channel.

The week started with penultimate episode of Enlisted which, per usual, had plenty of shirtlessness. There was the revelation that Pete and Randy‘s brotherly rivalry’s includes contests where they pull out each other’s armpit hair to see who screams first from the pain. (Seriously. Straight boys, go fig.)

 There was also the return of Brandon Routh as the ex-husband of Derrick‘s girlfriend Erin. He had taken to doing repairs around the house. Naturally, fixing the sprinklers should be done shirtless. You might get wet. Or something.

 He also takes of his shirt to clear a clogged sink.

 Meanwhile, Halt and Catch Fire offered more of Joe‘s scarred chest.

 It also revealed that…er,that Joe stands naked in his apartment, surrounded by tech? I have no idea how to interpret that scene.
 And then there was this:

 Except it’s not clear that Joe is gay or bisexual, just a manipulator with flexible sexuality. He wasn't happy with the idea of Cardiff getting a big investment from Lulu (Jean Smart) so he seduced Lulu’s husband to kill the deal. Still, Lee Pace stripping off his coat is, well…
 Thankfully, this week’s American Ninja Warrior qualifying round took place in Miami, where things were warm enough to be comfortable without a shirt. Even the guy demonstrating the obstacles for the audience delivered some heat.
  Professional wakeboarder Shaun Murray took his first run at the course. Too bad the gym he built in his backyard didn’t include a warped wall.
 After a strong debut last year, Idoko Abuh made a strong return.
 Not only can optician Jonathan Ruiz conquor the qualifying course, he’s also a capoera master.
 I’m not sure what he had on his back.
 It was a good week for costumes. There were two Spartans. New to the course is firebreather Reko Rivera.
 This costume highlighted Reko’s muscular back.
 William Brown, who has worn the spartan costume in previous competitions also showed up.
 Pilot Brandon Arringon stepped up to the starting line in his uniform shirt but stripped it off before running the course.
 Miami is also home to the rivalry between American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Drew Dreschel and Flip Rodriguez. Drew set a high bar, running the course in record time.
 However, Flip failed to beat Drew in one of those stunning moments that make American Ninja Warrior unique — what would this show be without its dramatic upsets? We look forward to seeing him next year (or maybe in the Wild Card group).
 Toby (Keegan Allen) was back in Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars, and he celebrated in the obvious way.
 America’s Got Talent put all its hot guys’ auditions in a single block. It started with hand balancer Christian Stoinev, who began his act wearing a jacket with tails and no shirt underneath.

 Thankfully, it seems like the jacket was there so that we could enjoy seeing him take it off.
 Then we got a brief (very brief) glimpse of dance troupe The Bad Boys of Ballet who knew that Magic Mike cemented Maroon 5‘s “Moves Like Jagger” as the official song of hot guys dancing.
 Wednesday brought a pair of comedies with ogle material. On Baby Daddy, we had Tahj Mowry getting out of the shower to yell at Bonnie. (She “absentmindedly” walked in on him.)
 Meanwhile, Jennifer Falls had Jennifer (Jaime Pressly) in a relationship with the beer delivery guy (played by Ben Lawson last seen a credible love interest for Chloe on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23). One problem for Jennifer, it was a strictly sexual relationship.
 The heavily inked Conrad Dechabert was one of the returning auditions on So You Think You Can Dance. Last time, Conrad was rejected for being too feminine (sigh, this show), but this year he wowed them and got a ticket.

Thursday, Syfy debuted Dominion which mixed a post-apocalyptic setting with angels waging war against humanity (Hi Supernatural!), paranoia-inspiring enemies who look like everyone else (Hi Battlestar Galatica!) political scheming (Hi Game of Thrones!) and co-ed showers (Hi Starship Troopers!)

 That’s right. Butts! Butts on Syfy! It’s a mature prestige-drama channel now.

 The series stars Hollywood’s go-to guy for playing a “Chosen One” in a universe heavily influenced by Christian lore, Kings alum Chris Egan.

 That’s the last you’ll see of Eagan’s unmarked torso. By the end of the pilot, he had the tattoos identifying him as humanity’s savior from the angels.
 It also starred Tom Wisdom as aloof angel Michael. The character is a long way from naive, over-his-head Marco from Mile High.
 Josh Hopkins appeared on Undateable this week. Wisely, the sitcom make sure he didn’t wear a shirt in all of his scenes.
 Among the soaps, General Hospital started out the week with Nathan going out for a jog.
 Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives had Brady spending another episode in bed with Theresa.
 The next day Rafe had ex sex with Kate.
 People watching Hollyoaks on Hulu started the week with Jason Roscoe working out shirtless.

 Too bad he was pretty quick to put a shirt on once he had company.
Tuesday, the show tried to distract us from Patrick‘s awfulness with his fit torso.

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