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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Men of "Naked And Afraid"

 Naked and Afraid is an American reality television series that airs on the Discovery Channel and premiered on June 23, 2013. Each episode chronicles the lives of two survivalists — a man and a woman — who meet for the first time and are given the task of surviving a stay in the wilderness naked for 21 days. The partners must find their own water, food, and clothes, after they meet in the assigned locale.
The events of each couple's quest, play-out in a single episode. Partners strip-down, and meet each other. They are provided with rough cross-body satchels containing a personal diary-camera for use when the camera-crew is not there at night and a map. They all wear identical necklaces with a center-bead which is a microphone, and some personal jewelry is allowed. Each survivalist is allowed to bring one helpful item, such-as a machete. Despite the hardship that the teams realized by not wearing proper foot-wear, none of the participants chose to bring shoes.
There is a camera crew who are not allowed to intervene except for medical emergencies when it is "absolutely necessary". Cast-mate, Alison Teal, reports that she was granted an "emergency" tampon. A team is allowed to "Tap Out", at any point during the 21-day challenge. If they do not tap-out, they must arrive at the designated helicopter pick-up, on the final day. Viewers are updated throughout with statistics including how many days have passed, the time, and the temperature. Naked And
Afraid computes and then updates the cast-member's, PSR (Primitive Survival Rating), which is based-on predictions and observations of survival fitness in skill, experience, and mental strengths. Before and after weight measurements are also revealed at the end of an episode.
Discovery Channel issued a press release which announced some Nielsen ratings milestones for the series. Naked And Afraid was the "#1 Ad
Supported program in cable among men on Sunday July 28". They also noted that the program now shares the Discovery Channel record for the highest-rated survival telecast in the network’s history since June 2009.
On July 31, 2013, The Discovery Channel posted a casting-call and a dare to "survive the 21-day challenge", via their Twitter account. All six episodes of season one carry a TV-14 rating due-to nudity; only buttocks are unpixelated. There is also a Finale with the cast, and their families.

Now Lets Meet The Men:

Billy Berger
Age: 39
Current residence: Georgia
Occupation: Freelance writer
Relationship status: In a relationship
Skills: Primitive weaponry, hunting, sourcing water
Billy is as skilled with a bow and arrow as some are with a gun.

He was introduced to the wilderness in his youth, going deer hunting with his father and brothers every year. A childhood discovery of an arrowhead lead to a fascination with Native American history, survival techniques and weaponry.

From then on Billy began learning and mastering a myriad of survival skills. He hunts with only his primitive bow and arrow and is skilled at remaining undetected at close range.

He began writing about primitive hunting in 2001 and in 2009 he started a YouTube channel under the name Primitive Pathways. His success and popularity on YouTube spawned his own website: www.primitivepathways.com.

In 2012, after 4 ½ years of filming, Billy released Primitive Instinct Vol. 1, an entirely self-filmed DVD showing primitive archery gear used in real hunting scenarios. He has worked as a survival skills instructor for troubled youth in Oregon, taught for Dave Canterbury, and demonstrated primitive skills at outdoor/hunting expos and college anthropology classes.

Billy attributes his success to his parents, Karla and Bill, who encouraged him to follow his passion in the outdoors.

Clint Jivoin
Age: 24
Current residence: Indiana
Occupation: Survival Instructor/Country-Western Singer/Songwriter
Relationship Status: Single
Skills: Plant identification, building shelter, hunting, primitive fire, trapping
When he isn't working to become the next country music superstar, Clint is enjoying time spent outdoors. Growing up, his idea of fun was hunting, camping, hiking and fishing in rural southeast Indiana.

Clint says that ninety percent of his diet comes from his own hunting and wild edible plants; however, he is adamant in his disdain for sport hunting: “Disgusting and despicable; if you kill it, then you’d better eat it.”

Jonathan Klay
Age: 36
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Former Marine, Bodyguard
Relationship Status: Single
Skills: Military training, hunting, fire-making
Jonathan grew up in a small town, but now works as a bodyguard protecting high-profile clients and in the nightlife of Los Angeles. He was very active from the start, joining every team sport available.

His physical fitness came in handy when he joined the United States Marine Corps, eventually joining the Special Forces as a Recon Marine. After training he became a sniper.

Jonathan is still relentlessly active, working out daily, and puts a high value on eating healthfully. He’s done eight triathlons and four marathons.

Jonathan Klay had previous appeared on the television show Foursome, which was aired on the Playboy Channel, where he was depicted engaging in explicit sex acts.

EJ Snyder
Age: 46
Current residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Military and Survival Expert
Relationship status: Married
Skills: Tracking, building shelter, primitive fire and weapons
EJ’s interest in survival began when he joined the military at age 19. He credits childhood bullying as his inspiration to bulk up and better defend himself.

He is currently retired in North Carolina with his wife and two kids, but he doesn't anticipate slowing down anytime soon.
You will just as likely catch him hiking a mountain or surfing in Hawaii as you will see him drinking beer and watching a football game. Learn more about EJ on his  website.

Puma Cabra
Age: 38
Current Residence: Nevada
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Relationship Status: Single
Skills: Shelter building, trapping, hunting, plant identification
Growing up in East LA, Puma always knew that he wasn't meant to live in the city. His family ran a chop-shop garage until his uncle was murdered by a bike gang. His father then relocated the family to Mammoth Lakes.

Puma became a professional snowboarder and turned to survival as the sport took him to places that pushed the limits of his abilities. He could then disappear for multiple days with nothing but his knife and his knowledge.

He has encountered mountain lions and pulled himself out of six avalanches. Puma is ready for anything.

Shane Lewis
Age: 40
Current Residence: Connecticut
Occupation: Electrician
Relationship Status: Single
Skills: Building shelter, sourcing water, fishing, plant identification
Shane has backpacked around the world, improvising techniques to survive while depending only on himself.

Shane grew up in foster care and had to adapt to constantly-changing living circumstances. He took off midway through his college education to
backpack across the world and has now been to over seventy countries.

A self-described Type-A Alpha Male with a disdain for youth culture, Shane considers this experience on Naked and Afraid as a chance to learn how to better rely on others.

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