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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Charlie Compton & Chris Compton - Drake Rock

 First Gay Experience
Chris Compton is straight, and Charlie Compton is bi-curious. Together they work as a massage therapist team. Other than giving happy endings, and a drunken one-time make out session with college buddy, neither has had a gay experience.

 I was going to massage them both, but with two butts facing up, my fingers were inside them sooner than I intended.

 I offered to let Chris use a toy on Charlie first, but his enthusiasm was a bit unbridled, so I took over and eased the dildo into Charlie before handing it back to Chris while I shot some nice closeup footage for you. When I took over again Chris’ hard on was right there, so I took advantage of the situation and got my first taste of his big dick.

 Then it was Charlie’s turn at Chris’ tight little hole. After toy fucking him a while I had Chris offer his ass again and pushed a larger toy inside.

 Charlie felt he could get it in deeper so he flipped on his back and toy fucked himself.

 With their holes sufficiently relaxed and worked over I pushed Charlie’s tight little ass in the air and rimmed the fuck out of him. I LOVE that boy’s hairy little hole! Leaning forward we kissed and I shared the taste of his ass with him.

 Then I pushed Chris’ ass in the air and was in heaven eating his butt hole. After a good tongue bathing I also kissed Chris so he could taste himself.

 At that point it was Charlie’s turn to taste his first cock. Guys today must watch a lot of porn because he blew me, getting it sloppy wet, like some little starlet slut. Before I finished I had him go all the way down, watching him choke and his eyes water. I just love that!

 Then he went down on Chris, who wasn't quite hard. I told Chris to work it up and Charlie said, “I’ve got this” and he sucked Chris until seconds later it was fully erect.

 He finished and it was my turn sucking the guys - first Chris’ big long dick, then Charlie, whose cock felt amazing as got stiff in my mouth. At one point I looked up and the guys were kissing each other.

 The video ends with the guys jacking off and dumping their loads in my mouth. Charlie has saved a five-day load for me, but busted a nut off camera while working it up so his cum shot was average. Chris on the other hand blasted my mouth with a mega-load.

 With their cum still dripping from my mouth and face I dumped a load all over my torso.

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