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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ask QC: Rubbed Up on the Subway

From: Queer Click
Dear QC,

I regularly travel on the subway to and from work, which during the weekdays rush hours, means I end up having to stand due to the cars being so full. On the way to work last week I became aware of this younger guy (20/22) being very squashed against me and although I wasn't sure at first, I soon realized that he was rubbing his crotch against my leg. It was sort of happening accidentally as the car rocked back and forth and there wasn't anywhere else for me to move at all, but I was definitely aroused by it. I found myself getting so turned on by this I was fully erect and so hard to such a point that it was actually painful!

Unfortunately he got off two stops before my work place so I didn't get the chance to really make eye contact with him, I think if I had I would have reciprocated or at least attempted to hook up. What I wondered is whether rubbing through clothes sexually like this, is this a common practice or even an accepted way to pick up people? I know I didn't give him my consent (initially) but once I realized what was happening I was really sexually aroused, so was he in the wrong or me too?


Has this happened to you before and what did you do? What advice would you give Tony? Please feel free to share your own experiences and advice to help him in the comments section.

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