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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boudoir Photography | Darius is coy

"There’s something so charming about this shot of Darius – he’s mostly clothed, but you can tell that won’t last long.  Or will it?  There’s that bit of intrigue in Darius’s face – it’s not quite a smirk, but there’s something going on…

A bit of technical dorking out – from a boudoir perspective, here’s another example where the photo is driven by the expression.  Getting that right is the first piece – if the face isn’t right, it doesn’t matter how great the abs look.

Second, clips help.  The shot wouldn’t look right if his shirt was baggy.  A few binder clips takes care of that.  You want it tight, but not skin-tight.

Finally, the pose.  By pulling his shoulders back and clasping his hands, Darius’s chest looks broader and more muscular – but it doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard." -- Marlen Boro

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