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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father Insists He Won’t Change Son’s Diapers Because “Touching A Baby Boy’s Private Parts Is Gay”

In response, his partner turned to the internet in a desperate cry for help.
From: NewNowNext
One woman has taken to Reddit with an unusual predicament: her husband, and soon-to-be co-parent, told her that he refuses to change his son’s diapers because touching the baby boy’s genitalia would be “gay.”

The distressed wife, who posts under the username throwaway_192i932, writes that while she and her husband, who started dating when he was 23 and she was 16, are both excited about the arrival of their son, the first-time parents are incredibly anxious. To alleviate their nerves, the mom-to-be has been doing a lot of research on the subject of child-rearing and decided to share some information with her hubby about the importance of frequent diaper changes.

“I’ve been reading about diaper rash and how important it is to change the diaper and clean the baby as soon as possible,” she writes. She goes on to say that she told her husband that “when the baby comes, he needs to use baby wipes on the groin and butt as a precaution.” According to her, he abruptly stopped her to tell her that she “would be changing all of the diapers” because he doesn’t want to “touch anything because it’s gay.”

She was, understandably, shocked by his reaction, writing: “Our baby is our son, we need to take care of him.” Instead of reacting in anger, she decided to reach out to fellow Reddit users for advice on how best to respond to her husband, who she describes as the “best person [she’s] ever met.”

While some of the users offered helpful advice, most remained perplexed at both the situation and the obviously unequal power dynamic in their relationship.

Through various replies on the thread, throwaway_192i932 revealed more information about the couple’s history; allegedly, he convinced her to move away from her family at 16, refuses to let her work and has sole control over their finances.

As Reddit user witchofrosehall points out, there are almost too many red flags to count in their unhealthy relationship.

Though the thread had over 300 comments before it was locked, it remains unclear how throwaway_192i932 will choose to handle the situation.

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